..And May All Your Christmases Be White..

Lingerie, underwear, white, lace, bra, panties, brunette, opening gift, Merry Christmas, Julie-Marie Geyskens,
..Though lingerie may be in many colors. Here's hoping you get to unwrap the gift you want this year. Merry Christmas from frankufotos Lingerie!

The Ornamental Josie Maran

Lingerie underwear Josie Maran  intimissimi sheer see through black camisole red ribbon tie panties
You may or may not recall in an earlier fufL post I said I'd collected all these pictures of Ms. Maran in a number of wonderful states of undress since she was one of the contestants on this past season's Dancing With The Stars. Then, she was the first one knocked off. A little overdue to finally use one in a post, but she looks seasonably un-attired above, photographed by Marc Hom for Intimissimi

A quick note: A Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season to you! I may or may not be able to keep up with the regular posting schedule of frankufotos Lingerie for the next week or so due to travel, the occasional presence of visiting family ( amazing to be 23 and still have pos as a concern :P ) but, remember, fufL has over 300 posts that will hopefully keep you entertained in the meantime. Feel free to browse through, enjoy and leave any comments you wish. Thanks for all the views over the past year; I hope I can keep posting more great pictures of lingerie and the lovely ladies who bring it to life in 2008.

Laced-Up Lace Lingerie

Lingerie underwear Doria Baird black lace bra lace-up panties

Courtesy of Wedding Crashers and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning actress Diora Baird.

One of the next movies she has coming up (Check the date, it's not April 1st):
Click on IMDB for the title.
Let's hope there's a new lingerie pictorial for that one..

What's New, Pussycat?

Lingerie underwear Nicole Scherzinger pinstriped black lace bra boy shorts panties Whether with Eden's Crush, as a Pussycat Doll or own her own with a long-delayed solo album, Her Name Is Nicole, which Entertainment Weekly reports should finally be released early next year, Nicole Scherzinger is quite fashionably dressed - or, in this case - undressed to be noticed.

Adriana Lima, In B&W, In A Mirror, In Her Bra

Lingerie underwear Adriana Lima bra mirror lip gloss pigtails black and white
Not to mention the pigtails and lip gloss, but the title was long enough as it was. Once again, one of my theories is proven: it is possible for a girl to both look cute and hott at the same time.

Blue Monday 12 10 07

Lingerie underwear Lindsay Ellingson 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show blue bra panties stocking socks cowboy hat lunch box
From the 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Lindsay Ellingson on her way to work for another Monday, lunch box, bra and panties in tow. Plus the sweater thigh-high stocking socks in case it gets chilly. As the sticker says: Yee-Ha!

The 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show -or- The Heidi & Seal Family Christmas Special

Go ahead; make a wish on that Angel Tree..

vs-fashion-show-2007-58 angel tree2
2007VictoriasSecretFashionShow_Heidi Snowflake

It's so nice when couples can spend the holidays together.. Seal singing his heart out.. her, workin' it in bra, panties and VS Angels wings.. Nice pop-open dress and thigh-high boots.. how quaint. FWIW, my girlfriend's immediate reaction to this outfit? She wants the boots. (Not that I'd mind her having them, mind you..)


Ms. Selita Ebanks had the honor of wearing the million dollar+ diamond-encrusted bra, panties, garter and hair pin ensemble. Give her a few more rings on her fingers and diamonds on her toes and you can get that value up even higher. (You notice they never try to get them to guess the exact retail price without going over of this stuff on The Price Is Right? Hey, Drew Carey wouldn't mind.)


They also let the lady slip into something more comfortable.. Give her a hand..

2007VictoriasSecretFashionShow_selita yellow

Somehow, this all looks much more festive than that old March of the Wooden Soldiers.. Nice ornaments on Miranda Kerr, btw


Amazingly, it was Marisa Miller's first year at a VS Fashion Show. Saying she fit right in is an understatement..

2007VictoriasSecretFashionShow_Marisa Miller2

How would you like to help Karolina Kurkova through airport security in that outfit? (come to think of it, where does the line form?)

2007Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Karolina Kurkova

Adriana Lima stealing Sylar's powers in the next chapter of Heroes (actually, I'd say Ms. Lima's always had these particular powers of persuasion)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Aside from the obvious reasons to tune in, there was the big Spice Girls reunion (and the flogging of their CD available only from Vicky's - do they get paid in panties?), host Heidi Klum & husband Seal's duet, and the opening number by Will.i.am
vs spice 2007 684582L
2007VictoriasSecretFashionShow_heidi and seal

The End. (as illustrated so nicely by Alessandra Ambrosio)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

frankufotos Lingerie

Hayden Panettiere: Pretty In Panties in GQ

Hayden PanettiereGQ1

Heroes favorite cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere is 18, knows the color of Merlot, does not expect to be spending a future in rehab or getting DUIs and is in her underwear in the December 2007 issue of GQ Magazine as their 'Obsession of the Year.'

Hayden PanettiereGQ2

This is Ms. Panettiere at 18, how about at 70? As she says in the GQ interview--

'I hope I’m in Italy drinking wine with good friends and family. I better be legal by then.'

Hayden PanettiereGQ3

The interview's by Jason Gay; the photographs by Ellen von Unwerth for GQ.

Lt. Uhura: The Next (or Is It The Previous?) Generation

Zoe Saldana open night gown stockings legs Star Trek Uhura

The leggy lady above is Zoe Saldana. You may, or may not know her from any of her previous roles. She played Anamaria in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (hey- it's more than you or I did over the summer..) but you will know her name quite soon, since she gets to play the Starfleet Academy-era Nyota Uhura in Director J.J. Abrams' 2008 relaunch of the Star Trek movie franchise.

Nichelle Nichols may be know to some these days as Nana on Heroes,
to some of us, she'll always be *the real* Uhura. Not that I think Ms. Saldana won't be up to the movie; she'll just have some big nylons - or, whatever future stockings are made of - among other things to fill.

Girl With Guitar

Lingerie underwear white cotton tank top pokies hipster panties blonde on bed guitar

Guitar and great cotton undies. Think she's given up on not hearing that line about 'making beautiful music together'?

Blue Monday 11 26 07

Blue lace tie camisole and panties blonde
Either the lace on what little there is of her camisole and panties is in all the right places, or in all the wrong places; I'll let you decide.

How I Met Your Mother When She Was A Victoria's Secret Lingerie Model

Too damn long a title for a TV show, but this is what happens when the writers are on strike and no one's editing amateur copy..

Actually, since it was professionally written pre-strike, I'm sure the November 26th episode of How I Met Your Mother will be quite entertainingly to-the-point. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) gets to meet Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Selita Ebanks, Marisa Miller, Miranda Kerr and several other of your favorite Victoria's Secret models, albeit in a more clothed state than usually seen. How and why? Who really gives a damn? And, isn't this nothing more than an half hour commercial (well, with jokes) for The 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, airing December 4th, also on CBS? And, the problem with this is..?

Gemma Atkinson's Amazing Architecture

Her's, as well as her bra's..

Lingerie underwear La Senza Gemma Atkinson white lace bra panties red ribbons blonde reclining Alan Strutt

UPDATE: In answer to the comment below (Thanks, by the way!): I had guessed it was from a La Senza lingerie shoot, though I can't find it on their site. And, after checking several sources, I'm happy to add the photographer's credit for a more-than-fine series - by U.K. legend Alan Strutt.

B & W With A Nice Fragrance, Too

Bored as you go down the fragrance aisle while holiday shopping this coming weekend? Think of this photo:
Lingerie Dolce and Gabbana underwear black bra and panties white briefs
I have to start reading better magazines to find more ads like the above.

Blue Monday 11 19 07

Maybe the young lady's bra and panties caught my eyes because I live in a section of the U.S. that's been hit by some snow in the past week..
Lingerie blue white snow flake pattern bra panties
..I see a bit of a snow flake pattern to her lingerie, myself. Although, she looks a lot warmer than the weather, and I have a suspicion she'd catch my eye in any bra and panty set..

Lay Back & Relax

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How's Your Lingerie Ballwork?

Who says there's nothing decent onMySpace ?

Actually, the above video is from MySpace TV, via Ripe TV and brought to you by the fine faux fitness folks at Stuff4Dudes.com. 'Bullocks??!,' I can hear you say, confused and distressed. 'Ballworks!!,' I reply, with calm assurance. As their site's FAQ's say:
What are these videos?
Hot chicks in bikinis and underwear working out! They're designed to look like real workout videos with one major difference: The cameras zoom in on the gorgeous models, completely ignoring the actual workout and instructor. Plus, the girls are in bikinis and underwear!

'The girls' would be Tara Rice:
tara_rice yellow lace bra boy shorts panties gallery_03 stuff4dudes

Holly Weber:
holly weber_gallery03 blue lace bra boy shorts panties stuff4dudes

and Noemie Lagier:
noemie lagier_orange lace bra boy shorts panties gallery_02 stuff4dudes

Will you feel the burn? Will the workouts make you stiff? Will you ever get over the feeling that the videos' narrator is doing an impersonation of George Takei? OK, maybe his voice, not necessarily what his reactions to the vids would be..

Just click and go with the stuff, dudes (and dudettes):

For more, check out the Stuff 4 Dudes homepage.

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La Senza: Helllllllllo, Petra!

Lingerie underwear Petra Nemcova La Senza red black bra panties garter belt stockings new spokesmodel

Petra Nemcova is the new face - and body - for La Senza Lingerie.

Lingerie underwear Petra Nemcova La Senza pink bra boy shorts panties new spokesmodel

As Ms. Nemcova has explained, quoted in various media:

"Lingerie modelling makes you feel so sexy and good about yourself. I really enjoyed the shoot, there was a fantastic team - we had tons of fun.

"Some are sexy, some girly, some comfy and some a bit more risque - but they all make you feel great.

"My favourite garment was the black push-up bra - it had such great shaping but still has very thin straps."

Lingerie underwear Petra Nemcova La Senza bra panties garter belt  stockings  corset new spokesmodel

Among the 'various media,' it's interesting to see how some spin it. For example:

The U.K.'s Daily Mail: 'Petra Nemcova unveils her provocative new lingerie campaign'

The Sun:
'Saucy Petra is bra-vellous'

Then, there's the much-tamer-sounding headline from China Daily:
'Petra Nemcova unveils her provocative new lingerie campaign'
Of course, when you get to the text..
Model Petra Nemcova, a former girlfriend of singer James Blunt, has stripped down to just skimpy lingerie for a raunchy new ad campaign.

The 28-year-old is the latest star to be named the face - and knock-out body - of lingerie company La Senza.

She follows the footsteps of former Hollyoaks actress Gemma Atkinson and socialite Sophie Anderton who have both appeared in raunchy shoots for the brand.

I wasn't aware that the Chinese were that big a fan of the word 'Raunchy.' Then again, these pics must be about triple-X-rated to a country that - (Dave Barry voice) I am not making this up - recently banned bra and underwear ads on TV.

But, I digress. Back to Ms. Nemcova. While you enjoy the above photos, perhaps enough to take a trip to her site, do also click on the link for her Happy Hearts Fund charity while you're there.

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