Lingerie Bowl Off; Victoria's Secret On

The 2008 Lingerie Bowl is not to be.

Lingerie bowl underwear bra panties girls kissing girls

We can gather that the teams have called a truce, or something like that from the above photo.

Fear not! Who needs the Lingerie Bowl when you have the true experts in the lingerie game scoring off the field with a Superbowl commercial - Victoria's Secret? With star player Adriana Lima, yet:

All to draw attention to the debut of Vicky's 2008 Valentines commercial sometime in the 3rd quarter..

Must be working - we're doing a post about it, right?

After-game edit: OK, so it showed up in the 4th quarter, not the third. At least the game didn't stink this year (unless you were for New England, of course).. And, frankly, what you see on the You Tube clip above was about what you saw on the commercial. Not that I've ever been disappointed to see Adriana Lima; I was just expecting some new footage.

Evangeline Lilly Has LOST Her Shorts

 Lingerie underwear Evangeline Lilly LOST gingham bra panties 1

A cheap and easy excuse if there ever was one to post some pics from Ms. Lilly's photo session of a few years ago: LOST returns tomorrow night for a new season.

Lingerie underwear Evangeline Lilly LOST gingham bra panties 2

She seems more than happy to get back to work..

Lingerie underwear Evangeline Lilly LOST gingham bra panties

Or, she just realizes how wonderfully cheesy the gingham bra and panties set is..
While she and the show's fans may be happy it's back, I seem to recall (years ago?) when the last new episode was on that in a flash-forward, Kate and Jack had gotten off the island, and Jack's last line was something about 'We have to go baaaaack!'
The fufL prediction of Kate's response to him as the new season opens:

Evangeline Lilly says Hi with her middle finger

Lingerie underwear Evangeline Lilly LOST gingham bra panties

As shown above, I think we can say Ms. Lilly has a much better sense of humor than her character - and, as we've shown before, she's certainly not a cheesy sight in her bra and panties.

Blue Monday 1 28 08

Lingerie underwear Olga Kurylenko blue bra panties

Olga Kurylenko is a Ukrainian model and actress who once told FHM Magazine
'Taking my bra off in a movie has never been a problem for me.. As long as it makes the film more enjoyable to watch.'

Like it could not?

Let's see if she puts that to the test; Ms. Kurylenko has been cast in the next James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

Ms. Nemcova Strips To Stripes

Lingerie underwear Petra Nemcova La Senza striped bra bikini panties

Another shot of Petra Nemcova from her new portfolio for La Senza. This could really bring stripes out in the open this season. One can only hope, her's specifically.

Net Gains

Lingerie underwear blonde removing net top tiny white lace panties

If you've even started on your taxes, may your net gains be as hott..

DVBS (Double Visible Bra Straps)

Lingerie underwear Irina Sheik white and pink bra boy shorts brunette Well, if VPL (Visible Panty Lines) has an abbreviation, with not DVBS? Since so many girls seem to consider the bra strap as part of their fashion look these days, it only seems right. Russian model Irina Sheik displays what may be beneath. say, a pink top and white jeans.

Esquire Presents: Lingerie Models Talking Lingerie

The February 2008 issue of Esquire Magazine has a cover story featuring Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Izabel Goulart and Selita Ebanks, and an article entitled Black Stockings: A Lingerie Pictorial.
It's like they're reading our minds.. 'What could our readers want?' Actually, starting your magazine's 75th anniversary year with a cover that echoes one of your most famous issues and wonderful black and white photography by James White of no less than four Victoria's Secret models is not a bad idea at all..

Lingerie underwear Selita Ebanks Victoria's Secret white cotton panties Esquire James White

Did I mention they also chatted with each of the ladies about the particular type of lingerie or underwear they were modeling? Ms. Ebanks on the above photo:

ESQ: So those are some white cotton panties.

Selita Ebanks: Me and the classic white panty, we go way back. Back in the day, maybe they had Barbie on the butt or a Cabbage Patch Kid on the front. And I used to think that was pretty hot. I would run around the house with just those on.

ESQ: And now?

SE: I still do.

Every woman tells you she only has a thong in her drawer, but it's not true. We all love our classic white panties. Not every woman wants to show off her butt cheeks. And it's cotton. We love cotton.

While you work through the idea of being a visitor to Ms. Ebanks' house while she's in full pantied jog, consider Adriana Lima on (or in) boy shorts:

Lingerie underwear Adriana Lima balck bra boy shorts Esquire James White

ESQ: Do you prefer boy shorts and hip huggers to panties?

Adriana Lima: Definitely. It's like you have nothing on. I use them for traveling --

ESQ: Just boy shorts?

AL: You think they'd allow me on a plane with only boy shorts?

One could hope. Or, on the topic of black bras..

Adriana Lima: I consider black bras elegant and feminine, because they go with anything, anytime.

ESQ: Even if people can't see it?

AL: Well, some people, if they are lucky, will see it. It's important what you wear under your clothes, because it helps you feel confident.

ESQ: And comfortable?

AL: It's almost like you don't have anything on. And it gives you extra cleavage, so it's really, you know [pushes together her breasts] . . . Don't you think?


And they say journalists never shut up and let their subjects talk, anymore.
Karolina Kurkova on her favorite type of bra: The Push-up.

Lingerie underwear Karolina Kurkova black lace push up bra Esquire James White

ESQ: Oh. What does it do, exactly?

KK: You don't know? It brings them closer together and gives you the perfect d├ęcolletage underneath your dress.

ESQ: Is it easy to take off?

KK: Very easy. Just open the button. I don't know what it is about you guys and bras. Just practice.

If she's offering instruction, the long line will now form to the right.
There are also dissertations on high-heeled shoes, tank tops and Ms. Kurkova and diamond necklaces..

ESQ: You're wearing these diamonds with nothing else. Is that a good way to wear them?

KK: It's great. Who wouldn't like that? Would you like that if I were sitting in front of you, just wearing these necklaces?

ESQ: Is that even a question?

And, finally Ms. Goulart on the aforementioned black stockings:

ESQ: How would I know what size to buy for a woman?

IG: Go through her drawers and look for her size. Or go to a store and somebody can help you.

ESQ: Or I could wait until she falls asleep and put a tape measure around her thigh.

IG: Well, I'm sure if she woke up in the middle of that, she would be really excited.

Lingerie underwear Izabel Goulart black stockings lace panties Esquire James White

Read more in the actual, fun-to-hold dead trees issue, out now, or at Don't miss Eric Gillin's A Day With The Angels Diary on the photo shoot itself.

A frankufotos Lingerie BTW: Normally, I'll spot an issue such as this the first thing as it hits the newsstand. I was at Barnes & Noble with with my girlfriend the other night, and missed it entirely. Which, my girlfriend knew, since I made no reference about it to her. As I drop her off at her place, she hands me one of her B&N bags, and says I'm not to open it until I get home. It contained the Esquire. Needless to say, after I read the article (and, of course, looked at the pictures) we ended the evening with quite the phone call. Reason number 9857874392849758549409390 I love my girlfriend..

Blue Monday 01 14 08

Lingerie underwear Padma Lakshmi blue lace bra boyshorts Top Chef

Indian model, writer and Top Chef TV hostess Padma Lakshmi in a blue light (and a light blue bra and boy shorts) is a nice way to start your week.

Katherine Heigl: The People's Choice

Lingerie underwear Katherine Heigl blue bra panties blace lace dressing gown Grey's Anatomy Knocked Up People's Choice Awards 2008

Despite the Writer's Guild Strike, a hobbled version of the 2008 People's Choice Awards went on this past Monday night. Among the winners was the stunningly beautiful Katherine Heigl as Favorite Female TV Star for Grey's Anatomy, while her movie Knocked Up won for Favorite Movie Comedy. Since you didn't get to see her giving a live acceptance speech, you can enjoy the above display of Ms. Heigl, or check out her latest hit, 27 Dresses 'in theatres now!' as they say.

Karolina Kurkova: Not Just Vicky's Secret

Lingerie underwear Karolina Kurkova La Senza yellow bra boyshorts

It's easy to think Ms. Kurkova would only wear VS beneath her clothes, but she's modeled a few other fashion items, including the above rather sunny and yellow bra and colorful panties by La Senza.