My Dad Still Misses The Show JAG

He used to watch that show every Friday night on CBS.*
After looking over these now-famous pics of Catherine Bell from the May 2000 FHM magazine, I may know why.
CatherineBell_fhm_12 50
2CatherineBell 150

She was a guest star this past week on
Law & Order: SVU - opposite Bob Saget(!)

She's relaunching her official website soon, too.
Maybe with a few new pictures?

CatherineBell_fhm_11 50
*BTW, JAG's been off CBS how many years and they still have it listed on their website? Do their IT guys spend their time surfing the web for sites like this one?)

Miho Yoshioka - White Lingerie & Black Lingerie

Angelic white undies, or a Hott Black bra, lace camisole and panties? Watch until you've decided for yourself. And, Thank You, You Tube. Worth every penny of that $1.65 billion.

And, since I know you'll ask, the song is Santa's Island, by the Hawaiian group Kalapana. I wonder if they ever thought the song would be used in this way? I'm guessing that would be a No.

Color: Mix & Match Your Bras and Panties

It's fun, it's um.. colorful! And, it keeps those watching you undress - or those helping you undress - guessing.

Alessandra Ambrosio: What A Site!

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Pretty much says it all.

Almost all. In case you were unaware, Ms. Ambrosio has her own official web site at
Quite content-rich, not just with the expected galleries and news, but personal pics, video dairies, news, forums she reads and in which on rare occasion even posts. Before you click, make sure you have Macromedia Flash Player 7, and although you may not normally want to allow pop ups, you may wish to allow them in this case. Check back with me in a few months when you find your way out of there.

Tyra Banks Invites You To Her Panty Party

As her show's websites says:

Wednesday, November 15th

"Panty Party"

Are you fed up with bulges and bumps created by your undergarments? Tyra and her entire audience strip down to their bras and panties to reveal what real women wear underneath their clothes. Underwear expert
Alison Deyette and gynecologist Dr. Lisa Masterson offer advice on finding the right fit, address underwear myths and give healthful, helpful advice. Plus, Tyra sends three men who are self-confessed “underwear experts” out on the street to see if they can really undress a woman with their eyes. Plus, “American Idol’s” Kimberly Locke shows off the newest collection from Cacique, a lingerie line geared towards sexy, full-figured women!

Let's review: Tyra Banks knows a her way around a pair of panties after all that time with Vicky's;
She'll strip to her bra and panties on TV; Kimberly Locke will probably be wearing less than the picture at left; an entire audience of women in their underwear.. well, ok, that could be a mixed blessing, but I'll brave it if you will.

As they say, check your local listings to see when and where it airs.

Blue Monday 11 13 06

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It's that time of year. Drop 'em for your flu shot.
(Yes, I know you get them in the arm; don't tell her that just yet, OK?)

Sarah Shahi and The Other L Word

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Lingerie, of course.
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According to her Bio at IMDb:

5' 3" (1.60 m)
Attended Southern Methodist University
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2000 Swimsuit Calendar Covergirl.
The great-great-granddaughter of a 19th century Iranian Shah, Fath Ali Shah Qajar.
Moved to Los Angeles in 2000
When she got the part of "Carmen De La Pica" she wasn't sure she wanted it, but now considers it her dream role.
Studied Opera
Named #90 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2005" list.
Her father is of Persian origin, her mother is Spanish.

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Whose Bra Beat Jordan?

from Yahoo! News UK & Ireland:

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Whose Bra Beat Jordan?

'You'd think that in a bra battle of any sort, Jordan would win hands down. But apparently not. The busty star was beaten by none other than TV presenter Lorraine Kelly in a charity auction.

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Nice one.

Both ladies had offered up their own bras for sale at the Brighton Ball auction to raise money for breast cancer.

Jordan's sexy Agent Provocateur bra, size 34FF, fetched a measly £2,000, whereas Lorraine's modest 36B brassiere sold for a whopping £3,100.

Who'd have thought it?

A chuffed Lorraine said: "I was delighted but surprised that my wee bra, which is a lot smaller that Jordan's, sold for so much.

"But good on her for joining in."

The auction raised £40,000 for charity.

Ms Kelly also came third in a poll for best celebrity real breasts last month.

Didn't she do well?'

Many guys would have thought it: who says bigger is always better?

P.S. FWIW, when I ran the above post through Blogger's spell-check, it kept insisting I should replace the name 'Jordan' with the word 'joyriding'.

Make up your own joke, if you haven't already..

New Hard Drive!

Even more Gigs of space to store pics I rescued
before the old drive died. Like her's:
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Here's looking at you, kid.

I So Relate To This Kid

And I was noticing things younger than him!
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My computer's hard drive seems ready to assume room temperature.
To quote the Governor of Cali-forn-ia: I'll Be Back! (when I can!)


A friendly, smiling blonde reminder: although non-nude,
frankufotos Lingerie is a NOT Safe For Work blog.


Unless, of course, you happen to work in a Lingerie Shoppe.

By the way, how often have you said this at work:
'May I unbutton your panties for you?'
See? Chivalry is dead.