Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010: (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Tough Love

Lingerie, underwear, Adriana Lima,  Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010. black, red, bra, panties, skirtini, Tough Love,
Adriana Lima

Lingerie, underwear, Lily Donaldson,  Victoria's Secret,  Fashion Show, 2010, black, bra, plaid, panties, white, chaps, Tough Love
Lily Donaldson

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010. Alessandra Ambrosio, floral, bustier, black, thong, panties, Tough Love,
Alessandra Ambrosio

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, Magdalena Frackowiak, red, bustier, plaid, panties, Angel wings, Tough Love,
Magdalena Frackowiak

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's, Secret, Fashion Show, Julia Stegner, gold, bustier, bikini, panties, Tough Love,
Julia Stegner

Katy Perry, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, purple, body suit, 1

Katy Perry, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Firework, purple, body suit,
Katy Perry. A Firework, alright, and fitting right in with Vicky's

Country Girls

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Candice Swanepoel, red, gingham, bra, panties, Country Girls,
Candice Swanepoel

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Lily Aldridge, yellow, bra, blue, panties, Country Girls,
Lily Aldridge

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, Jessica Stam, blue, denim, bustier, panties, Country Girls,
Jessica Stam

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Alessandra Ambrosio, purple, white, gingham, bra, ruffled, bikini, panties, Country Girls,
Alessandra Ambrosio

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, blue, gingham, bra, bikini, panties, Country Girls,
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Game On

Lingerie, underwear, Erin Heatherton, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, red, bra, boy shorts, boxers, Game On,
Erin Heatherton

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Izabel Goulart, blue, white, bra, bodysuit, Game On,
Izabel Goulart

Lingerie, underwear, Chanel Iman, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, red, bra, hipster, panties, sheer, see through, bodysuit, Game On,
Chanel Iman

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret,  Fashion Show, Behati Prinsloo, black, bra, panties, Game On,
Behati Prinsloo

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Shannan Click, pink, green, vest, bikini, panties, Game On,
Shannan Click

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Liu Wen, black, white, checkered, bra, panties, Game On,
Liu Wen

Heavenly Bodies

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, Anja Rubik, Angel Wings, wrapped, bra, panties, Akon,
Anja Rubik serenaded by Akon (If you're going to have a song called Angel, great timimg, eh?)

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Izabel Goulart, silver bra, thong, panties, Heavenly Bodies,
Izabel Goulart

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Candice Swanepoel, Angel Wings, white, gold, bra, bikini, panties, Heavenly Bodies,
Candice Swanepoel

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Magdalena Frackowiak , raised skirt, flashing, nice ass, boy shorts, panties, silver, Heavenly Bodies,
Magdalena Frackowiak - Tell me this one won't become an iconic photo of this year's show

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, Chanel Iman, Angel Wings, white, bra, bikini, panties, Heavenly-Bodies,
And Congratulations to Chanel Iman on her first wings. She was so happy when she found out she'd get to wear them that she cried.

Lingerie, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Adriana Lima, $2 Million Bombshell Fantasy, Bra, panties, Heavenly-Bodies,
The already-priceless Ms. Lima, with an added $2 Million worth of Fantasy

Wild Things

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Alessandra Ambrosio, blowing glitter, Wild Things, Angel Wings,
Alessandra Ambrosio

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Selita Ebanks, tiger print, bra, bikini, panties, Angel Wings, Wild Things,
Selita Ebanks

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Erin Heatherton, blue, bra, panties, peacock, Angel wings, Wild Things,
Erin Heatherton

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Emanuela de Paulo, Cheetah print, bra, panties, body paint, Wild Things,
Emanuela de Paulo

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Caroline Winberg, leopard print, bustier, briefs, panties, Wild-Things,
Caroline Winberg

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Laís Ribeiro, Angel wings, animal print, bra, panties, Wild Things,
Laís Ribeiro

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, Angel wings, leopard print, bra, thong, panties, Karolina Kurkova, Wild Things,
Karolina Kurkova


Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Behati Prinsloo, pink, bra, green, bikini, panties, polka dot, rainbow, socks, PINK,
Behati Prinsloo

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Lindsay Ellingson, pink, black, polka dot, bra, bikini, panties, PINK,
Lindsay Ellingson

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010,  Maryna Linchuk, green, bra, yellow, panties, PINK,
Maryna Linchuk

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Edita Vilkeviciute, body suit, black, white, stripes, nice ass, PINK,
Edita Vilkeviciute

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, Lily Aldridge, plaid, dress, bikini, panties, PINK,
Lily Aldridge

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fashion-Show, 2010, Finale, bra, panties,

Katy Perry, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Show, 2010, yellow, dress, black, briefs, boots, vinyl,

But wait - There's more photos, observations and fun in Saturday's fufL post. Until then, enjoy this video with a few familiar (and even clothed!) faces set to Fashion Show performer Katy Perry's Firework

Open Bra - How To Choose Sexy Exotic Lingerie

The open bra is a wonderfully naughty piece of peek-a-boo lingerie that leaves part of the breast, including the nipple, exposed. There are several types available, each of which comes in a panoply of fabrics and other styling options. If you haven't yet incorporated these exotic bras into your lingerie drawer, considering doing so today; these bras are a great way to spice up your love life in an extremely erotic- and often unexpected- way!

The principle behind the open bra is simple; these are normal bras, usually with underwire, whose cups only cover a small portion of the breast. Some open bras leave only the nipple exposed, and cover the rest of the breast with seductive lace or satin. Others have only a small lace or satin "shelf" at the bottom of the cup, leaving the majority of the breast open. Others have no cups at all, only the underwire supports and bottom band. A fourth kind of brassiere can be closed, opened, or left somewhere in-between; the aperture on each cup is controlled by a drawstring ribbon, similar to the neckline on a Victorian nightgown.

It can be difficult to find these brassieres (which may also be labeled as shelf bras or peek-a-boo bras) in retail stores, since they're such a specialty item, and this is just as well because many women are nervous and embarrassed about shopping for this obviously erotic lingerie. Thankfully, the Internet has the answer; you can shop safely and privately from the comfort of your own home, and your packages will be delivered in plain packaging with no clue as to their contents.

Most open bras are fitted the same way that regular bras are. If in doubt, consult the sizing chart on the website you're browsing, and don't be afraid to email or telephone customer support if you're unsure which size you should buy, or if their directions are unclear. Also read up on the vendor's return policy; you should only buy from vendors who will let you do a return or exchange if the bra doesn't fit the way you want it to. Some vendors will even pay for return shipping, which is a great bonus!

The style of open or cupless bra that will look best depends on your body type, breast size, and degree of firmness that you possess in that area of your body. The firmer your breasts are naturally, the less support they'll need from the bra; if you have A or B-cup breasts, chances are you can wear any type of sexy bra with great success. If your breasts are larger and require more support, consider a style of exotic bra that has a bit more fabric to support everything and keep you looking your perkiest.

The open bra is a fantastic exotic lingerie option that can really spice up your boudoir. Many women enjoy wearing them under their regular clothes; just knowing that you're wearing something exotic underneath can add fun and excitement to your day!

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Blue Monday 11 29 10

Lingerie, underwear, Jenna Leigh, Kenya, Racerback, Tank, camisole, blue, Tap shorts, back, nice ass, Blue Monday, fufL,

Jenna Leigh has some typically hot lacy sets, and maybe because it's a bit cool where fufL is based, but I'm thinking this Kenya Racerback Tank camisole and matching Tap (boy) shorts set can be warm.. and Hot as well for more than one reason right now.

Lingerie, underwear, Jenna Leigh, Kenya, Racerback, Tank, camisole, blue, Tap shorts, on couch, Blue Monday, fufL,

For a bit of extra heat, add the matching Kimono robe over top of them. Or, by itself. Whatever comes across as Hotter for you.

Lingerie, underwear, Jenna Leigh, Kenya, Kimono, robe, blue, short, low cut, Blue Monday, fufL,

Nothing to Hide

Conceal or to reveal? Well, the right answer would be a mix of both, because never hide your expression and always leave some mystery for the other person to explore. The most tempting lingerie reveals a little, without showing it all. Get to know your lingerie so that you can make the most of the moments.

Bras (and panties) are the most common piece of lingerie. Apart from giving breasts support, bras are usually worn to enhance the appearance. There are various types of bras available. You can choose as per you linking and the shape of your breasts.

Push up Bra:
One of the most common bras worn by college girls because under t-shirts, it gives an uplifting look to the breast which look good. Even small-sized breasts can be enhanced with this bra. This actually happens with the inclusion of padding inside the cups.

Demi-Cup or Shelf Bras:
If you are looking to reveal a part of your breasts then this is the right type. This supportive bra covers only the bottom part of the breasts and leaves the nipple exposed, which is ideal for low cut tops.

Underwired Bra:
If you have large breasts then go for this type of bra because the wired part will give your breasts extra support and you will feel more comfortable.

Minimizer Bra:
Here is a trick to make your breasts look smaller if you wish to, because in many situations (like in office), you would like to look more professional.

Your choice of panties says a lot about you. Whether you reveal it or not, it does become a part of your expression. Panties come in different shapes, cuts and in materials. Depending on your comfort and style choose from the following.

The hottest of all, bikinis lay on the hip, and covers the front and rear completely.

They are quite comfortable and good to wear under casual wears.

Flutter panties:
These are the most comfortable type of Lingerie because of their elasticity.

Slips are worn underneath skirts, dresses and blouses. This prevents panties from see-through.

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Turn Yourself Into a Tantalizing Beauty With Sexy Black Fishnet Lingerie!

Have you tried experimenting with various ways to turn on your man, but in vain? Then, you probably wouldn't have tried an erotic piece of lingerie! Donning sexy fishnet dresses is a great way to tempt your man!

Fishnet lingerie is so very enticing that it wouldn't fail to arouse your man the moment he sets his eyes on you! And when it's in the color black, you can expect the combination to be nothing less than deadly! So, if you want to keep the flame of passion burning in your boudoir, then make sure to grab some enticing pieces of sexy black fishnet lingerie.

Ready for an erotic fun filled night? Then, the Sexy Fishnet Teddy Open Cup 4 Piece Set is a sure shot way to set your partner's pulse racing! This daring sexy fishnet teddy includes a thong bottom, a matching fishnet fingerless gloves, an eye mask, a fishnet paddle, and tie restraints. Include this set in your romantic encounters and show your man new levels of excitement!

Well, if you want to give him a taunting surprise, then wrap yourself in the Sexy Diamond Net Long Sleeve Mini Dress, which leaves very little to the imagination! Simply sport this sexy diamond fishnet lingerie, which comes with a g-string pantie and get ready to initiate your tantalizing experiments! Take your pick from the three sexy colors available - white, red, or black!

Not just to spice up your love life, you can use fishnet lingerie to complement your everyday attire. The sexy fishnet stockings, such as the Sexy Black Fishnet Thigh High Stockings or the Sexy Fishnet Back seam Knee Hi Stockings, when paired with a mini dress or a short skirt will boost up your sex appeal!

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What Should I Buy My Girlfriend for Christmas for Under 20?

We just love bras, where we know the fit, know they are going to work time after time and most of all where customers come in looking for the same bra, because they found it was just right for them.

One such bra is the Lepel Fiore Padded Plunge Bra which in cup sizes A to F is a fantastic bra, that not only looks goods with gorgeous lace, but also gives great shape and support. (A word of warning however, avoid the FF and G Cups in this style, for some reason they just don't fit properly and should be avoided.)

This bra comes in continuity colours of White, Black and Nude but given its popularity and success, Lepel bring out four or five fashion colours each year, with a two tone version for the Christmas market.

This years Christmas bra is in Black and Red and is absolutely stunning. So if you are a fan of Lepel Fiore then this bra is most definitely a must have. If you've never tried the Fiore treat yourself, because not only is a fantastic bra, it is also fantastic value with bras costing only ?19 with the matching shorts ?10 and the string at ?6.

The Fiore is also available in an unpadded underwired version, again at the fantastic price of ?19.

For those men out there who want to buy their partner something really special for Christmas, but where funds are tight, then this set should most definitely be top of your buy list.

Richard is the Lingerie Buyer for Just Bras Lingerie Outlet, buying collections for both shop and the online store. With 5 years experience as a Lingerie Buyer, Richard regularly blogs and write articles on the latest trends in the lingerie world as well as product reviews.

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Why Women Wear Sexy Bras

Have you ever wondered why women want to wear sexy bras? Moreover, don't you want to wear one yourself?

Bras are definitely something that women should talk about. After all, these are articles of clothing that women have to practically wear every day. As such, it is very important for women to feel comfortable in the bra that they wear. There are many factors that should be considered in choosing a bra. Aside from the functionality and comfort, bras should be aesthetically pleasing as well. Although it is not easy to find a bra that could be comfortable and sexy at the same time, all the efforts will certainly pay off with the credits that one get from wearing a sexy and comfortable bra.

Although bras are worn underneath the clothes, it is still important to wear something nice and sexy. Certainly why not, when bras are used not only to protect women's busts, but accentuate women's natural beauty as well. Moreover, a bra brings out the sensuality in a woman. As such, while it is not a requirement to wear one, many women have already made it a practice to wear such bras.

But, how would you differentiate a sexy bra from an ordinary one? Are these two not the same? Indeed, it is pretty funny how some women couldn't identify a quality bra from the rest of the bras. To these women, all bras look the same. This is definitely not true though; there are really some bras that show off one of the prettiest parts of a woman's body.

Wearing a good bra boosts up a woman's confidence in herself. It makes her feel beautiful and in every inch a woman. Furthermore, it makes a woman aware of her femininity. Moreover, wearing a sexy bra makes a woman feel sexy. Definitely every woman wants to look and feel sexy. Thus, if some women are too conservative to dress sexy, then they could at least wear something sexy underneath their clothes. Consequently, this will make them feel sexy as well.

Choosing sexy bras are not really difficult. Sexy bras can be identified by their color, material, and design. Some of the most popular colors of sexy bras are red, black, and nude. On the other hand, materials and fabrics used in sexy bras are usually flimsy and satiny. The most common materials include lace, thin fabric, and latex. Finally, sexy designs of bras are those which seem to show off the cleavage and enhance the bust line. Usually, these bras are those with underwire cups that are designed to push up the breasts in the same manner that a bustier does. With the great demand for sexy bras, many garment industries have included these kinds in their line as well.

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Black Lingerie Make Girls Sexier

Which color do you prefer when choosing sexy lingerie? Most women tend to choose black naturally and they believe that black lingerie is the safe, sexy choice. I believe they are right. Lingerie shops can offer various kinds of sexy lingerie and you can choose freely from them. Of course there are many different colors of sexy dresses. However, when you are selecting, you cannot go wrong with the black ones.

For quite a long time, people of the fashion world believe that black is the most attractive color. It can be matched to almost every color perfectly and it is full of mystery, sex appeal and natural wildness. Black lingerie can shout sex appeal and no matter how your body figure is, it can flatter on you. Choosing suitable black lingerie can make you feel good no matter you are at work, in a dinner party or even on a special date. Correct intimate apparel can make you more confident and nothing can be more useful in decorating your attractiveness than confidence, right?

Some people hold that lingerie is usually worn underneath the clothes and it is unnecessary to pay attention it. But in fact, this is definitely wrong. Lingerie needs matching too. Of course you need not pay too much attention to it, but you also should not leave it in a mass and make yourself look like a train wreck, right? Many people believe that lingerie should be simple and feminine, so they prefer to buy pink lingerie or some other warm colors. They don't trust black lingerie. But black lingerie can also make you be full of feminine attractiveness. What is more, this color can be matched to almost any other color so that you need not to worry about the wrong match between your lingerie and outer clothes.

Women want to look sexy, so they choose lingerie to help them achieve such a goal without revealing their true attention. Black lingerie is sexy as well as mysterious, and in such a point, perhaps it can be the best choice of women. You can just have a try. I believe that those sexy black dresses would not let you down and instead, they may bring a totally different feeling to you.

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How to Choose Lingerie for a Gift

Luxurious lingerie is a treat that many ladies can't justify buying for themselves no matter how much they'd love to. So it makes a perfect present for a loved one - show her how much you care! However, it is the thought that counts so make sure that you put the thought in when choosing it. Otherwise you risk having the opposite effect! If you've never bought lingerie for your partner before, here are some tips to get it right.


Obviously you'll give the game away if you ask outright what her bra size is. The easiest way to find out (especially if you live together) is to have a look in her underwear drawer and check the size labels of her bras and knickers. It's best to look at the bra that she wears the most, as no doubt she will have a lot of bras that no longer fit her.


It's important to find a style that both you and your partner like the look of. If you want your partner to get plenty of wear out of her lingerie then it also needs to be comfortable and supportive, particularly if she has a big bust. If she has a small bust then you could try a padded or push up bra style (only if she already wears these styles) but if she has a large bust then a full cup may be better. A balconette bra is a safe bet all round. The same goes for the briefs - think about what she already wears. Some women love thongs and some hate them, so make sure you get it right. You can't really go wrong with a traditional brief though.


Go for something that suits her style. If she is a sensual person try something in satin. If she is very feminine go for something lacy or embroidered. If she prefers to keep things simple then a mesh style can very sexy without being too fussy.


Think about what your other half usually wears. If she never wears anything but white, then a red lacy number is likely to not be well received! There is no harm in buying something a little different though. If she wears white then try a pastel colour or something white with coloured trims. If she wears black you could try a deep purple or blue. And if she already wears all sorts of colours? Well then the lingerie store is your oyster!

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All She Wants for Christmas Is Sexy Lingerie!

With Christmas just a few weeks away, now is a good time to start planning the perfect gift for the lady in your life. Of course, like many men, you might be thinking you can get away with a last minute dash around the shops on Christmas Eve, but if sexy lingerie is on your list that would be a terrible idea.

Most shops are pandemonium on Christmas Eve. You might barely make it through the door with your limbs intact, only to discover that there is hardly any stock left on the shelf, and what stock there is can only be bought in hideous colors and unsuitable sizes. So unless you want a major argument on Christmas Day, buying last minute lingerie in the wrong size is never a great idea!

The best way to buy sexy lingerie for your lady is to spend time several weeks before Christmas checking out what is available in a lingerie online store. This is something you can fit in during any convenient break in the day, so instead of watching silly videos on YouTube during your lunch hour, go shopping for some lovely lingerie online-not only will you save some money, you also get to spend a pleasant hour ogling pretty models wearing sexy lingerie!

What happens if you are looking for plus size lingerie or even bridal lingerie?

Do not worry-all types of sexy lingerie can be bought from a lingerie online store. If your lady has ample curves to fill, you will be able to choose from a fabulous selection of sexy lingerie to make the most of her plus sized figure. From flattering basques and sexy suspenders, to silky slips and kinky dressing up outfits-you will be spoil it for choice.

And if you are planning a Christmas wedding and you want to surprise your bride to be with some beautiful bridal underwear before the big day, try shopping at an lingerie online store for a great selection of sexy underwear designed to titillate any besotted groom on his wedding night.

Help-I have no idea what size my lady is!

That's an easy one to fix! While she is out, check the size labels on her existing underwear so you can make sure you buy the right size in lingerie. That way you will not make the unforgivable error of thinking she's several sizes larger than what she actually is...

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The History of the Bracli Pearl Thong

The Bracli Pearl Thong - just saying it would send a shiver of excitement down any woman's spine. After all, it has become the Holy Grail of lingerie pieces, a beautiful piece that any lingerie connoisseur would want in her collection.

The Bracli Pearl Thong is designed and produced by Bracli, the Spanish lingerie and accessory company owned by Luis Alvarez. Bracli was already producing and selling the Bracli Pearl Thong since its inception in Asturias, Spain, in 1999, long before it ever made its way to American shores. It first started out as the brainchild of Luis, then a banker in Asturias, who first designed the beautiful piece of lingerie for the use of immediate friends. The very first public offering was in the boutique of a 5-star hotel in Tenerife, the largest of seven Canary Islands in Spain. Tourists immediately snapped them up; the Pearl Thong had passed its baptism of fire in the open market. Bracli continued producing and selling it, with Luis Alvarez stating that the Bracli Pearl Thong was a success in Spain and that "we know customers are satisfied, because we see their faces the next day".

It was only when it reached the United States of America did it start its spiraling rise towards being a luxurious lingerie piece that was on the wish list of legions of women around the world.

It all began when Rebecca Apsan started importing these pearly wonders from Bracli, all the way from Spain. Rebecca Apsan is better known in American circle as "The Lingerie Evangelist"; she is the owner of La Petite Coquette, in New York City, and is a font of knowledge when it comes to the intimate apparel industry. Her high-flying list of clients includes superstars along the likes of Angelica Houston, Britney Spears, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Britney Spears, Salma Hayek and Cindy Crawford...just to name a few.

It all began when Rebecca was chosen to provide all the intimate apparel on the hit TV series, Sex and the City. The series has been a hit with women from all across the globe, in almost all age demographics. This is because the show features four middle-aged women and their every-day struggles, and the one firm message that it sends out appeals to all women: you can enjoy life, and still have a great sex life, no matter what age you are. It was not surprising that the show resonated with a lot of working-age women. A large portion of the show was dedicated to the sexual adventures of the four leads, and Rebecca Apsan, with her thirty years of wisdom in the lingerie business, was deemed to be just the right person to play the role of lingerie provider.

The Bracli Pearl Thong fell into the hands of the series' writers, and was woven into one of the episodes. This famous episode was Episode 69 of the series, titled 'Luck Be an Old Lady' and was first aired on 4th August 2002. One of the four lead women in the show, Samantha, who is well known for her healthy sexual appetite and vibrant personality, was given the pearl thong as a gift from her onscreen boyfriend, and thus, the Bracli Pearl Thong was forever immortalized in popular culture. It has also been featured in the famous pages of Playboy, and a host of other Spanish magazines.

Each Bracli Pearl Thong is hand-made in Asturias, Spain, ensuring top-notch quality and design, and is made from very soft-stretch French lace and has a strand of Mallorcan pearls that run from front to back. Why Mallorcan pearls? These are pearls that are specially cultured in the Baleric Islands in Spain, using a process that is a very well-kept secret. Mallorcan pearls are superior to natural ones because they are far more durable than the more fragile natural pearls, and can withstand perfume, make-up and perspiration; these pearls are definitely world-famous and very in demand by customers due to these characteristics.

The elegant and sensual design is patented worldwide, so cheap imitators will never offer the same pleasures as a genuine Bracli Pearl Thong.

A genuine Bracli Pearl Thong comes in its own gorgeous presentation box, with a special care card. The Pearl Thong comes in two sizes; regular for ladies between the sizes of 4-12 and plus size for ladies between the sizes of 14 - 20. They come in black, ivory, blue, pink, white and red.

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The Love Of G-String Panties

Going shopping for new lingerie doesn't have to be boring anymore, there are lots of sexy outfits and styles that can make buying new items fun. An item that may grab the interest of young women is the g-string. This form of pantie is very comfortable to wear and has some great benefits to using them. When a woman is buying new panties, she may want to discover the fashion ideas that can come from wearing this particular design.

When a person heads into a lingerie store there will be bins available that are packed with various loose underwear. There may be some designs that have a full back to them, others that offer a boxer type appearance with form-fitting material, and the g-string look. Picking up a pair of panties that offers a very slim bottom, may feel strange at first, but trying on a pair will show how comfortable they are.

The key to buying this type of underwear is to ensure that it is the right size. If it is too tight or uncomfortable it will not feel right and will actually be more of a hassle than anything else. A good fitting pair will be surprisingly comfortable to use and wear. The back of the panties will disappear in some designs or may offer a very small backing with a few inches of material.

Some of these panty designs will offer an open front. This is great for romantic encounters and sexy experiences. The open part is just a small area that will allow some of the front to be seen with most of it still hidden. These styles are great for wearing under clothing.

When a woman is choosing a style that suits her taste, she will have a variety of frontal styles to pick from. Some of the panties will have a small square gathering of material while other styles will permit a small triangle. The shape that is picked, could influence the style of pantie and the look that is desired.

These g-string designs are great for wearing under clothing at work or at clubs. They will produce no pantie line and they are ultra comfortable to wear. If a moment becomes personal, using this type of underwear keeps the experience fun and exciting. Great for pole dancing, romantic evenings and using for comfort under clothes.

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Claudia Schiffer Illustrates 'Shop Til You Drop'

Lingerie, underwear, Claudia Schiffer,  Ellen von Unwerth, living room, chair, exhausted, sweatshirt, sneakers, bikini, panties,

After the holiday shopping crush of Black Friday and today, you can be forgiven if you feel pretty much as exhausted as Claudia Schiffer looks above. Made it home from the store? Check. Wore your comfortable running shoes? Check. Your comfortable sweats? Check. Got so distracted you lost the sweatpants and finished your shopping in rather colorful bikini panties? Che-- ..well, at least now you know why you felt that draft today.

Of course from one of Ms. Schiffer's photo shoots from the always amazing Ellen von Unwerth.

How to Stop Your Bra Straps Digging Into Your Shoulder

Wearing a bra that does not fit correctly is not only uncomfortable but it can also lead to damage to breast tissue, poor posture as well as back and shoulder pain. A good fitting bra will not only assist you in improving your figure, but will also make you feel more comfortable and self- assured and improve the way your clothes fit and look.

Sometimes women spend a lot of time and money on their outer garments, and yet pay little attention to their underwear. It also gets confusing as bras differ from make to make and style to style but here are the main points you need to consider when buying a bra:

1.Correct back size:
Most of the support actually comes from the back so this needs to be the right size. The band around your body needs to be firm but comfortable. The band running round your body should be horizontal. If the band at the back of the bra rides up then the band is too big and you should get a smaller back size. You should be able to run two fingers underneath the band all round, as well as underneath your arms at the side of the bra.

2. Flat wires at the front:
The wires at the front of your bra should lie flat against your rib cage. They should not dig in, rub or poke you. The wires should be lying flat between your boobs, check that they are not being pushed away from your body. If the underwire is digging in under your armpit then your cup is too small and you need a bigger size cup. The underwire should encase the breasts and must not dig in.

3. Wearing the right cup size:
Your breasts should be enclosed within the cup and they should stay within the cup even when you lift your arms above your head. There should be a smooth line where the bra ends at the top of your bust and the cup fabric should not be wrinkly. Your breasts should not bulge or "spill" out of the top or sides of your cup even for styles designed to be low cut like the plunge or the balconette bra. If you have indents in the shoulders where the straps have dug in, then your bra is too big in the back and not big enough in the cup, making you pull the straps tighter for support. You need to get a bra that is smaller at the back with bigger cups.

When considering the purchase of a new dress or suit then it is always best to start with correctly fitting underwear. It is important that your bra feels and looks right to you.
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Tammy Chen Yi Rong Taiwan Wacoal Bra Model

Tammy Chen or 陳怡蓉 (Chen Yi Rong) is a famous Taiwan actress for her drama Lavender and Stary Stary Night.

After quite for a long time, Tammy Chen comes back as a model for Wacoal Bra advertising. Looks she still very beauty and cute, hot and sexy.

Tammy Chen Profile

Name: 陳怡蓉 / Chen Yi Rong
English name: Tammy Chen
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1979-Mar-13
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 160cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Pisces
Chinese zodiac: Goat
Blood type: O

Tammy Chen in Wacoal Bra photos :

Tammy Chen Wacoal bra Photos

Watch Tammy Chen (陳怡蓉) in Wacoal Bra Commercial (華歌爾內衣代言) Video here