Tyra Banks' Greatest Hits

(spell the last word carefully, please)

True she may still be having Panty Parties on her talk show, but Ms. Banks 'retired' as a model at the 2005 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
A pic from that below, and a few Tyra VS favorites..

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Obviously, her hearts are in the right places.

Aside from the talk show, she also hosts and produces the highest-rated show on the CW network.. ok, not exactly hard to do after you get past Smallville and a precious few others, but America's Next Top Model is doing well by any gauge. Like USA Today's.

Ms. Klum, Brunette & New Mom (Again)

Everyone knows her as a blonde for obvious reasons, but I thought she looked quite striking in this picture. The lingerie doesn't hurt.

In case you were wondering, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was filmed last month, and her hostess segments before that.

Ms. Klum and her husband Seal welcomed another child into the world last week.
November 22nd in Los Angeles, she gave birth to Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel. Seal posted on his and Heidi's websites "To our children, a brother. To our parents, a grandson. To my wife and I, a son. To our family, a blessing. He is healthy, beautiful and looks just like his mother."
HK S Kids
[above picture from the celebrity site A Socialite's Life]

They also have a son, Henry, 9 months, and a daughter, Leni, 2, from a previous relationship of Ms. Klum's with former boyfriend and Formula One racer, Flavio Briatore . She's told the media that Seal has treated Leni as if she were his own and he refers to Leni as his daughter.
Here's People Magazine's article. If you're looking for news on the new arrival, on Project Runway or a voluminous gallery of photos which you can send as E-Greeting cards, check out her home page.

One more of Heidi at last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show:
VS FSC ictorias-secret-2005-heidi-klum-04
Take that home.. Batteries and Ms. Klum not included.

2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: That Was The Bras (and Panties) That Were

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above: The Grand Finale and final bow.

I do believe there may suddenly be more of a demand for Tartan lingerie ensembles.
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True story? Only because I have a couple of flannel boxers that would pass for Tartan designs, my girlfriend's curves were ahead of the curve. She bought some Tartan -looking bras and panties that sort-of match last winter.
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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
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So, a couple VS designers are taking lunch outdoors by a street of brownstones with wrought iron fences in front of them one day.. (hey- IDK, it could have been designed that way):
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They've been taking (it) off for years; might as well look the part..
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You've often wondered how Vicky's decides who gets the honor of filling the year's diamond bra? Maybe if your shoe comes off earlier in the evening, you don't trip and keep on smiling as Karolina Kurkova did it's yours (for all we know it is. In the credits two 'diamond bra handlers' were asking for the bra back, and she said it was hers to keep since she was wearing it- what were the going to do, take it off of her?
Damn shame the show ended about then..
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'.. Must.. not.. get.. hands.. near.. her.. bra.. must.. find.. strength..'
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If your girlfriend and you are watching The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show together, and the only time she slaps the back of your head is when you suggest, based on her response to Justin Timberlake that she might like it if you shaved you head to a similar hairstyle as his, it's been a good night.

2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on CBS Tonight

Tune in and get a kick out of it. (10 Eastern / 9 Central)
The 2005 show finale above, including Tyra Banks' last appearance, and Heidi Klum's first since her daughter Leni was born (more about Ms. Klum, her husband Mr. Seal and a new addition to their family later this week.)

A few highlights from last year:

VS FSC victorias-secret-2005-giselle-bundchen-05
Giselle Bundchen

VS FSC victorias-secret-2005-adriana-lima-09
Adriana Lima

VS FSC victorias-secret-2005-karolina-kurkova-06
Karolina Kurkova

VS FS AAC victorias-secret-2005-alessandra-ambrosio-02
and, of course, Alessandra Ambrosio. Ho Ho Ho.

Justin Timberlake will be wasting his time if he sings anything about bringing sexy back; with these ladies, it never left.
Hmm. CBS. Justin Timberlake. Hott girls wearing practically nothing. Do you get the feeling they'll keep his hands far away from the models while on camera?

Blue Monday 12 04 06

Blue adriana20
Remember: Ms. Lima is among those who'll be on The 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tomorrow night on CBS (10 Eastern / 9 Central). Justin Timberlake is the special guest performer. I was going to say 'entertainment', but in light of the actual event, we know that's not accurate.

Zip Up, It's Cold

Or, it was, until she unzipped. Amazing how much warmer these light-weight jackets are these days.
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