National Underwear Day you can parade proudly in your panties

In all my thoughts about underwear and Lingerie, I've never wanted to be seen in it in public. (Wait, isn't that the old 'I dreamed I showed up at school without my pants' nightmare? That, or an old ad campaign I found through google, 'I dreamed I painted the town red in my Maidenform Bra!'
Think I made that up?
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[Maidenform Bra magazine ad, circa 1963]
Pure sex appeal, huh? (Insert eyes-rolling smilie here - or not).

The point, however, is that, even if you won't be in Manhattan this August 9th - or any future August 9th since it seems to be a now-yearly ritual - you can parade proudly in your panties since it's 'offically' **trumpet fafare**
National Underwear Day!
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At least it is in the United States. I couldn't tell you the day for The Skivies Celebration of Canada.
The only reason I can tell you this much is thanks completely to the author on this blog's defining essay of underwear and Lingerie attraction, one Rachel Kramer Bussel who was kind enough to not only not have blogger erase my existance - ok, my blog's existance - for quoting *and* editing her without first asking, but for also providing a link to her latest column in The Village Voice, which includes the following nugget:

'On August 9, Fresh Pair will celebrate National Underwear Day in Times Square by sending 4,000 "underwear ambassadors" out to tempt you into trying on a new, free set. Spokesperson Thomas Onorato claims, "For many people, their underwear is linked directly to their personality." I agree, but you can't figure someone out just by their unmentionables. The slutty girl may prefer prim-and-proper panties, while the geeky computer guy may pack zebra-print briefs.'

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["I fought in W-W-2 and Korea so I could live to see this day!']

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['He's been explaining that damn subway map to you for 25 minutes; just how @#%!ing dumb are you, Marge?']

Just when I thought I was on a lonely quest to be an Underwear Ambassador! I have yet to inform my girlfiend of this holiday, but I believe our plans will invlove a much more private celebration, her place or mine to be determined.

PS.. Lest you think this will cause traffic to come to a stand-still in NYC, ther are two things you should keep in mind:
1. It's NYC. Traffic does it every damn day of the year there.
2. The Naked Cowboy is *already* in Times Square every damn day of the year.
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Another postscript: Maidenform's gotten a lot sexier since then:

National Underwear Day Lingerie underwear bra panties Rachel Kramer Bussel Maidenform ads

never get a hint of it since she tends to button up a bit


This pic reminds me of my girlfriend. Except she has much longer blonde/red hair, she wouldn't be caught dead with that necklace, and she dresses quite demurely on the outside. She might wear a bra like that, but you'd never get a hint of it since she tends to button up a bit. Not stuffy; quite classy. Call it more of a look at her sexual soul, not her public persona.

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Girls Who Wear Glasses: X-Ray Specs?

True, the woman above isn't the one wearing the glasses, X-Ray Specs or otherwise, but she may know more than she's letting on (it's not like her customer is going to say anything). I doubt they'll sell for 2 at $99, but photographer Santiago Perez Grovas has found a pair of Million Dollar Glasses:

Lingerie, underwear, Million Dollar Lens, santiago simple,  glasses, white, shirt, thong, panties, Santiago Perez Grovas,

Now how much would you pay?

Photographer Santiago Perez Grovas on twitter

BTW; 'ForEyes'? Really? Really

Starting Monday: fufL June Wedding Week 2011

fufL, June Wedding Week 2011, next week, white, lace, panties,

sheer panty Leg Avenue 2600 Sheer Butterfly Applique Crotchless Panty With Pearl And Sequined One Size White

sheer panty Leg Avenue 2600 Sheer Butterfly Applique Crotchless Panty With Pearl And Sequined One Size White

Accessories and Other: Panties Butterfly Crotchless W/ Peral Sequin Detail

sheer panty American Apparel Sheer Luxe Stocking One Size-black

sheer panty American Apparel Sheer Luxe Stocking One Size-black


body shaping underwear Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear, Miracle Vest, Firm Compression, Cotton & Rubber, Vest, Nude, 2 XL

body shaping underwear Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear, Miracle Vest, Firm Compression, Cotton & Rubber, Vest, Nude, 2 XL

Squeem has been manufacturing \"FAJAS\" and body shaping garments for over thirty years. Our FAJAS have the PERFECT TOUCH: a perfect combination of cotton smooth touch and the modern compression of pure natural latex. Reduce 1 to 4 inches in 30 days with suggested use. The Firm Compression Cotton and Rubber Vest by Squeem Magical Lingerie not only immediately reduces your waist line, but accelerates weight loss through high compression, perspiration and micromassage. A Triple filtered cotton lining provides superior ab sorption and perfect comfort, while flexible boning prevents the garment from binding and rolling! This garment immediately firms and flattens the abdomen, lifts the breasts, and the double hook and eye front closure makes sizing simple and convenient! Adjustable bra straps create personalized comfort, while correcting posture, and relieving most lower back pain (consult your physician). Daily recommended use: 8 to 10 hours. Available colors: Nude & Black.

Girls Who Wear Glasses: Rebecca Schwartz (& Devendra Banhart) for Oliver Peoples

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Let Rebecca Schwartz enjoy reading Candy, while you enjoy the eye-candy from Oliver Peoples. No, they're not selling designer label lingerie, they're actually selling the frames.

You could argue what Ms. Schwartz and her co-star (and real-life love) Devendra Banhart are actually selling in the campaign's video is a bit more than fashion, we'll leave that for you to decide..


Directed by Lisa Eisner

Girls Who Wear Glasses: Match

Lingerie, underwear,  Verde Veronica, Kjell Bracke, girls who wear glasses, black, sheer, bra, bikini, panties, garter belt, in bed, fufL,

Belgian beauty Kjell Bracke in Italy's Verde Veronica illustrating matching ensembles. We know some women match their outerwear to their lingerie, but how many try to match their glasses to their lingerie?

Girls Who Wear Glasses: Camila Morias In Cotton Club

Lingerie, underwear, Camilla Morais, Cotton Club, black, lace, bra, hipster, briefs, panties, girls who wear glasses,book fufL,

Ms. Morais with a Cotton Club selection.. not a Bra and Panty of the Month, but a nice edition all the same.

I've been meaning to use this photo for some time - amazing how I got it to fit in on my birthday ; ) More recreational reading tomorrow..

Ms. Morais' website

Girls Who Wear Glasses: Study

Lingerie, underwear, white, lace, bra, hipster, briefs, panties, socks, in bed girls who wear glasses, in bed, fufL,

Since this week's theme (surprise) is inspired by my girlfriend wearing glasses, I harkened back to one of my favorite memories of when we were in college: Her doing homework in bed, surrounded by books, with her glasses on because she'd given up on her contacts for that day, and usually mostly undressed. I learned to recognize the coming 'A-Ha!' moment when she'd roll over to one side of the bed where she'd wheeled this rickety computer desk (with an equally rickety computer) and start furiously typing out a few paragraphs. My favorite part of this for some reason? The study breaks..

fufL Sunday Extra(s): Glasses, Miranda's Knickers, and Yours

In case it escaped your reading (it pays to know where you've left your glasses) Miranda Kerr has mentioned to the popular Press she's most comfortable when she's 'just in knickers'. Well, of course, you say. What she means is, around the house. With her husband and new baby. And when, you know, company drops by and she answers the door that way.

One thing I never did in college was deliver pizza, but I'd really like that gig in Ms. Kerr's neighborhood about now..

Lingerie, underwear, Miranda Kerr, Victoria's Secret, puple, rpint, cotton, bikini, panties, topless, 2009,

My girlfriend says even she'd deliver pizzas to see that..

Secondly, there's an old saying, 'Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses'.

These boys are idiots.

Lingerie, underwear, Bettie Page, black,bra, lace, bikini, panties, stockings, garter, glasses, postcard,

Being I wear contacts most of the time myself, I understand some peoples' skepticism over the fashion sense of glasses. It's taken awhile, but I think I've finally convinced my girlfriend she looks quite hot when she's wearing her glasses. With lingerie or anything else. If you're not still convinced, stick around for this coming week's posts on frankufotos Lingerie

Finally, as of today, we're two months away from one of the biggest days of any follower of this blog's calendar: National Underwear Day (don't say we didn't give you enough warning).

National Underwear Day, 2011, banner, logo, date,

By the way, you can sign up with, the holiday's originator for a chance to win not a small bit of smalls (free underwear)..

Collien Fernandes - Saturday Night Lingerie

Lingerie, underwear, Collien Fernandes, black, lace, bra, boy shorts, panties, sitting, Peter Boett, 1

Collien Ferandes is a German TV presenter and actress who was also voted The Sexiest Woman in the World by readers of German FHM. While not bad credentials, they're not the reason for this post.

Lingerie, underwear, Collien Fernandes, black, lace, bra, boy shorts, panties, sitting, barefoot, Peter Boett, 2

The post would be because of how she looks in that black bra and boy shorts panties set.

Lingerie, underwear, Collien Fernandes, black, lace, bra, boyshorts, panties, sitting, barefoot, Peter Boett, 3

And why Saturday Night Lingerie? True, Ms. Fernandes would most likely be wearing a little black dress or some other outfit over it while out clubbing, but if you were to undress her, mentally or otherwise, not to far a stretch to imagine you might find her wearing that or similar lingerie beneath.

Lingerie, underwear, Collien Fernandes, black, lace, bra, boy shorts, panties, stairwell, 2

Not a strange game to play - try it with your Significant Other if you're headed out later tonight. See who comes closest to guessing what the other is wearing under their clothes..

Lingerie, underwear, Collien Fernandes, black, lace, bra, boyshorts, panties, stairwell, 1

The other part of the fun is verifying your guesses in better (or lower) light later..

Ms. Fernandes' webisite

January Jones - Sparkling in Lingerie for X-Men: First Class

Lingerie, underwear, January Jones, X-Men, First Class, white, lace, bra, bikini, panties, garter belt, stockings, boots,

Ms. Jones doesn't quite get out of the 1960's of Mad Men, but she does get down to some period-inspired lingerie as Emma Frost aka The White Queen in X-Men: First Class, opening today in the U.S. (By the way, if you want a hell of of backstory and have a few hours, check the above Wikipedia link..)
I can't speak to the authenticity of her undies in the film (I'd suspect her briefs to be a bit brief for the era, but I wasn't around then). For that you may wish to consult articles on Vintage at The Lingerie Addict, Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie, the Vintage archives at A Slip of a Girl or this article at Lingerie Diva's Diary if you want to replicate he character's look.

Saturday - May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, blue, bra, panties, flash, open, sheer, blouse, upskirt, may we see, fufL,

Considering how sheer her blouse and short her skirt, it would be hard to see how the answer could be No..

Alexandra Neldel, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Alexandra Nedldel, May We See, satin, bra, boy shorts, panties, yellow sweater, in bed, redhead, Maximal, fufL,

Actress Alexandra Neldel was in the German version of Ugly Betty, Fate of Lisa, and much like the U.S. version with America Ferrera, she certainly looked different in the part than in real life based on the above photo that was the basis for the September 2007 cover of Maximal magazine.

Shay Maria, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Shay Maria, May We See, purple, flashing, bra, hot, pink, boy shorts, panties, downblouse, green gum, fufL,

If you've been around the net much, you'll already know the answer is 'Yes' and 'Often'. The interestingly-shaped Ms. Maria has become a popular model on-line and off in a couple commercials, music videos and TV guest shots. You could conclude that's because of certain ..obvious assets, but if they, um, that were the only reason, more than a few Internet models who show a lot more would be as well-known, and they're not. As she told Playboy,
'MY BEST FEATURE: I'd like to say my face, but the girls get a lot of compliments.'
Note, that told, not showed - she said No to that idea.

Lingerie, underwear, Shay Maria, May We See, purple, bra, hot, pink, boy shorts, panties, downblouse, fufL,

There's something to be said for knowing when to leave something to the imagination..

Follow Shay Maria on twitter, Facebook, her tumblr and website.

Paula Patton, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Paula Patton, white, bra, bikini, panties, open blouse, pulling down pants, undressing, May We See, fufL Esquire,

Ms. Patton is clearly beautiful, and very accommodating to the request (which was actually for an Esquire feature, original photography by Matt Jones). In a short time, she's also built a great resume, starring in films like Hitch, Deja Vu, as Ms. Rain in Precious, and she's currently on-screen in the wedding comedy Jumping The Broom. If that's not enough, how about being be in the next installment of The Mission Impossible franchise? I'm no critic, but I just have some idea she's on her way to being a major star. You may find who she's married to interesting; I find it more interesting that they reportedly met each other at age 14 and 15 and ended up married as adults (so, I'm a sappy romantic...)

Cassandra Smith, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Cassandra Smith, Etam, bra, panties, black, stockings, green, jacket, May We See, fufL,

A very nice set by Etam, Thank you.
(Makes you wonder if she just put on that jacket to run out to check the mailbox... not that I'd mind if I were her neighbor...)

Blue Monday 05 23 11 - or - Erika Satoh, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Erika Satoh, May We See, Blue Monday, blue, bra, panties, undressing, upskirt, removing blouse, boots, fufL,

Japanese AV Idol Ms. Satoh has her view, so do we. All this week, the same question. Hopefully, the same affirmative answer.