Is Too Much Adriana Lima A Bad Thing?

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When I started this blog, a friend told me that as much as she loves Adriana herself, it would be all too easy to 'overuse' Ms. Lima, so I've been trying not to do that. It's been awhile, hasn't it? And, looking at the above picture - not just her bra, panties and body - but also those eyes, it's difficult to see why more of her would be too much of a good thing.

Aisha Tyler Is Amazing

This woman will eventually rule the world (unless it would bore her).
Just get used to it.
You've seen her, even if you haven't realized where. I remember seeing her doing standup comedy on some show.. somewhere.. and thinking, 'damn, she's good.. hey, wait, she's also quite Hott'.
Then someone at the annoyingly-but-simply-named E! network had the good sense to hire her to host Talk Soup a few years ago.
They must have liked her so much, they want people to think she still hosts it, even though it went off the air, later to be replaced by The Soup with the professionally-snarky-but non-Hott Joel McHale. But I digress.

(At this point I'll say, Yes, I know she hosted a 'reality' show called Fifth Wheel.
No, I won't provide any links to it. Everyone with her talent deserves a few free passes..)

Next thing I know, she's on Friends, and despite finding the characters at times silly, I actually watched entire episodes of it for awhile.
AishaTyler Friends
When the much-much-more-professionally-snarky-than-Joel-McHale Craig Kilborn took a powder from The Late Late Show on CBS, Craig Ferguson, Adam Carolla, Michael Ian Black, D.L. Hughley and Aisha all filled in for a week or two each as try-outs for the new host. Craig Ferguson got the gig after Aisha turned it down (!). I seem to recall a story quoting her as having 'too many irons in the fire' to commit the time a nightly network talk show would take. Don't get me wrong- I love Ferguson- who can be very snarky, and even in a way that never makes you realize he's being snarky; but there are reasons you'll never see his picture in this blog, and you are seeing Aisha's.

Next, she - briefly - remember that word - turns up on both 24 AND CSI !

She was then announced to be a regular on Jennifer Love Hewitt's CBS series, Ghost Whisperer. You'd think I'd be glued to the TV when it's on, especially with my fondness for JLH in her undies and Aisha.. But, for some reason, I never got hooked on it. Too late; her character died at the end of last season, and, though I suspect she could've stayed on as a ghost, she 'crossed over' and on the season premiere. Me thinks she becomes easily bored, no matter how much money and job security may be thrown in her direction. You be the judge.

Finally, a couple weekends ago, I'm channel-surfing and happen upon Ebert & Roeper.I never know when the damn thing's on, but I love seeing them argue over what movies are out, and I'll always watch it to see what movies are worth seeing with my girlfriend. Lo and behold, since Roger Ebert's been out for a few weeks, there's the lovely and talented Ms. Tyler filling in as cohost, and not just to crack jokes and look Hott, but she's really seen the flicks and written some pretty professional reviews - and she even can argue her points rather entertainingly with Richard Roeper. Which should help her, since she'll be in Kevin Bacon's next movie. Not that she hasn't had any previous big screen experience.

All this, and she's a published author, too.

Here's a link to an interview she did with Playboy. Don't panic (or get your hopes up)!
You'll see far more of her on this page than there, but you did get taste of her sense of humor. And this small part of the interview keeps it on-topic to this blog:

PB: Your bio states that you perform daily in front of your television in your underwear. What kind of underwear are you wearing?

AT: What am I wearing? Hmmm, I'd love to tell you something slinky and sexy, but usually it's an old T-shirt. OK, wait, let's say sometimes Victoria's Secret, but usually a T-shirt and briefs.

Which gives us an excuse to include these photos of the lovely Aisha from 2001 Maxim layout that I think she did while on Talk Soup:
AT bra jacket

If she ends up as President, those State of the Union addresses will look a lot more interesting (and be a lot funnier - intentionally).
Aisha - on the slim chance you're reading this: just remember if elected, you're in for at least four whole years..

Either way, here's to hoping her husband realizes he's a damn lucky man, no matter how much she uses him for stand-up material.

The New Season of Desperate Housewives Premieres This Sunday

My girlfriend would want me to remind you the new season starts Sunday, Sept. 24th. Damn, one of these days I have to watch more than five minutes of this show..

A Little Help, Please!

The below post about Grey's Anatomy uses a different photo hosting site than I've used before- if you CAN'T see the photos, please leave a comment about it on this post Thanks very much! -Frank

Grey's Anatomy

'Returns with the Season Premeire Thursday night at 9 Eastern / 8 Central on ABC!', as those announcers always yell.
EllenPompeo bra mirrorC
SandraOh black bra pantiesCEllenPompeo bra shirtC
Katherine_Heigl_hello kitty pantiesCSandra%20Oh150
The series will end when every character has had sex with every other character.
At the rate the show's going, that should mean it's over after season 3..
Offical Site

Blue Monday 9 18 06

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Hello World, it's Belle Perez!
Her Wikipedia entry in English.

And, to avoid the eventual use of Roman numerals if we keep posting Blue Mondays, we'll just switch to the date, if it's ok with you.

Remember That Rot About 'Not Making Passes.. girls who wear glasses'? Can we finally agree it's as realistic as terms like 'Jumbo Shrimp'?