Saturday - May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, blue, bra, panties, flash, open, sheer, blouse, upskirt, may we see, fufL,

Considering how sheer her blouse and short her skirt, it would be hard to see how the answer could be No..

Alexandra Neldel, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Alexandra Nedldel, May We See, satin, bra, boy shorts, panties, yellow sweater, in bed, redhead, Maximal, fufL,

Actress Alexandra Neldel was in the German version of Ugly Betty, Fate of Lisa, and much like the U.S. version with America Ferrera, she certainly looked different in the part than in real life based on the above photo that was the basis for the September 2007 cover of Maximal magazine.

Shay Maria, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Shay Maria, May We See, purple, flashing, bra, hot, pink, boy shorts, panties, downblouse, green gum, fufL,

If you've been around the net much, you'll already know the answer is 'Yes' and 'Often'. The interestingly-shaped Ms. Maria has become a popular model on-line and off in a couple commercials, music videos and TV guest shots. You could conclude that's because of certain ..obvious assets, but if they, um, that were the only reason, more than a few Internet models who show a lot more would be as well-known, and they're not. As she told Playboy,
'MY BEST FEATURE: I'd like to say my face, but the girls get a lot of compliments.'
Note, that told, not showed - she said No to that idea.

Lingerie, underwear, Shay Maria, May We See, purple, bra, hot, pink, boy shorts, panties, downblouse, fufL,

There's something to be said for knowing when to leave something to the imagination..

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Paula Patton, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Paula Patton, white, bra, bikini, panties, open blouse, pulling down pants, undressing, May We See, fufL Esquire,

Ms. Patton is clearly beautiful, and very accommodating to the request (which was actually for an Esquire feature, original photography by Matt Jones). In a short time, she's also built a great resume, starring in films like Hitch, Deja Vu, as Ms. Rain in Precious, and she's currently on-screen in the wedding comedy Jumping The Broom. If that's not enough, how about being be in the next installment of The Mission Impossible franchise? I'm no critic, but I just have some idea she's on her way to being a major star. You may find who she's married to interesting; I find it more interesting that they reportedly met each other at age 14 and 15 and ended up married as adults (so, I'm a sappy romantic...)

Cassandra Smith, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Cassandra Smith, Etam, bra, panties, black, stockings, green, jacket, May We See, fufL,

A very nice set by Etam, Thank you.
(Makes you wonder if she just put on that jacket to run out to check the mailbox... not that I'd mind if I were her neighbor...)

Blue Monday 05 23 11 - or - Erika Satoh, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Erika Satoh, May We See, Blue Monday, blue, bra, panties, undressing, upskirt, removing blouse, boots, fufL,

Japanese AV Idol Ms. Satoh has her view, so do we. All this week, the same question. Hopefully, the same affirmative answer.

T-Shirt & Panties Week: Caitlin Manley and The Look of Cotton

Lingerie, underwear, Caitlin Manley, white, ribbed, cotton, t-shirt, thong, panties, T-shirt and panties, fufL,

Caitlin Manley's
look - and we're not just talking her wardrobe - helps demonstrate what this blog has advocated before. Simple. White. Cotton. In the form of a t-shirt, panties or both can be highly ..effective.. lingerie.

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T-Shirt & Panties Week: Coordination

Lingerie, underwear, t-shirt and panties, black, cotton, pink, lace, thong, braless, fufL,

Even if my girlfriend is just wearing a T-shirt, jeans, bra and panties, she does try to somehow match either the panties or bra to something she's wearing on the outside, even if it's just accents. Lettering on her shirt counts. A black bra would be nice. But not necessary (see above) and adds to my theory of some years ago that the right t-shirt, if worn correctly, can be considered lingerie. Or is that stretching it? - The idea, not the shirt. (Damn, but it's late when I'm writing this one!) Your comments welcome (see below)

T-Shirt & Panties Week: Hilary Swank

Lingerie, underwear, Hilary Swank, t-sh and panties, white, ribbed, cotton, tank top, braless, thong, panties, fufL, black and white, smile,

Hilary Swank in black & white. I don't know if it's the eyes, that smile, or the white cotton ribbed tank top and panties - this photo may be in black and white, but it seems radiant enough that you'd think it's in color.

P.S. I had already written and planned this post when I came across this story. My girlfriend said something similar as one of the commenters: 'I wish I was not that pretty as her'(No worries; she is). My take: Ms. Swank is in front of cameras for a living. The woman who said what she did? In front of a microphone. Read it 'in context' and you make the call.

T-Shirt & Panties Week: Kristin Kreuk

Lingerie, underwear, Kristin Kreuk, white, cotton, striped, shirt, sheer, nipples, black,white, tighty-whitey, briefs, panties,  T-shirt and panties week, fufL,

Smallville may have ended last Friday (with an Encore of the Finale this Thursday), Lana Lang may have checked out as a regular character awhile ago, but Kristin Kreuk in tighty.. whities? ..blackies? ..goes on forever.

By the way, I'll give myself the Procrastination Post Award for this one; I originally started it as a draft in October of 2007(!), and never found just the right place for it. I don't know if Ms. Kreuk should feel insulted or honored..

Lingerie, underwear, Kristin Kreuk, white, cotton, striped, shirt, sheer, nipples, black,white, tighty-whitey, briefs, panties,  T-shirt and panties week, fufl, 2

Kristin Kreuk on twitter

Blue Monday 05 16 11: Candice Swanepoel & Erin Heatherton Tweet

Lingerie, underwear, Candice Swanepoel, blue, lace, bra, bikini, panties, Victoria's Secret, Blue Monday, fufL,

A week or so ago I was checking the Tweety (as Craig Ferguson would say) when I noticed a post from Doutzen Kroes that Candice Swanepoel (above) had officially joined twitter. The launch of Candice marks a good time to do that. Then last week, I noticed a tweet from Ms. Swanepoel that Erin Heatherton (below) had come aboard as well. We mention this A) so those who'd like to follow them can B) so those following any bogus accounts claiming to be them are warned (nah, who'd have any bogus twitter accounts?) and C) it gives us a great excuse to run a double-strength Blue Monday of both lades, each wearing Vicky's, of course

Lingerie, underwear, Erin Heatherton , blue, lace, slip, in bed, Victoria's Secret, Blue Monday, fufL,

Think This Week Is Warm Enough For Just A T-Shirt and Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, fufL, T-shirt and panties, week, white, ribbed, cotton, tank, bikini, panties, tease,

Should be, starting Tuesday at frankufotos Lingerie

Candice Swanepoel in Spicy Hot Bikini Pics

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