Alessandra Ambrosio: Happy Belated Birthday

Lingerie underwear Alessandra Ambrosio yellow bra panties

Ms. Ambrosio celebrated last week in Miami, in an event woefully lacking in coverage in the popular press. Tons of he said/she said about the U.S. election, but not much important. No excuse for fufL to miss it, so hopefully the above photo in some small way makes up for it. And, really, I know she's eating for two these days, but a life-sized cake in the shape of a piano? Either that, or they just frosted the strings and keys.

Alessandra Ambrosio 2008 birthday cake

Happy Birthday, Ale!

Blue Monday 04 28 08

Gemma Atkinson
Since I recently had a comment and question on a previous post in this series of photos of Gemma Atkinson, why not another? I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) they're by photographer Alan Strutt for La Senza.

Mel B. For Ultimo: Far More Sexy Than Scary

Lingerie underwear Mel B Ultimo black bra panties by pool

Ultimo, the U.K. lingerie brand who've given us many wonderful views of Gemma Atkinson and Sarah Harding in their undies have a new line that they describe as
'the Ultimo SS08 collection which has been inspired by the glamour and vintage Art Deco charm of Miami Beach. Luxurious satin in mouth watering, juicy colours is paired with sleek leopard print embroidery along-side graphic embroidered collections delicately stitched in summer brights.'

Lingerie underwear Mel B. Ultimo Yellow bra lace boy shorts
London's Daily Star
quotes Ms. Brown as saying
'After taking part in Dancing With The Stars in the US and the Spice Girls World Tour I have never been in better shape, so I jumped at the chance.'

Lingerie underwear Mel B. Ultimo black bra panties indoors
We'll thank Mel B. and Ultimo of course, but this just adds to the list of reasons we really have to drop a note thanks to the Dancing With The Stars producers..

Adriana Lima: The Gold (Bra & Panty) Standard

Lingerie underwear Adriana Lima rose gold bra string panties

Ms. Lima, in what looks to be Rose Gold bra and panties set, actually, and the only context in which you'll ever see her name next to the term 'standard'.

BTW: Blogger In Draft Update:
This is the post I mentioned last week as my test case for the Auto-publishing feature in Beta. This time, I got it to work. It does tend to work better if, after you set the date and time you want it to auto-publish you hit 'Publish' as opposed to 'Save'. You then get a confirmation message that it will publish as such-and-such a time. No message, you've probably done it wrong as I did the other day, or it didn't take.

And, you have to admit, this photo of Ms. Lima was worth waiting for.

Blue Monday 4 21 08

Lingerie, underwear, Blue, lace, bra, panties, reclining, brunette, short hair

Wouldn't you like a great reason not to get out of bed this morning?

Lingerie Blogger In Draft

Lingerie, underwear, windy, upskirt, draft, black lace, hipster,panties

Blogger In Draft has a new feature to let you post a draft at a later date. Since I'll be away from the computer for a few days, let's see if the Beta works. If it does, Saturday around 9am ET (U.S.) you should see a golden post of the lovely Adriana Lima. If not, well, you'll see it sometime next week the old-fashioned way. With the good old sweat of manual labor as I post it the usual way. Hey! Manually was good enough for our grandfathers on the net - and they liked it that way!

And yes, I know who the above actress is (hint: one movie out now; BIG movie out soon), but since I don't know if that was a scene that was supposed to go that way or a happy accident, I'll not mention her name here. Not that I haven't given you a BIG enough hint, or that you've never seen her in her lingerie before, though..

UPDATE Sunday April 20th
Note no post Saturday. This is why it's in Beta..

Speedy Christina Ricci

  Lingerie underwear Christina Ricci black bra panties sitting on bed

Christina Ricci will be in The Wachowski Brothers new family-friendly(!) movie, an update of the old Japanese animated series Speed Racer. Since she won't be (un)dressed as above, or running around in little white panties for most of the film as she was in Black Snake Moan, this picture of Ms. Ricci in black lingerie will have to tide us over until her usual more adult fare resumes.

Her character even gets her own poster:


Hey, frankufotos Lingerie: Why So Big? Why So Big?  Lingerie underwear white bra large breasted blonde

The photos, that is. As you might imagine, I've had interesting responses to the pictures I post on fufL. Aside from some of the umm.. obvious remarks, some have been about the size of the images.

One directory of blogs rejected us saying something along the lines of 'this is a photoblog - so why are the pictures too big?' Huh? You want tiny thumbnails you have to click on and wait for them to download?

Hey, frankufotos Lingerie: Why So Big?

I didn't think so..

Another directory said they made the site take too long to load, 'over 2.5 seconds for you home page. Sorry, this is unacceptable to us'. Well, geez, buddy, it's not my fault you're so cheap you run a directory but still use a dial-up..

Then, I had one complaint that 'you have to scroll down to see the entire picture- too much work'. A word of advice? If that's your problem with the site, scroll away; it may help you keep your other hand from getting over-developed while reading the posts..

Some have asked why when they click on a pic, it takes them to the hosting site log-in, but not to all my other pictures. Well, the point is to browse the blog, right? (One supposes if they read Playboy, it's just to look at the pictures!)
And anything there is already here.. or will be here, so, no reading ahead. Then again, some people must like to open their birthday presents a week early if they find them.

And, more importantly: It's is a photoblog, so why shouldn't the pictures be as large as they can? You can always copy and shrink them if you really wish, but I figure in an era when people are shelling out for not-just-big-but-huge-screen TVs and computer monitors, most people would go with the bigger-is-better idea.

And, in all seriousness, to the vast majority of you who've left comments (some private, others published): It's cool when you hear from another soul, male or female, with similar interests in lingerie and underwear. Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy the posts - franku

Claudia Schiffer & Joseph Gordon-Levitt: All Tied Up In GQ

Lingerie underwear Claudia Schiffer Joseph Gordon-Levitt Ellen von Unwerth GQ white bra panties
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in the new movie Stop-Loss. What the hell that has to do with getting Claudia Schiffer tied up and down to her lingerie, I have no clue. I'm just guessing JG-L, you and I don't care, either. We'll just enjoy that it's so.

Lingerie underwear Claudia Schiffer Ellen von Unwerth GQ pink baby doll

You can thank GQ Magazine for their April 2008 article, 'Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down', which I think, from giving skant notice of the text, mentions Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the film, and probably some ties along with Ms. Schiffer's lingerie.

Lingerie underwear Claudia Schiffer Joseph Gordon-Levitt Stop-Loss Ellen von Unwerth GQ black bra panties stockings corset high heels

In the article, Gordon-Levitt says of the movie -and the photo shoot with Schiffer,

'I was joking with a buddy of mine.. all my good luck is used up. I better just stay inside for the rest of the year, because I’m gonna get hit by a bus.'

One is tempted after looking at Ms. Schiffer to ask how much time they have with her until the next bus it due.

Lingerie underwear Claudia Schiffer Joseph Gordon-Levitt Stop-Loss Ellen von Unwerth GQ pink baby doll panties garters stockings

Photography by the ever-interesting Ellen von Unwerth.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt unties Claudia Schiffer top with his teeth Ellen von Unwerth GQ

Blue Monday 4 06 08

Lingerie underwear Catrinel Menghia blue bra boy shorts

It's Monday. You wake up, gaze out your window and see beautiful Romanian model Catrinel Menghia undressed to a blue bra and boy shorts panty set in the tree outside your bedroom. There are two explanations. One is that you're reading the Blue Monday post in frankufotos Lingerie. Sorry, the other is that you're still asleep.

Bikini Fashion Model Vol 10








The best-known French and Italian brands can start making a handbag or shoe in China or Turkey and bring it back home to be finished and gain the "Made in France" or "Made in Italy" tag.

But designers in Paris and Milan have the benefit of commercial networks in the luxury goods trade developed over centuries and still thriving local artisanship, that is often protected by the biggest conglomerates. PPR's Gucci Group, for example, trains the artisans making its Bottega Veneta signature woven leather bags.

By contrast, designers and luxury industry executives say Britain is jeopardizing the growth of its talent by taking the move to offshore too far.

Among Britain's most acclaimed young designers, Christopher Kane is one who is suffering from the lack of nearby manufacturing capacity.

Even with his credentials -- he was partially sponsored by Donatella Versace through his master's degree -- Kane said he has difficulty finding anyone willing to make his clothes.

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Bikini Fashion Model Vol 09








Now, with a renaissance of British luxury underway -- thanks to a crop of new talents and booming new demand for high-end goods from Chinese and Russian consumers -- this manufacturing gap is gaining attention.


Pierre Mallevays, a former LVMH executive and now managing partner of Savigny Partners LLP, a corporate finance and M&A boutique specializing in luxury goods, said British luxury's renaissance may have come just in time.

"British brands simply cannot emulate the French and Italians -- they need to reach back and find their history, but in many cases that history in no longer there," he said in an interview.

"Where the British were very good traditionally was in their own production and their own manufacturing. Once you start dismantling that by selling factories you sell your soul."

Of course, Britain is not alone in shifting manufacturing offshore.

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Bikini Fashion Model Vol 08









In the past 40 years, British factories owned by some of the oldest brand names from Burberry to Barbour have closed down and shifted some of their manufacturing to cheaper places such as China and Eastern Europe.

Burberry has kept two factories in Britain, in Yorkshire, but shut one in Wales last year because it was too expensive.

In Manchester -- once the locus of global coat making -- one of Britain's last surviving premium outerwear manufacturers offers a snapshot of British manufacturing's decline.

Cooper & Stollbrand employs 60 workers today, stitching and cutting trench coats, overcoats and bomber jackets often in signature hunting-and-shooting fabrics such as tweed and gabardine.

Their number has fallen from 200 in 1995 and 450 in 1971, a year sterling strengthened sharply against the dollar, increasing costs for British exporters and marking the start of retailers' exit to cheaper sites.

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Bikini Fashion Model Vol 07








A decades-long decline in British manufacturing is back in the limelight with the launch of government-funded research to find out if, despite acclaim, young designers like Marios Schwab are at a terminal disadvantage to French and Italian rivals because they don't have a factory on their doorstep.

So far one problem is clear: however hot the designer talent, it is impossible to get ahead if you can't get your clothes made.

"British designers are not progressing season-on-season because of the manufacturing," said Wendy Malem, director for not-for-profit Centre for Fashion Enterprise, who is leading the 100,000 pound government-sponsored project.

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"They cannot overcome the manufacturing glass ceiling."

Bikini Fashion Model Vol 06








Winstanley said she'd considered modeling in the past, and had even contacted an agency – but over 20 years ago. Now, she's a mother of three. "I don't think they even know yet!" she said about her win. "I think they're going to be pretty shocked." A friend heard about the contest, she said, and they thought it'd be fun to go to the open call in New York, but she said she never expected to get this far.

As part of the prize for being finalists, each of the ten women spent three days in New York prior to the competition undergoing a crash course in modeling, with tips on runway walking and media training, to make them as confident as models as they are in their everyday lives – from business owners to pilates instructors to pastry chefs, this was one accomplished posse.

But even with all the prep, nothing could quite prepare them for the rush of walking down the runway in front of a live, cheering audience for the first time. And what was going through the winner's head?

"I was just really excited," said Winstanley. "I was nervous right at the very beginning, just before I first stepped out, but then as I was walking down the runway, it felt absolutely brilliant."

I don't think they even know yet! I think they're going to be pretty shocked

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