Blue Monday 01 31 11

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I'm with her. I can't believe another weekend is over, either. A whole month of the new year, for that matter.

Edit: Since the original post, I've found out the lovely lady's name is Drew Phelps, and the photos of her are from a beautiful set by Lucy Carr-Ellison

La Perla Dragon bra

La Perla Dragon bra

Designed by La Perla Black Label this absolutely stunning bra is made of gold metal, cups are shaped after dragons and connected with black ribbons. That is one creative bra!

Going Out Tonight?

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I wouldn't keep her waiting if I were you. Her bra, panties and garter belt by Prima Donna

Sexy lingeries

Tattoo Bikini Girl

Sexy Asian Bikini Girl

Sweet Brazillian

Sweet Baby

Young Girl in Bath Room

Young Bikini Beauty

Sexy Car Wash

Hot and Sexy Actress in lingeries

Beauty Pageant

A Lingerie TV Guide

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A few appearances of note tomorrow night. Dita Von Teese makes her acting debut on CSI on CBS, playing a school teacher-by-day-burlesque-performer by-night ('Rita Von Squeeze'? Really?) in Vegas (oh, yeah.. most TV is written by men). In flashbacks, she also plays her character's grandmother, another burlesque queen, and a long-ago murder victim - thus CSI's interest. Well, in part at least. (Thursday 9PM ET on CBS)

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On NBC..

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We've mentioned our admiration for Olivia Munn before, and although we were far bigger fans of her on G4's Attack of the Show (more on her exit here) than on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. We'll hope for a better showcase for her on NBC's new sitcom Perfect Couples, officially debuting. Ms. Munn is also on the cover of February's Maxim, which is getting her some critiques on her choice of panties. Your comments on what she's wearing below (above) welcomed below. (Thursday 8:30pm ET NBC)

Lingerie, underwear, Olivia Munn, purple, black, lace, bra, bikini, panties, mens shirt, unbuttoned, in bed, Maxim, February, 2011,

Ms. Munn's also at work on a new movie with Sarah Jessica Parker. Meanwhile, on USA..

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We've also illustrated how fantastic Sarah Shahi looks in lingerie before; Ms. Shahi gets to deal with briefs of a different kind in her new USA series Fairly Legal, not as a lawyer, but a mediator. I don't know how convincing her character will be, but who wouldn't want to at least listen to what she had to say? (Thursday 10pm ET on USA)

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Dita Von Teese on twitter
Olivia Munn on twitter
Sarah Shahi on twitter

Elly Tran Ha Cute and Big Boobs Vietnam Girl

Elly Tran Ha (otherwise known as Elly Kim Hong, 阮金紅), is a pretty Vietnamese model who recently got famous on the Internet as her photos are circulated. She is 24 years old this year (2011) and is an American-borned-Vietnamese, who has recently moved back to Vietnam from the USA. She works as a part-time model while furthering her studies.

Not special actually from Elly besides her cute angel face and her pair of large boobs. But may netizens question about her breast, somes are accusing Elly use a fake boobs.

Elly Tran Ha biography

Elly Tran Ha grew up in Ho Chi Minh City and like many of us, her progression toward adulthood was more awkward, self-conscious and flat-out stressful than it was natural. According to her, she "developed" early and significantly, which led her to change her wardrobe to draw less attention to herself and try to proceed as a regular teenager in high school. Always the supporter, Elly Tran Ha's mother pushed her into other activities at school, like singing and public speaking, to give her the confidence that she could do as she pleased without fear or shame.

While her mother's support wound up giving Elly Tran Ha an interest in singing, it did only so much to alleviate her concerns about her body. At a certain point, shame gave way to confidence, especially when she began to consider the ways that Vietnam's pop culture was changing around her.

Elly tran ha invades the internet

Once conservative by North American standards, Vietnamese web sites were now featuring so-called "hot girls," beauties who were using their own pictures to carve out entertainment careers. Chief among them was Thuy Top (coined by the locals as "The Vietnamese Paris Hilton"), who added two picture sets to her little-known blog and suddenly got MMA modeling opportunities and a television acting role.

With this in mind, Elly Tran Ha chose a similar path when modeling prospects approached her. Legend has it that she had a blog, but the simple truth is that the posting of her picture sets in the fall of 2009 on the popular photo site Flickr created near-instant pandemonium. Though the sets were strictly PG-13 in nature and ranged from classy indoor shots to bright outdoor photos, everyone wanted a piece of Elly Tran Ha's big smile and her formidable clothed figure.

Elly tran ha the singer

Now the unofficial tour guide for Vietnam, Elly Tran Ha was an internet picture fixture, but she was careful to set her limits and expand her horizons. In the weeks following her pop culture invasion, she stated that posing for overtly sexy pictures or stripping all the way down was not part of her game plan. She did not want to be objectified. Instead, she continued modeling, but also pursued opportunities in singing. Now with a modeling deal with a plane company and Vietnamese television talent show victory to show off, the next phase of Elly Tran Ha's journey through the entertainment galaxy is well underway.

Elly Tran Ha profile

Real name: Tran Ha 阮金紅
Nick name: Elly
Blood type: A
Date of birth: 08-06-1987
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Measures: 88:58:90
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Elly Tran Ha in bra pictures and photos :

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Elly Tran Ha Bra

Blue Monday 01 17 11

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Emanuela de Paula looks very sexy any time of year (maybe cosmically so above), even if Vicky's did introduce their latest Very Sexy bra and panty sets for last Christmas season.

Bernie Dexter & Some Lingerie Blog Suggestions

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One of the things I do is start a lot of posts, either with a specific photo or germ of an idea, then put them aside for later. I do it far too often, and then never get around to writing the actual post. Then again, if someone else beats me to it, who do I have to blame but myself? And if they do a far better post than I would have written? Well, then it's time to put up a link and tell you to enjoy it. Case in point: Bernie Dexter. If you don't know her name (or her image) this great interview with the lady herself by Treacle at Lingerie Addict will fill you in.

Lingerie, underwear, retro, Bernie Dexter, pin-up, sheer, see through, black, bra, briefs, panties, burlesque, nice ass,

If after reading the article (or looking at the pictures) you have a renewed appreciation for vintage, you'll find other Addict posts to help guide you, but you should also check out A Slip of a Girl and Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie for your education and entertainment.

Don't stop there. For a wide range you'll want to visit Frou Frou Fashionista to check out everything vintage-inspired to modern. Actually, you'll just want to visit owners Gail & Alison Rubke in-person at Faire Frou-Frou if you every get to Studio City, California.

(My girlfriend and I have joked about buying two plane tickets for that reason, but that we'd end up walking home several thousand miles carrying a ton of shopping bags after cashing in the return trip tickets for what we'd have to buy for her at their store. On the brighter side, she pointed out since they're in Studio City, we might score tickets for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson at Television City before we spend our last dime. Hey, Mapquest says they're less than 8 miles away. Yes, we checked!)

Back to interviews, or maybe more of a case of getting to eavesdrop on a great conversation between three of the best. Ally Teal of Guilty Pleasures and Treacle are interviewed by Slip in a three-part series (one, two and three) on her blog. EDIT: A final installment is here.

From the Not-Quite-A-Lingerie-Blog Department: But definitely worth following if you like beautiful photography of 'real girls in their own place', check out the increasing-popular me in my place.

From the How-Serious-Can-These-Blogs-Be-When-They're-Just-Writing-Posts-About-Panties Department: 1) If you think so, you're only looking at the photos and not the text 2) Two recent examples to disprove that are this one from A Slip of a Girl and this post on Lingerie Addict, 'Real Women, Real Bodies, Why The Lingerie Industry Has A Real Problem'. Be sure to read through the 40+(!) comments as well.

Josephine de la Baume for Agent Provocateur Spring/Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

Agent Provocateur is daring as always. For their Spring/Summer 2011 Ad Campaign Agent Provocateur have invited Josephine de la Baume French actress and singer as well as style icon to take part in a sizzling photoshoot (below) and a video showing Josephine dressed in Agent Provocateur lingerie set and stockings going around the room, reading newspaper, and exercising while the cameraman watches and films her.

Josephine de la Baume looks luxurious in Agent Provocateur Spring/Summer 2011 Ad Campaign. Risqué red head shows off floral, black and white lingerie sets by Agent Provocateur daring and beautiful as always. The collection consists of bras, panties, waist cinchers and suspenders. The detailing includes ruffles, bows, fringe and mesh panels.

Lady Gaga to Design Fetish Lingerie Line

Well, who didn’t see it coming?  Known for her love of lingerie, fetish underwear and underwear as outerwear trend it’s strange Lady Gaga doesn’t have her own lingerie line yet.

And I imagine it’s going to be as outrageous as her style – daring, revealing, a mishmash of styles, fabrics and textures.

According to a source:
She is in talks to design a fetish range of underwear.
She loves to make statements through her lingerie so this is the perfect business venture.
It is indeed, so it’s kind of strange that we don’t have lingerie from Gaga yet. But I’m guessing it’s not that far away. What do you think people? How Lady Gaga’s fetish lingerie line is going to look like? Would you buy it?

See Polaroid Camera Multi-Function Glasses by Lady Gaga

Check out Lady Gaga’s Magazine Covers as she’s Magazines’ Most Popular Cover Girl of 2010

See Lady Gaga’s Craziest Hairstyles