Happy Leap Year Day From Jakki Degg

Lingerie underwear Jakki Degg black bra panties February 2008 calendar
You may say, 'What gives? February's over today, leap day and all!' I'd say the most useful part of the page is the photo of Ms. Degg in the above state of undress. You can still enjoy her for the rest of 2008 by getting her calendar from her official site. While you're there, you can even wish her a happy belated birthday.

Winning White Lingerie

Lingerie underwear Teresa Moore white bra panties
Yes, black is sexy, but, tell me: If Teresa Moore approached you in the above simple white bra and panties set that you'd be in any way disappointed? Anyone?
Didn't think so..

Taupe Lingerie Drawer

Lingerie underwear taupe Huit lace bra bikini panties brunette
I'm told the lady's lacy lingerie is 'Taupe'. I'm not sure if it's a mauve taupe or a medium taupe; I just know what I like.
(Actually, I know it's called 'Kiss Me' and it's by Huit.)

Blue Monday 2 18 08

Lingerie underwear Laetitia Casta blue bra thong panties

If one has to get out of bed on a Monday morning, it may as well be with help from Laetitia Casta.

Valentine's Week Saturday 2 16 08

Lingerie underwear Larisa Romanova red black baby doll bra panties

Larisa Romanova. Baby; what a doll..

(So, it's posted a bit early. My girlfriend & I have Valentine's plans of our own for the weekend..)

Valentine's Day Thursday 2 14 08

Lingerie underwear Alina Vacariu lace red white bustier panties
If Romania's Alina Vacariu doesn't look like a perfect Valentine in the above bustier and panties, who would?

Valentine's Week Monday 2 11 08

The Second Annual frankufotos Lingerie Valentine's Week
begins with Kim Smith..

Lingerie underwear Kim Smith red black bra bikini panties lace skirtini

1> For those that know we usually feature a Blue Monday, we'll point out that Ms. Smith's eyes are, indeed, quite blue,

2> Nice way to start the week..

A Lovely L 'Aventure

Lingerie underwear L'Adventure biege see through bra briefs panties blonde

From Mariejo Lingerie. Enjoy thinking about what adventures you'd wish to have with the lady in lingerie above.

Blue Monday 2 04 08

Let's have it both ways:

Lingerie underwear Gisele Bundchen blue bra panties garter belt stockings

The text we can use if The New York Giants won the Superbowl:

'Don't feel too bad for The New England Patriots' Tom Brady; He still gets to see Gisele Bundchen in lingerie like this, and a lot less.'

The text we can use if The New England Patriots won the Superbowl:

'The New England Patriots' Tom Brady gets a Superbowl ring and to see Gisele Bundchen in lingerie like this and a lot less? He had better never ask Santa for anything else again..'

Since I'll be dealing with having to get up earlier than usual for work Monday morning,lack of sleep from game fatigue, being overwhelmed by the Victoria's Secret commercial in the game, and staying up for the new House episode afterward, just read the correct text and ignore the other. That way I can just hit 'Publish Post' and hit the sack, and you get to have some participation in the authorship of fufL.