National Underwear Day you can parade proudly in your panties

In all my thoughts about underwear and Lingerie, I've never wanted to be seen in it in public. (Wait, isn't that the old 'I dreamed I showed up at school without my pants' nightmare? That, or an old ad campaign I found through google, 'I dreamed I painted the town red in my Maidenform Bra!'
Think I made that up?
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[Maidenform Bra magazine ad, circa 1963]
Pure sex appeal, huh? (Insert eyes-rolling smilie here - or not).

The point, however, is that, even if you won't be in Manhattan this August 9th - or any future August 9th since it seems to be a now-yearly ritual - you can parade proudly in your panties since it's 'offically' **trumpet fafare**
National Underwear Day!
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At least it is in the United States. I couldn't tell you the day for The Skivies Celebration of Canada.
The only reason I can tell you this much is thanks completely to the author on this blog's defining essay of underwear and Lingerie attraction, one Rachel Kramer Bussel who was kind enough to not only not have blogger erase my existance - ok, my blog's existance - for quoting *and* editing her without first asking, but for also providing a link to her latest column in The Village Voice, which includes the following nugget:

'On August 9, Fresh Pair will celebrate National Underwear Day in Times Square by sending 4,000 "underwear ambassadors" out to tempt you into trying on a new, free set. Spokesperson Thomas Onorato claims, "For many people, their underwear is linked directly to their personality." I agree, but you can't figure someone out just by their unmentionables. The slutty girl may prefer prim-and-proper panties, while the geeky computer guy may pack zebra-print briefs.'

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["I fought in W-W-2 and Korea so I could live to see this day!']

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['He's been explaining that damn subway map to you for 25 minutes; just how @#%!ing dumb are you, Marge?']

Just when I thought I was on a lonely quest to be an Underwear Ambassador! I have yet to inform my girlfiend of this holiday, but I believe our plans will invlove a much more private celebration, her place or mine to be determined.

PS.. Lest you think this will cause traffic to come to a stand-still in NYC, ther are two things you should keep in mind:
1. It's NYC. Traffic does it every damn day of the year there.
2. The Naked Cowboy is *already* in Times Square every damn day of the year.
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Another postscript: Maidenform's gotten a lot sexier since then:

National Underwear Day Lingerie underwear bra panties Rachel Kramer Bussel Maidenform ads

never get a hint of it since she tends to button up a bit


This pic reminds me of my girlfriend. Except she has much longer blonde/red hair, she wouldn't be caught dead with that necklace, and she dresses quite demurely on the outside. She might wear a bra like that, but you'd never get a hint of it since she tends to button up a bit. Not stuffy; quite classy. Call it more of a look at her sexual soul, not her public persona.

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