Ms. Klum, Brunette & New Mom (Again)

Everyone knows her as a blonde for obvious reasons, but I thought she looked quite striking in this picture. The lingerie doesn't hurt.

In case you were wondering, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was filmed last month, and her hostess segments before that.

Ms. Klum and her husband Seal welcomed another child into the world last week.
November 22nd in Los Angeles, she gave birth to Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel. Seal posted on his and Heidi's websites "To our children, a brother. To our parents, a grandson. To my wife and I, a son. To our family, a blessing. He is healthy, beautiful and looks just like his mother."
HK S Kids
[above picture from the celebrity site A Socialite's Life]

They also have a son, Henry, 9 months, and a daughter, Leni, 2, from a previous relationship of Ms. Klum's with former boyfriend and Formula One racer, Flavio Briatore . She's told the media that Seal has treated Leni as if she were his own and he refers to Leni as his daughter.
Here's People Magazine's article. If you're looking for news on the new arrival, on Project Runway or a voluminous gallery of photos which you can send as E-Greeting cards, check out her home page.

One more of Heidi at last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show:
VS FSC ictorias-secret-2005-heidi-klum-04
Take that home.. Batteries and Ms. Klum not included.