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Kim Kardashian Full Tape Home Video Pictures

Kim Kardashian is become superstar and be famous after her tape video download with Ray j are spreading over internet.

Kim Kardashian's breast are fake, made bigger with implants plastic surgery. Kim Kardashian bra size now is 32-DD. She has a huge tits.
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Kim Kardashian and cellulite

Now let's face it: With a butt as big as Kim Kardashian's, there's no way you're not going to have some cellulite on it. I'm certain if Kim squeezed her butt cheeks, she would be super dimply in that area. She's still beautiful, but despite her sex tape with Ray-J (which had wonderful lighting), she is chock full of cellulite, just like the rest of us. Enjoy the rest of your day.

"So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't!?" the reality star, 28, writes on her blog in response to a brouhaha in which a photo of her for Complex magazine was accidentally released on the Internet before editors realized their mistake and quickly replaced it with the official photo of her.

The official picture had been retouched to slim down her famously zaftig figure.

Kim Kardashian Measurement :

Kim Kardashian Vital size is 35-26-40. My dress size is a 4 or a 2/4. She wears a size 4 skirt and size 27 jeans.

Kim Kardashian in lingerie in Ralph magazine

Here we talk about Kim Kardashian's sexy lingerie photoshoot in Ralph magazine. Kim is definately showing off her cleavage here... Thank you Ralph magazine is a website that covers the latest in all of the hot female celebrity news. We have the links to all the best pictures and stories of the day.

Kim Kardashian in sexy bra Photos :

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Watch Kim Kardashian in Lingerie in Ralph magazine video here

Touch the Monster

Real hot boys in fit briefs and sexy lingerie. I really like to touch those monsters within those sexy bikini...

Lingerie: Plain or Fancy?

Lingerie, underwear, white, black, lace, bra, thong, panties, Bilkoscans,

Writing on, St. Louis Post Dispatch Fashion columnist Debra Bass wonders, Do men and women agree on sexy lingerie?

Lingerie, underwear, Bravissimo, Seamfree, white, bra, panties, hipster, briefs, Bilkoscans

Here's the comment I left:
My girlfriend and I are both very much into underwear and lingerie (so to speak).

She’s been building and extensive lingerie collection, and I probably have a larger collection of mens underwear than most guys. Reading over the responses, the one about lingerie ‘establishing that sex is on the table’ never really occurred to me. I guess if a particular woman rarely wears it, that might be the case, though.

I’ve long had a theory that it’s not necessarily the lingerie that makes the girl ’sexy’; it’s The Girl that makes the lingerie sexy. My girlfriend can make a plain white cotton set sexier than something from Vicky’s, though she says she feels better on days she has something special on under whatever clothes she’s wearing, even if no one else will see it.

As far as a man fearing being called a pig for buying something trashy; unless she wants something ‘trashy’, it’s best not to buy her something like that. My suggestion: shop together for something for her. If she feels like she’s got an unattractive, uncomfortable costume on, I can’t imagine it does much for her mood, nor should you expect it to. There’s an early seen in the Melanie Griffith/Harrison Ford movie ‘Working Girl’ that shows exactly what I mean. I’d guess not so funny in real life.

That's what I said; what would you say, and how what choices would you make on the article's poll? Click here and have your say. (Of course, I'd appreciate it if you'd cut and paste a copy of those comments and post them here on fufL as well.

BTW, The two examples above from the fantastic Bilkoscan website.

Feeling Tickled Pink

I'm feeling like wearing a lot of soft pink colours! After looking at this site.

Some fancy things I would like to wear right now.

Oh, I just want to wear chiffon and go around in bare feet (even if I did just purchase huge crazy boots). Yes, I want spring. I'm all ready for it.

Olivia Munn Is Wearing Panties, and Needs Your Help

Lingerie, underwear, Olivia Munn, white, lace, panties, on head, G4, Attack of the Show, pie

Well, Ms. Munn is wearing white lace panties, and she obviously does need someone's help. Stay with me, here. G4's Attack of the Show co-host has a major thing for Pie. Hey, we've all got our own turn-ons; who are we to judge? The point is, you have the opportunity to make a hott geek girl's dream come true by signing this otherwise worthless internet petition to have the U.S. Congress declare the last week in January as National Pie Week.

And, I think we all know, those folks have nothing else more important to do right now, so why not take the time to sign, as I did? Note, the deadline is TOMORROW, January 30th, so think about it, but not too long. This could result in seeing Ms. Munn in a maid's uniform jumping into a pie.. plus, even more (or less?)

Lingerie, underwear, Olivia Munn, maid uniform, panties, on head, G4, Attack of the Show, pie

Or, at the very least, another picture of Munn in her panties..

Lingerie, underwear, Olivia Munn, white, lace, panties, on head, G4, Attack of the Show, pie

Attack of the Blog/Pie

For some time, I'd been meaning to do a post about Munn; this isn't it. There are many more on-topic-to-fufL posts we can do concerning her. But if it helps Olivia's cause, more power to her.

A P.S. in the interest of fairness: AOTS is also hosted by the incredibly good-natured Kevin Pereira, whom I hope to never see in any type of French maid's outfit, but with AOTS, one never knows. I'd feel sorry for the fact that Olivia Munn gets far more attention than Mr. Pereiera, except for the fact he gets to do things like THIS:

Update: as of Thursday, 11:20pm, the signature count stands at 54,776.

Yet another appeal for your help:

One more note: relaunches Next Tuesday, February 3rd redesigned, re-energized, and, hopefully, stuffed with pie goodness.

The Final Update: It was glorious!

Tendencies. Sled From Porsche.

Porsche Sled

Corporation Porsche produced an interesting new product - high-speed sled.

The desing of the sled is minimal art. The sled can pick up maximal speed within minimal time like cars of the same trend do.

Working on the sled Porsche went by focus on the children's needs. However the sled can carry more than 100 kg. So not only children can use them but their parents as well. Besides the sled is collapsible and can easily go into your car'strunk. So train your children to quality things from little up.

Gretchen Mol: Lingerie On Mars?

Lingerie, underwear, Gretchen Mol, cream, lace, slip,

The lovely Gretchen Mol may be far more known for her film work, most notably in The Notorious Bettie Page playing the pinup legend.

Lingerie, underwear, Gretchen Mol, Bettie Page, white, bra, black, slip,
Lingerie, underwear, Gretchen Mol, Bettie Page, black, bra, briefs, stockings, high heels,

She's doing her first TV series returning tonight on the U.S. network ABC - no, not LOST. Not that we haven't covered that and one Ms. Lilly before, but after LOST, stick around for the American version of the semi-guilty pleasure that is Life On Mars. Imagine you're a NYC Police detective in 2008. You're trying to save your detective girlfriend from a serial killer. You're hit by a car. You wake up, and it's 1973. No cellphones. No computers. (No Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Skype or G4!) No microwave ovens. No such thing as Political Correctness. You have a cool muscle car, and one of the first things you see are the World Trade Center Towers still standing, brand new. Jason O'Mara plays Detective Sam Tyler - welcome to his new world. Someone else he sees is the only co-worker he confides in, 'Police Woman' Annie Norris. Ms. Mol is far from her Page persona, and more often is buttoned up - and '1970's-ized' as is everyone else in the cast - that's lead O'Mara on the right. Hey, at least it's the pre-Disco 1970's..

Gretchen Mol, Jason Omara, Life On Mars, ABC,

As if all that weren't enough, the Precinct's Captain, Gene Hunt, is played by the under-rated and rarely-on-TV-except-in-cool-movies-from-the-real-1970's -and other decades- Harvey Keitel, and The Sopranos' Michael Imperioli sports a 70's mustache that must be seen to be believed. Having seen pictures of my Dad and his friends from that era, I can tell you it's not(!) too wild to be accurate. If you've enjoyed reruns of 1970's cult detective shows like I have - mainly for the cheese factor - or lived through them like my Dad, enjoy Life On Mars for that and the added element of looking at it with a grit filter from 2009.


So, let's review the reasons for this post: To get more people to watch the damn show already so ABC leaves it on. And as a damn good excuse to post the above pictures of Gretchen Mol in lingerie.

Real Hunks in Sexy Men to Men Action

Male underwear models ready for some Men to Men Hot Action. See thru bikini and sexy underwear are really great.

Hot Boys in Wet Bikini and Briefs

These guys in very fit underwear are really yummy. Look at those sexy bodies of these super male underwear models, they are really great!

Hot Blonde Girl in bra pics

Here is hot blonde girls in bra. Some blogs are saying this blonde babe or model is from Sweden or RUssian. Sweden or Russian teen girls are frequently searchen on the net. They are beautiful, sweet and cute women .Here is girl bra pics:

blonde girl bra

Blue Monday 1 26 09

Lingerie, underwear, Eva Rachline, lace, satin, bra, panties, blue, purple, Blue Monday,

Blue, with a touch of purple, from Eva Rachline. If you're where those colors would apply to your ears from Winter, perhaps that lady above will warm you a bit..

Chin up, walk tall

They're here!

They are mighty tall, and I walked around them for a while thinking that I should probably return them because they're so tall.

Except they're so awesome so I'm not going to return them.

Who doesn't like some Jak & Jil for their weekend?

Image Source: Me, Jak & Jil

Daring Boys

Sexy daring hunks in wet bikini and fit underwear. These boys are really yummy and sexy with super hot model bodies.

Rebecca Romijn Joins The Ranks of VSMs; A La Perla Reprise

Lingerie, underwear, Rebecca Romijn, La Perla, black, lace, bra, undressing, skirt, thong, panties, black and white,

Congratulations are in order for Rebecca Romijn and her husband Jerry O'Connell who became proud parents of twins Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip December 28th. True, we're a little late to getting around to the salutations, but we'd been meaning to use these photos from a fantastic photo shoot Ms. Romijn did for La Perla a few years back for an even longer time.

Lingerie, underwear, Rebecca Romijn, La Perla, black, lace, bra, undressing, boy shorts, panties, black and white,

Lingerie, underwear, Rebecca Romijn, La Perla, white, lace, bra, undressing, boy shorts, panties, black and white,
Lingerie, underwear, Rebecca Romijn, La Perla, white, bra, undressing, removing skirt,string, thong, panties, nice ass, back, black and white,
Lingerie, underwear, Rebecca Romijn, La Perla, black, bra, undressing, removing skirt,string, thong, panties, nice ass, back, black and white,
Lingerie, underwear, Rebecca Romijn, La Perla, black, bra, undressing, string, bikini, panties, black and white, pulling panties down, pulling sweater up,

Stop and think about the career she's had. I recall her as one of the first lingerie models I saw in a Victoria's Secret catalog I'd 'borrowed' as a kid having his first stirrings of interest in seeing ladies in (and out of) lace, she was featured in several Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, she hosted House of Style on MTV, was quite the memorable guest onLate Night with Conan O'Brien where she was a great sport as Conan would almost hulk-out in lust over her (until her first marriage to John Stamos, and Conan got married as well and started to behave himself.. not as manically funny, but her appearances with him still held their charm), she was also on Just Shoot Me, Mystique in X-Men and it's sequels (blue body paint and pasties, anyone?), and most recently she had fun playing a transsexual(!) in Ugly Betty. Not that I saw much of that performance, but she often seemed like she was one good button pop away from showing off some lingerie, there, too. Because she's become a VSM, have we seen the end of her?

Lingerie, underwear, Rebecca Romijn, La Perla, black, bra, undressing, string, bikini,see-through, panties,nice ass, back, black and white,

I'm guessing only in the sense of the above photo..