Enjoy Your New Year's Eve

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And what do you have planned for when the clock strikes 12?

Her Villa Bel-Ami push-up bra and panty (above), Corset bralette and thong (below) by Maison Close

Lingerie, underwear, Villa  Bel-Ami, corset, bralette, black, sheer, see though, nipples, thong, panties, black, stockings, Maison Close, front

Lingerie, underwear, Villa  Bel-Ami, corset, bralette, black, sheer, see though,  thong, panties, black, stockings, Maison Close, side,

Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day Look Book 2011

Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day Look Book 2011

Victoria’s Secret has released their Valentine’s Day Look Book 2011. Many flirty and interesting pieces await you next year as shown in the catalog. Various pretty colors and heart-shaped prints, lace and silks. Whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift you’ll sure be able to excite even the pickiest heart.

Intricate detailing, flirty designs and luscious fabrics are the keys to a successful love range that will spice up many other nights beside St. Valentine’s Day. The range features animal and floral as well as heart and polka dot prints. The color palette is quite extensive going from black to pink and blue, white and green.

Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day Look Book 2011 shows off many luxurious lingerie sets with bras of various styles and sexy panties of different designs are simply gorgeous. The detailing includes lace panels, bows, scallops, overlaid lace and lace trimming. Beside lingerie sets there are slips, babydoll, teddy, camis, corselette and a robe.

The one stunning piece is Secret red bustier with black bra and matching black and red panty. Another absolute charm is a a white lingerie set with black overlaid lace. It consists of bra, panty and a skirted garter belt. Other pieces are no less amazing. What do you think about Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day Look Book 2011?

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Blue Monday 12 27 10

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Much like Argentina's Luciana Marolla, some Mondays, maybe after a long holiday weekend, you just don't want to get out of bed.

A Review of the Bracli Pearl Thong

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Alexander Graham Bell came up with the telephone. Einstein gifted us with The Theory of Relativity. Luis Alvarez will most probably never find himself grouped with such illustrious inventors, but, like those before him, he's come up with something original and unique, an invention that combines both fashion and function and is used by a lot of people out there. Well, 'used' might not fully capture its function; a better word would be 'enjoyed'! Yes, we're in fact talking about the Bracli Pearl Thong. Sure, you've heard all about it, how it was featured in 'Sex and the City' and Playboy and how it's on every woman's lingerie wish list.

But just what is it about the Bracli Pearl Thong that makes it such a desirable item in the world of sexy lingerie? The answer is because this little treasure is the pioneer of all pearl thongs, the one true original that sweeps all imitators away.

Let's have a look at how it rates in the following departments:

Design & Style

The aesthetics of the Bracli Pearl Thong is based on a timeless beauty, incorporating sleek lines that rest snugly against your feminine curves and lustrous Mallorcan pearls that need no other embellishment.

The thong comes with a "V"-shaped design that fits on your hips, with the dip of the "V" in front and back, which measures 3 inches from top to bottom. The French lace has a woven design of leaves, and is adorned with two pretty bows in the front. The pearls...well, these beauties speak for themselves, and their shine and luster will excite any woman.

Forget about tacky extras; the design of this stunning piece of lingerie is such that it deserves to be a piece in a Museum of Lingerie. Oh wait, that's already been done! One of the Bracli Pearl Thong's illustrious claims is that it has been displayed in the Museum of Erotica, the famous sex museum in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Some women might be wary of lace, and with good reason. Some of the lace used in sexy lingerie and clothes are stiff and scratchy, and if they have a high cotton content, tend to yellow a bit over the years. While lace might look fantastic and sexy on lingerie, it's useless if it makes you scratchy and uncomfortable; the very things that will make any woman feel downright unsexy.

The Bracli Pearl Thong is made from French lace that is hand-stitched in Asturias Spain. The lace is made from 85% Polyamide and 15% Spandex. While Polyamide might seem a scary word, it is just a type of microfiber that is very fine, very strong, and when used for clothes and lingerie, very soft. If you consider that high-grade polyamide can be used for parachutes, something that everyone hopes does not break, you can see why it's a good choice for any piece of quality lingerie. Super-soft, lightweight and lustrous, and it's very strong, so it can be washed with ease. You'll never have to worry about the Bracli disintegrating in your hands, that's for sure.

The Spandex is another microfiber, one that allows the Bracli to fit snugly around your body's curves, which brings us to our next department.


With lingerie, it's all about the fit; the closer it fits to your body, the sexier you'll feel. There is nothing worse for a woman than sexy lingerie that doesn't fit properly.

This is especially so with a Pearl Thong. With the Bracli Pearl Thong, the stretch of the ultra-soft French lace allows it to sit snugly on your body. The sides of the thong are 2 inches wide, and the seams are located at both front and back, making it very easy to enable any body type to wear it. This feature coupled with the stretch of the ultra-soft French lace allows the thong to sit snugly on your body, and thus the strand of Mallorcan pearls is exactly where it should be: nestling between your legs. Poor imitations will have inferior fit, and instead of being nestled against your very own pearl, the pearl strand would just be hanging below your legs, which defeats the very purpose of wearing a pearl thong.


So now we get down to the nitty-gritty. Just how good is the Bracli at what it does? And by that, we mean offering worlds of pleasure for the woman who wears them.

There are imitators out there that use plastic pearls. The general consensus from women who have tried these is that they are far, far inferior in terms of both sensation and luster.

The ones on the Bracli Pearl Thongs are genuine Mallorcan pearls, straight from the Baleric Islands in Spain. Mallorcan pearls are specially cultured to be far more durable than natural pearls; they can also withstand perspiration without deterioration.


As mentioned previously, the lace portion of the Bracli Pearl Thong is made from polyamide and spandex. Polyamide makes the thong make ultra-soft, but also ultra-strong. The small amount spandex in the lace means that should you ever lose (or gain) a few pounds, the pearl thong will accommodate for this and still sit snugly against your body.

When it comes to the Mallorcan pearls, each is individually knotted, giving you a total length of 12 inches. Because each pearl is individually knotted, you'll never face the one problem that all cheap pearl thongs have: the strand breaks, and all the pearls come falling off. With the Bracli, this will be extremely unlikely to happen, because by being individually knotted, the strand of pearls becomes very strong. If the worst should happen, and one of the knots breaks, you'll just lose one pearl from the strand, not every single one of them.

Size and Color

The Bracli Pearl Thong comes in Black, Ivory, Periwinkle (Lavender Blue), Pink, White and Red.

Bracli realizes that women comes in all shapes and sizes, so the Pearl Thong comes in Regular Size, for women sized 4-12, and Plus Size, for women sized 14-22.


The Bracli Pearl Thong costs several times more than the cheap lingerie you can get in Department stores. However, even though its price may be two to three times higher than its imitators, it is still a very reasonable price for what is considered high-end luxury lingerie. Luis Alvarez, owner of Bracli and designer of the Bracli Pearl Thong has always emphasized that the Pearl Thong was made for everyday women, not just for superstars or celebrities. It was the happy faces of the Spanish women who bought them that convinced him that the Pearl Thong would be a hit with women from all around the world, no matter what their background.

For a sexy piece of lingerie that's considered the one true original pearl thong, the Bracli Pearl Thong offers superb value for its price tag. After all, how can you put a price tag on a woman finding her true sensual self?


You'll definitely be floating around in an ethereal cloud of sexiness while wearing the Bracli Pearl Thong. Wear it all day long and your partner will be left wondering why you've been smiling from morning to night. Women have been known to choose walking over driving when wearing this sexy, sensual number.

The Mallorcan pearls provide a wonderful sensation and you might like them so much such that you'll be forever associating a strand of pearls with that sexy, pleasant freshness that you feel whenever you put on a pair of Bracli Pearl Thongs.

Bracli makes sensual, luxurious lingerie of the very highest quality. All women deserve a little pleasure and pampering; treat yourself to a genuine Bracli Pearl Thong today, and see just why it's enjoyed by so many women around the world.

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Top Lingerie Tips: Knickers for Every Body Shape

As a general rule, when we run through the roll call of difficult lingerie decisions we tend to think in terms of comfort or sexiness. However, it really doesn't have to be like that. With well-fitting sexy lingerie, which suits your body shape you can have comfort and sex appeal - no honestly. It's all about dedicating a little bit of time to choosing your lingerie. Yes, it can be difficult finding your size in something attractive, never mind marrying it with a particular outfit or occasion. The best place to start is with your knickers as your bust size, shape and the outfit you're wearing will depict what bra you'll have to wear. So, ultimately, when it comes down to it, finding the right knickers for both the big occasion and your body shape is just as important. With this in mind, here's a quick guide to buying knickers that are right for you - no matter what your body shape...

Small Bum with Short Legs

There's only one thing that can be said here: high leg in any shape will suit you, as the high leg will lengthen your legs. High leg in a thong or bikini brief tends to work out fantastically well particularly when married with knickers with details at the back, a bow or a cut-out segment. There are a lot of cut-out knickers on the market at the moment, whether they're cut-out at the side of the brief or the back. It's a nod to bondage - a little naughty but very wearable.

Long Legs with Wide Hips

Stay away from the side ribbons as this will only make your hips seem wider. Low-waisted shorts look great on slightly wider hipped ladies. If you're a fan of stockings then there's a great range of low-legged briefs with suspenders attached now. They're extremely functional and much more comfortable than traditional suspenders.

Flat Tummy with Large Bum

Anyone with a flat tummy but a slightly larger behind should err towards low-waisted briefs are key and Brazilians look amazing on ladies with a larger derriere, allowing you to really show off your assets. Brazilian briefs are one of the most flattering of all briefs. What's more, half way between a thong and bikini they're really comfortable as well.

One Every Body Shape Should Have in their Lingerie Drawer

The queen of all knickers are French thongs and French knickers. It's almost impossible to imagine anyone not feeling fabulous in French lingerie, as they're probably the most luxurious of all knickers. French lingerie as a whole has a certain je ne sais quoi but French knickers particularly stand out as they're delicate, feminine, lacy, soft, loose and flattering.

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Merry Christmas From Andi Muise

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I have no idea if this set from Lejaby was designed with Valentines Day, Christmas, or neither in mind. It definitely looks as though it was designed for the lovely Andi Muise.

Happy Solistice From Caroline Winberg and Blanco

Lingerie, underwear, Caroline Winberg, Blanco, Imprimir, bra, thong, panties, sun, Hunter and Gatti, black and white,

Another marvelous image of Caroline Winberg from Blanco's Fall/Winter 2010 Imprimir Collection, photographed by Hunter & Gatti. December 21st was either the shortest or longest day in the world, depending on your hemisphere. The light backing Ms. Winberg just seemed like it would fit either way. Almost as fit as Ms. Winberg and her bra and thong panties.

Blue Monday 12 20 10

Lingerie, underwear, Jolidon, Clandestine, Irresistible, bra, high-waist, lace, briefs, panties, blue, Blue Monday, fufL,

For an irresistible Blue Monday, how about this Irresistible bra and high-waist panties from Jolidon's 2010 Fall/Winter Clandestine Collection? It even has Swarovski crystal highlights. Lest you look at the briefs and think 'granny panties', check the view from the other side..

Lingerie, underwear, Jolidon, Clandestine, Irresistible,  high-waist, lace, briefs, panties, back view, blue, Blue Monday, fufL,

Exotic Lingerie

The answer is … yes, absolutely !! Exotic or erotic lingerie is for every woman. I t doesn’t matter if you are a size 0 or a size 6X … the soft texture, the flattering lines and the mental boost lingerie gives are for everyone.

Did a “stop” sign just pop up in your head? Do you have an immediate reaction blocking the notion? Do you think sexy lingerie is just for those Victoria Secret models with the impossibly perfect bodies? Guess again.

Lets cover the available choices first. You can find beautiful, sexy lingerie in many different stores … you don’t have to steel yourself to enter an “adult” toy and clothing store. Lots of women find nighties and other outfits at the same chain and department stores where they usually shop.

In fact, some women prefer to purchase lingerie at discount stores simply because it is a smart budget choice, and allows them to bring home more items and therefore more choices.

More than one woman has confessed to purchasing her “intimates” at a dollar or close-out retail store for the simple reason that she’s not worrying about the cost of the outfit when her partner removes it, and she’s less likely to save it for a special occasion. She’s able to outfit herself in a garment that catches her partner’s interest but didn’t make her compromise paying a utility bill. She nourishes her self esteem for the cost of a DVD, and her love life gets a priceless boost.

There are many other options if you don’t feel up to or can’t find the time to browse your local stores, or if you are wanting something really daring and risque’. The wondrous Internet has opened up a bonanza of options for those of you that like to shop at home in your flannel jammies, choosing intimate apparel that might make your Aunt Marge blush. Be as tame or as wild as you please … it’s your bedroom, isn’t it? But when you get right down to the marrow of that issue, who’s to say your dear old Aunt doesn’t have a few satin or nylon baby-doll nighties of her own hidden in the back of her underwear drawer. Every single woman deserves a little secret sexy in her dresser, right?

Now, lets think about what style you’ll choose. If you ordinarily wear white cotton panties and a simple brassiere, taking small baby steps may be more comfortable. Experiment a little at first, maybe by choosing bright colors, or a bold pattern. If you already wear exotic lingerie and are looking for a new surprise for your partner, consider how you may want to reveal your new purchase. Sometimes the secret planning is half the fun, and helps boost your confidence to try new things. Are you thinking of something you’ll wear under your regular work clothes? Or do you fancy hiding it under your ordinary fuzzy bathrobe, and then unveiling your new look dramatically, like a work of art?

Whatever you choose, however you buy it, and no matter how you surprise your sweetie remember this … no matter what your size or shape, it’s how you carry yourself and the self-confidence you have within will make the lasting impression. You will spark that flame of passion befitting the work of art you really are.

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The Types of Lingerie That Men Love

Men are stimulated sexually by visual objects. They are not as hypercritical of a woman's perceived flaws as the woman is. The world of lingerie is quite varied, and a woman may be uncertain as to what types or styles to choose. So what types of lingerie do men find most attractive?

First and foremost, men love lingerie outfits that allow them to engage in interactive role play. The "naughty schoolgirl" or the "policewoman" may seem stereotypical; however, men find these types of lingerie to be engaging and exciting. The "naughty nurse" is another favorite lingerie outfit of men. The addition of certain elements to these outfits, such as fishnet stockings or glasses, can intensify the satisfaction that a couple derives from the role play involved.

Bras and panties are also favorite lingerie items of men. These basic pieces may seem rather mundane, but the endless variations of these garments provide a never ending source of pleasure for both partners. Different types of panties include boy shorts, thongs, G strings, and garter belts, which may be worn with thigh high stockings. Bras and panties are constructed of a wide variety of materials, from cotton to silk. The colors and patterns that these pieces come in add visual interest to a man's eye.

They often come in matching sets, and they may be embellished with lace, sequins, ribbons, or other garnishments. Corsets and bustiers also belong in the same category as bras and panties. The corset is primarily designed to slim a woman's waistline, and it is adept at providing a woman with an hourglass figure where one does not exist. A bustier may be paired with almost any type of underwear or with a garter belt and thigh high stockings. The naughty image that a bustier contrives is attractive to numerous men.

Negligees are also highly popular with most men. These sheer and silky garments inspire an image of innocence that men find irresistible. It provides a man with a hint of what is underneath, without revealing completely what is there. Lingerie is available in a wide variety of color combinations. According to a survey conducted by AskMen.com, the color combinations that men find most appealing include black, red, white, and soft pastels of pink and blue. Although the preferences of one's partner are the primary reason most women purchase lingerie, she should ultimately purchase the pieces that make her feel beautiful and desired.

Now whether you are a size 2 or 22, every woman should make the investment into good, quality undergarments. Not only do they make you look good, but the confidence boost in knowing that your clothes fit like a glove will make you FEEL good as well! Still not sure which style is best for you? Join us today for my tips and advice:  Womens Body Girdles

A Merry Marlies Dekkers Christmas

This one is no secret, but it's a Victorian-inspired series of Christmas collections more people ought to know about. They're called Christmas Crackers, Christmas Baubles, Red Xmas and Key to Deliverance, from the highly imaginative Dutch designer Marlies Dekkers

Not only do you get a touch of the Victorian, but if you look at the entire collection, a sly bit of the Dickensian also emerges.

Check her official site here
follow her on twitter
and hear from The Lady Herself below:

The Return of the Thong

Despite a trashy image in the past, thongs are making a comeback in an elegant and sexy way. Fortunately, women are realizing that how a thong is worn is just as important as what type is worn. There are many popular materials, including comfy cotton, polyester, and nylon. These thongs are perfect for women who enjoy the comfort of this type of underwear, but choose to wear them as part of a casual wardrobe. These materials are also breathable and relaxed, keeping consistent with casual undergarments.

Besides cotton, polyester, and nylon materials, thong panties can also be found in attractive lace and satin fabrics. These materials are sexy and alluring, having the advantage to stretch and remain comfortable, even after a long day. Plus, lace lays flat and can be purchased in a variety of colours, including the enticing red and black hues. With the less material used on string underwear, women also appreciate that they're cheaper to buy and easier to wash and fold.

Of course, you can't deny the sexy figure that's left behind when wearing a thong. As they are making a comeback in today's fashion world, there are new twists on these panties that make them all the more enticing. Suspenders are added to make the lingerie appear sexier and more tempting. With this design, the suspenders wrap around the body, keeping everything in its place. It's a wonderful way to enhance the silhouette. Some have thicker straps that cross over the bust area and take the shape of a monokini, while others are more seductive and perfect for the bedroom.

Perhaps the greatest reason why thong panties are back is because they leave behind no visible panty lines, which is perfect when wearing tight-fitting dresses, skirts, or pants. There's nothing tackier than having thick underwear lines show through that perfect evening gown or business suit, so women of all ages and statuses are finding that thongs are the best solution for a flawless silhouette. And of course, women argue that thong panties are most comfortable, non-binding, and simply irresistible.

The fashion world is always changing, always evolving, and for those who can't get enough of the latest trendsetting fashions, it's time to embrace the thong. Worn for comfort, practicality, and beauty, this is one piece that should have a home in every woman's wardrobe. Men cannot resist the attractive design of thongs, which is why they are the perfect accessory to any outfit and leave women feeling sexy and empowered when heading to the bedroom.

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How About A Cotton Club Slipdress For Your Weekend Holiday Party?

Lingerie, underwear, Cotton Club, red, Francesina, slipdress,

Considering the festive time of year, instead of The Little Black Dress, how about a little red Francesina slipdress from Cotton Club's from their 'Silk of' Collection?

Lingerie, underwear, Cotton Club, red, Francesina, slipdress, falling, strap,

Should the occasion lend itself to more than the straps slipping, it wouldn't be a bad idea to coordinate what's underneath with their Erina push-up bra and thong panties..

Lingerie, underwear, Erina, Cotton Club, push-up, bra, thong, panties, red,

Or try a closer match of their Francesina bra and panties

Lingerie, underwear, Cotton Club, Francesina, bra, red,

Lingerie, underwear, Cotton Club, Francesina, bra, red, bikini, panties, in bed,

And if this particular slipdress doesn't quite seem 'outerwear' enough, you can always save it for a party of two.

Christmas sexy lingerie and costumes from 3KissesLingerie

Christmas sexy lingerie and costumes from 3KissesLingerie

3KissesLingerie offers a wide range of lingerie and intimate apparel, which includes sexy costumes and clubwear from various brands. As the Holiday season approaches some of you may want to browse and get inspired by the apparel you would like to wear for holidays celebration. 3KissesLingerie provides not only a vast amount of intimates of various designs and styles but they also offer hot plus-size lingerie and costumes.

Christmas sexy lingerie and costumes from 3KissesLingerie

The Christmas lingerie section includes various and versatile lingerie and costumes. The most stunning ones are Evening Affair Chemise, which made of Lycra net and encrusted with rhinestones, too hot even for cold winter nights.

Plus Size Red Hot Chemise printed with polka dot, which is super flirty and sexy. The matching panty have a sheer heart-shaped panel on the back. Hot Leopard Chemise in red and black has foam foam cups and removable suspender straps.

Christmas sexy lingerie and costumes from 3KissesLingerie

Other amazing pieces among costumes include ciré Rock N Roll Dress cinched by red satin sequined cincher. Santa’s Surprise Babydoll (above) trimmed with faux fur. And finally, Electric Elf Set made of shimmer microfber and LED lights operated from the hidden pockets.

Christmas sexy lingerie and costumes from 3KissesLingerie

Christmas sexy lingerie and costumes from 3KissesLingerie

This is just a tiny bit of what 3KissesLingerie has to offer. Affordable yet luxurious lingerie and costumes for any occasion. They also provide leather, latex, and vinyl intimate apparel for those who love their lingerie with an edge.

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie
Sexy Lingerie by 3KissesLingerie.com

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The Best Wedding Lingerie

Wedding lingerie has become an integral of your wedding shopping these days. Wearing the right lingerie of your wedding day can be the icing on the cake for your special night. Gone are the days when women wore basic white undergarments. Nowadays it's all about looking stunning and fabulous. There is a wide variety of bridal lingerie and undergarments you can choose from thee days.

There are a number of online stores and websites which now sell garments to make your honeymoon and wedding night that extra bit special. There are a number seductive designs and colors you could choose from. Most women dream of their wedding all their lives, and I am sure we all want to look our best for our man on this special occasion. Here are a few garments which garments you should include on your shopping list.

1. Corsets - Corsets are know to accentuate those jaw dropping curves a women's body has. They are known to drive men crazy. You want to make sure that you buy one which fits you perfectly. The most popular corsets women opt for are usually white. But you could choose from different styles and colors depending on your like or maybe your man's likes.

2. Bridal bra's - Bridal bra's come in many different styles and shapes. This depends on the kind of wedding dress you wear, a few favorites are long line bras, Strapless bras, adhesive bras, balconette bras, Demi bras and the all time favorite push up bra. This is one of the most important undergarments to consider. It is very important that a bride feels as comfortable as possible while waltzing down the isle. It's important that you try these on and make sure you are very comfortable.

3. Stocking and suspenders - Stocking and suspenders are also a very seductive addition to bridal lingerie. This goes perfectly with anything, be it normal underwear or a corset. It is a perfect garment to include in your wedding shopping.
4. French Lingerie - This would make you look like a seductive queen. This ensures that you would look very hot on your wedding night.

5. Playsuits and nipple pasties - These are also an ideal addition to make your wedding night more special. If you have all your other underwear sorted out its always fun to buy some accessories to spice up the night. A few sexy extras always help. A seductive strip tease with nipple pasties is a sure hit. Playsuits are also a lot of fun. Use your imagination and buy one of these. Be whoever you want to be. Black, white, red or pink whatever your color this is sure to spice things up as well.

Overall you want to make sure you take your time in choosing these garments. I suggest you do all your shopping well in advance and make sure these garments fit perfectly. There are a number of stores which have a wide variety of products on sale. They also have seasonal and festive discounts. So make sure you take your time and buy the lingerie which makes you look stunning on your wedding night.

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Ten Days To Christmas: Celebrate with Bar Refaeli in Bonita de Mas

Lingerie, underwear, Bar Refaeli, Bonita de Mas, red, white, lace, bustier, boy shorts, panties,

Ms. Refaeli wearing not much else besides a few items from Israel's Bonita de Mas may bowl you over as well this Christmas season..

Makiyo Kawashima Taiwan Japan Sexy Actress

Makiyo is a Japan actress, but more popular in Taiwan. At first, she went to Taiwan to be an artist, she was a singer but now she host some shows.

Makiyo is famous for her ex-boyfriend. At least, there are 2 boys had became her lover. The first is Taiwan Actor and Host, Alan Luo. Then, the son of Taiwanese media tycoon named Milton.

Her career may be more well developed in Taiwan, but Makiyo style is very Japanese. Not only her face is a Japanese face, but also she always appears in a online games dress.

With her busty breast and cute face, Makiyo always endorsed a bra commercial advertising. Some bra brand she has endorsed is On Street.

Makiyo Profile
Name: Kawashima Makiyo
Chinese Name: 川岛茉树代
Profession: Singer, Actress
Country: Taiwan, Japan
Height: 158cm
Weight: 41kg
Blood Type: O
Sign: Gemini
Languages: Japanese, Chinese Mandarin
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, games

Makiyo in Bra and Lingerie Photos Collection :

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Makiyo Bra Photos

Watch Makiyo sexy pose video here