Kristen Bell is Surprised She Was in Maxim?

Not that I've ever worn a black bra and panties set for a magazine layout myself; but if I had, I think I'd remember it without needing to see photographic evidence..

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'I loved Catholic school. I didn't like being beeped at by old pervs at the gas station because I was wearing a plaid skirt, though. It's like, do you think I'm going to stop and give you my phone number?'
Well, Hells Bells, showing them what was under that schoolgirl outfit ought to stop them.
She's usually better at getting a clue on'Veronica Mars'

Dressed Up, Even Undressed

Even with just blue jeans and a simple top, a girl can be dressed up nicely by her panties. For a reason, or two, I get the feeling a perfectly good matching bra is going unused, though.

Eva Longoria in the Latest Maxim

'I hope you all can't see my underwear through this dress!'
-Eva Longoria


Making Up the Alessandra Ambrosio Deficit

I asked a fellow Lingerie Model enthusiast what she thought of this blog, telling her she'd probably say there isn't enough Adriana Lima. Her reply was 'Not enough Ambrosio then'. OK:

Lingerie underwear Alessandra Ambrosio black string bra thong panties

True, the 'stereotypical,' ubiquitous foto of Ms. Ambrosio. But, then, there may be a reason for that.

Lingerie underwear Alessandra Ambrosio blue cotton bra bikini panties

Pink or Blue Cotton? Either looks - and feels - so nice.

Lingerie underwear Alessandra Ambrosio black lace bra lace tap panties boy shorts

Black Lace always has it's place.

Lingerie underwear Alessandra Ambrosio white mesh see through bra  panties

So does White mesh.

Lingerie underwear Alessandra Ambrosio pink lace bustier thong panties

Face it; she could make Granny Panties look hott.

Hilary Swank for Calvin Klein

Lingerie underwear Hilary Swank Calvin Klein black bra bikini panties in bed

Yes, she was playing a girl who was posing as a boy, but damn, above more evidence of why that was worthy of an Oscar.

It's Worth A Daily Peek at Her Panties

The lady to the left is Organdie Jay (or, organdie jay, lower case, much as I'm coincidentally franku, lower case). If you're a lover of Lingerie as I am, and you're looking for a site with no actual photographs or pictures, but an almost daily wonderful verbal illustration of one woman's collection of panties, bras and what-not, her blog daily panties ('a daily peek at my panties ... worth a brief visit.') is a must-see.

A random day's description:

Who let the dogs out?
Yes, my panties have dogs on them. And I'm okay with that.

Deliciously soft white cotton low-rise bikini thong with red stripes. The red stripes make larger white stripes, and there are small pink dogs printed on the white stripes. The dogs are all facing my right hip...I wonder what they're looking at?

Red lace front-close bra.

Perhaps a lighter day?:
String thing.
My panties are tied together at the side with strings! I love these!

Hot pink see-through mesh thong embroidered all over with bright orange flowers. Double side ribbons, pink and orange, that tie together. And no, I didn't use a double knot.

No bra.

Oh, you sometimes ask about what I'm wearing on the it's a short denim skirt and a cute hot-pink tube top with orange and yellow Pucci-esque flowers all over.

All work:
Risque business.
I just got this new bra and panty set and I LOVE it!

G-string panties made of black material with white pinstripes. The material is shirred and wrapped in a V in front, and peeking out from the V is a piece of red lace. In the back, there's a red lace triangle above the string. The sides are double strings.

The bra is the same idea: black shirred pinstriped material around the outsides of the cups, and the inside of the cups and them iddle of the bra are red lace. The straps are double strings.

This is the perfect set to wear under a really nice black business suit. I wish I had an important meeting to go to today! Well maybe I will just wear a suit anyway.

Or, just knocking about:
The pantie equivalent of comfort food.
It's a rainy day and I am going to be lazy and loungy as long as I can.

Pink 100% cotton low-rise bikini.

No bra, just a comfy, clingy tank top.

Sounds like my girlfriend on a similar day.

Ms. Jay (or ms. jay) has the Lingerie collection my girlfriend's only starting to build(and we'll get to it someday if half of it doesn't end up in shreds during foreplay). Check the blogroll link below - the first outside link I felt was kindred to this blog's purpose, daily panties