Kristen Bell: Belle In Boy Shorts

Lingerie underwear Kristen Bell nice ass thin polka dot boy shorts camisole set blonde Veronica Mars

Hokey post title, huh? Of course, now that you're here, I imagine your gaze has fallen a little lower than the title.

Lingerie underwear Kristen Bell nice ass thin polka dot boy shorts camisole set blonde Veronica Mars

Lingerie underwear Kristen Bell nice ass thin polka dot boy shorts camisole set blonde fuzzy slippers

Nice fuzzy slippers, Ms. Mars..

With Veronica Mars now over, you won't be seeing Ms. Bell so much as hearing her as the narrator next season on The the CW's new series Gossip Girl, so all the more reason to enjoy these pictures in case you forget her pretty.. face.

Red, White & Blue for Monday 5 28 07

For the U.S. Memorial Day Weekend.
Have a happy and safe one!

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..And remember those who served..

Scarlett Johansson In Lingerie To Sell.. Louis Vuitton Bags?

Scarlett Johansson pink bra panties lingerie underwear Louis Vuitton ads
I'll admit I have no earthly idea why. Maybe her dresses didn't arrive for the Louis Vuitton photo shoot. Better question: Who cares why? Just enjoy.
Scarlett Johansson blue lingerie underwear Louis Vuitton ads

This Girl In Lingerie Is Not My Girlfriend..

Have you ever seen a picture of a stranger who reminds you of someone close to you, and yet they're so similar you have to do a double-take?

Lingerie underwear pastel purple bra white cotton hipster bikini panties blonde removing dress shirt beautiful eyes
I don't know who she is. But if my girlfriend had a close-to-twin sister, it's her.
Just imagine the hair slightly darker blonde -actually, a real-life-no-dye combination of blonde, red and some black strands (!)- and down to her shapely ass. The eyes are so very close, but it think my gf's are more.. unique. She's probably also a little taller than this young lady (5' 8 1/2", for the record), but she looks like she could've played mix-and-match in my girlfriend's lingerie drawer. (She must have missed all the Vicky's). And my girlfriend wouldn't get that much of a tan if you paid her.

I should point out, though I may be biased, no one else can match the original, who, I'm proud to say, graduated from college this past weekend with quite the flying colors.

Blue Monday 5 21 07

Blue AA i111852295_83469_5
I'm sure you're feeling a bit less blue after seeing Alessandra Ambrosio today..

To Snap Or Not To Snap? That Is The Question

But, what's your answer?

I'm trying out's Snap Shots blog and website feature which means when you hover over any links like this one you get a small window with a preview of the page. I realize most visitors to this or any other blog never leave a comment, but if you would, please take a moment to let me know: do you like this feature, or do you find it dammed annoying? Thanks!

Oh. And to keep it on-topic, totally gratuitous-to-this-post lingerie picture..

Miss Swiss Miss

Lingerie underwear Christa Rigozzi Miss Switzerland Sweden  World red bra panties Blonde

Christa Rigozzi is Miss Switzerland 2006. Also Miss Sweden (!)
So, that rates two pictures, doesn't it?

Lingerie underwear Christa Rigozzi Miss Switzerland Sweden  World  black bra panties Blonde

Make it three pics; she'll be competing for Miss World 2007, too.
Don't you feel like a slacker, now?

Lingerie underwear Christa Rigozzi Miss Switzerland Sweden  World red  bra panties garter belt black stockings Blonde

Blue Monday 5 14 07

Lingerie underwear Laetitia Casta sheer blue camisole and boyshorts laying on a bed
One of France's greatest contributions to the world, Laetitia Casta contributes to making Monday a better day.

I Clearly See Her Bra and Panties

And she sees us quiet clearly, too. Another death knell to that rot about 'girls who wear glasses' not being Hott.

[Miki Takagi]

Playboy To Kristine Lefebvre: 'You're Hired!'

OK, you think of another title for this post that every other blogger, website and 'news' organization hasn't already beaten into the fine dust of cyberspace. As Ms. Lefebvre says on her own website:

Kristine Lefebrve site Playboy announcement bra panties

While you're at her actual site, check her charitable links, what she has to say about her time on The Apprentice and more.
After gazing at Attorney Lefebvre in her pin stripped bra and panties, a familiar thought came to my mind.. No, not that
familiar thought! Does her business lingerie seem familiar? It should, since it's similar to that worn by the lovely young lady in this fufL post dated November 1, 2006. I'm proud to say, we were apparently ahead of the lingerie curves.. uh, curve.

BTW Links:
Playboy Magazine
The Apprentice

Kristine Lebefrve Playboy photos black bra panties garter belt stockings removing suit top and skirt

Vanessa Minnillo To MTV's TRL: CYA

Vanessa Minnillo panties Maxim

Ms. Minnillo said about the same to all but her bra and panties in the October 2005 Maxim, too..

Vanessa Minnillo bra panties Maxim

As she told People Magazine:
"I had my four years there like high school or college," Minnillo, 26, said Tuesday at a benefit for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. "I'm ready for the next chapter – what it is, I have no idea. [But] I don't want to be 48 saying, 'Hey kids, now it's Sean Preston Spears's video.' "

Vanessa Minnillo bra Maxim

As fantastic as Ms. Minnillo looks in the above bra, I think we have evidence that she's no slave to always being bound by lingerie below (on TRL)..

Vanessa Minnillo MTV TRL braless pokies

And, no offense to the magazine's photo staff people, but I think MTV's makeup people understand the idea of not 'gilding the lilly' a bit better.

Blue Monday 5 7 07

Blue Divine-Lace-Mint samantha lingerie

As their site says, 'Samantha Lingerie : Seriously Sexy Lingerie'. Seriously from the UK. Seriously making any Monday less blue. Or, in this case, 'Blue Divine Lace Mint' according to their descrption of the above seriously sexy undergarments.

T-Shirt & Panties Week Saturday: Kylie Minogue

Lingerie underwear Kylie Minogue t-shirt seafoam green panties
Tell me you would mind waking up early on a Saturday morning and rolling over to find Ms. Minogue in the above state of undress..

T-Shirt & Panties Week Friday: Jennifer Lopez

Lingerie underwear Jennifer Lopez JLo white cotton t shirt boyshorts panties
J-Lo in white cotton t-shirt and panties. As if Friday weren't already a great day all by itself. Actress, singer and entrepreneur. Enjoy.