Young franku

  Lingerie underwear white bra panties poster April Fools

Not to be confused with Young Frankenstein..

..BTW, is it just me, or does that model seem truly distressed at an invasion of panty?

Blue Monday 3 31 08

Lingerie underwear Candice Swanepoel blue mesh bra thong panties adjusting bra strap

South Afrikaner Candice Swanepoel has been in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, modeled for Victoria's Secret and now starts your week with a Blue Monday on fufL. And may be checking with her agency any moment about that career curve, but we can enjoy her curves until they get back to her.

Orlaith McAllister Is Comfortable In Lingerie & Heels

Lingerie Underwear Orlaith McAllister black bra thong panties high heels Big Brother U.K.

Orlaith McAllister was a model before she became known for occasionally not wearing too much clothing on the U.K.version of Big Brother 6 a few years ago. Her comfort level in that state of undress seems not to have changed at all.

You're Not Yanking Karen Kisaragi's Chain, Are You?

Lingerie underwear Japanese AV idol Karen Kisaragi undressing stripping removing slacks top lace bra panties

The way Ms. Kisaragi's yanking off her slacks and jacket to show you her lace bra and panties, that chain and her glasses may soon be the only thing she'll be wearing..

Adriana Sklenaříková Karembeu : Black & White, Brunette & Blonde

Lingerie underwear Adriana Sklenarikova Karembeu brunette white bra panties kneeling

Although the most famous lingerie photo of Adriana Sklenarikova Karembeu would almost have to be from the series of ads in which she demonstrated the wonders of the Wonderbra, you'd be hard pressed to say she's less than enchanting as a brunette in a sheer white lace bra and panties set.

Needed: Alessandra Ambrosio in Black Lingerie

Lingerie underwear Alessandra Ambrosio black lace bra tap panties boy shorts

No matter when the last time was that we posted Ale in black lace, I'm pretty sure it's not too soon to do it again.

p.s. If you're one to ignore the gossip rags (and, thus, are a hope for the future of Civilization) you may wish to click on the News section of Ms. Ambrosio's site for some good news.

(Saint Patrick's Day) Green Monday 3 17 08

Lingerie underwear Lykke May Anderson  green intimissimi bra panties Marc Hom
Back to Blue next Monday; Lykke May Andersen may not be Irish, but gazing upon her in a green intimissimi bra and panties set as photographed by Marc Hom makes our annual tenuous connection to green lingerie for Saint Patrick's Day. Have a Guinness and enjoy.

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Blue Monday 3 10 08

Lingerie underwear lace blue bra panties removing mens dress shirt blonde

That whole 'barely-wearing-a-man's-dress-shirt-and-not-much-else' thing? It still works just fine, fyi..

It's A Lipstick Jungle Out There

Lingerie underwear Brooke Shields white bra panties Lipstick Jungle
Some years ago, in a now-famous Calvin Klein Jeans commercial, Brooke Shields asked 'You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? ..Nothing. '

It's nice to know now that she's headlining the new NBC series Lipstick Jungle, she can finally afford nice lingerie like the above bra and panty set.

Who knew Miley's TV mom was so hot?

Blue Monday 3 03 08

Lingerie underwear ea blue bra bikini panties blonde
Why is it she's never waiting for your Monday morning bus or carpool? Especially if she's (barely) attired in ëa lingerie.