Happy Halloween From.. Your Insurance Agent?

In the past, we've documented the most popular Halloween costumes in our happy little college community, and the perennial favorite for women (and, unfortunately, many men) has been some lingerie-infused version of a nurse. Not this year. I keep hearing plans, and in some cases what can be taken as threats, mainly by girls, to go as an agent. No, not this agent, which would make some sense:

Lingerie, underwear, woman, open, flashing,  trench coat, black, lace, stockings, bra, black and white, Bruno Dayan,

An Insurance Agent of sorts. No, not Erin Esurance,


though we've seen a few of her wandering around in past years..


This Insurance Agent:


That's correct, Flo, from the Progressive ads. One or two girls (or guys) telling people they're planning to go with the Flo isn't a trend. Ten or fifteen people independently mentioning it in passing to either myself, my girlfriend or another friend is a borderline trend, just disturbing, or both. Not that Flo isn't, in essence, a costume. Stephanie Courtney, the actress/comedian who plays her goes through a two hour make-up job for the commercials.

Stehpanie Courtney, Flo, Progressive,

If the local interpretation of a nurse is any indication, I'm guessing the Flo costumes will keep the wig, makeup, apron and a big, tricked-out name tag, but not a hell of a lot else from the real Flo's attire; most probably replaced by white bras, hot pants or boy shorts and stockings.

You may (or may not -Rule 34) be surprised to learn, much as has happened with Erin, there's now a growing amount of non-G-rated imagery devoted to Flo floating around the net. Some, having them co-starring. To be clear: to each their own, but it's times like this I don't feel like being a 25-year old straight male is too old to be writing a lingerie blog.

Speaking of which: if you really want to see a costume suggestion of an Agent for Halloween, if it's going to involve lingerie, why not go to a master, and pick one from Agent Provocateur?

ingerie, underwear, Agent Provocateur, Pan and the Vestry of Virgins, bra, panties, pasties,corsets, garter belts, stockings, group, Bridal,

Please note; I'm not going to be held responsible for any local laws you may be breaking.. May you get enough candy to rot your teeth, but remember to brush!

Bollywood actress

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More Passion for Purple Panties.. with Polka Dots

Lingerie, underwear,Lejaby, Capri, half cup, bra, sporty kickers, purple, redhead, high heels,

Sure, black, red.. even white lingerie may have many fans, but purple seems to have a great effect as well. Especially on the above redhead, bedotted by Lejaby's Capri half-cup bra and Sporty knickers.

Purple polka-dot panties and freckles.. let's just pause a moment to enjoy that, shall we?

Tennessee Williams as read by Elle Macpherson in her Intimates

Ms. Macpherson in some of her own intimates, to promote Elle Macpherson Intimates. Clear?
Just click and enjoy. As well as the lady below in Elle's Sheer Ribbons bra and boy shorts panties.

Lingerie, underwear, Elle Macpherson Intimates, black, striped, Sheer Ribbon, bra, boy shorts, panties,


See this celebrity ,it looking hot and sexy . you like this girl . what you want to see in this site ,please advise me .

Catching Up On Reading: Kate Beckinsale Is Equire's Sexist Woman Alive

Lingerie, underwear, Kate Beckinsale, purple. bra, bikini, panties, nice ass,Esquire,2009,

Ms. Beckinsale has been down to her bra and panties (or less) in Esquire before, but they're now making official what many already believed.

Lingerie, underwear, Kate Beckinsale, November, 2009, Esquire, cover, Sexiest Woman Alive, black, bikini, panties, sweater,

Lingerie, underwear, Kate Beckinsale, purple, bra, bikini, panties, on back,Esquire, high heels,

Whiteout may have already faded to black at the box office, but she has an ensemble comedy, Everbody's Fine due in December, and another chapter in the Underworld series possibly on the way in 2011. No matter what they do on their opening weekends, if it means Kate Beckinsale in another of her Underwear Series, we're all for them.

Lingerie, underwear, Kate Beckinsale, purple. bra, bikini, panties, nice ass,Esquire,

Pull up a chair, and watch the screen with Ms. Beckinsale..

Kirsten Dunst

Great Reason To Watch Greek: Olivia Munn in Bra and Panties

On twitter last evening:

@oliviamunn Tune into Greek on ABC Family tonight... I'm pretty sure its the episode where I'm just in panties... Pretty sure.

Lingerie, underwear, Olivia Munn, Greek, locker room, white, bra, open blouse,

Ms. Munn forgot to mention the 'hey-they-caught-me-with-my-blouse-unbuttoned-in-a-locker-room scene'. Probably something to do with that 140 character limit..

Lingerie, underwear, Olivia Munn, Greek, locker room, white, bra, open blouse,

And why would her character, Lana, just kind of calmly carry on a conversation in the scene with the two guys who walked in on her changing?

Lingerie, underwear, Olivia Munn, Greek, locker room, white, bra, open blouse,

Because A) It's in the in the script B) So millions (ok,hundreds of thousands) of us Attack of the Show fans might tune in.

Lingerie, underwear, Olivia Munn, Greek, locker room, white, bra, buttoning blouse,

Check out ATOS on G4, Greek on ABC Family (man, they aren't kidding when they say it's a new kind of family..) the lovely Ms. Munn's official website, her brand new magazine(!) and her twitter page. For that matter, check out the frankufotos Lingerie twitter page. That covers just about everything, except-

The End.

Lingerie, underwear, Olivia Munn, Greek, back, black panties, nice ass,

You know, I actually like full-backed cotton panties on a woman, but there's got to be a lower cut than those, unless Olivia's character is going to start wearing Mom Jeans..

Blue Monday 10 17 09

Lingerie, underwear, Bien Fee Pour Toi, baby, blue, pink, ribbon, sweater, bra, panties, in bed, Blue Monday

Thinking pink? Only for the lady's sweater (and a few ribbon accents); her bra and panty sets from France's Bien Fee Pour Toi are suitably blue for one of our Blue Monday posts.

Lingerie, underwear, Bien Fee Pour Toi, baby, blue, pink, ribbon, bra, panties, in bed, Blue Monday,

Dita Von Teese Tweets

Lingerie, underwear, Dita Von Teese, bra, panties, black, Wonderbra, Party Edition, twitterpic,

..a photo of herself and two unnamed models at the launch of her Wonderbra Party Edition line due out this Winter. She looks quite stunning personally modeling items from it, as well..

Lingerie, underwear, Dita Von Teese, Wonderbra, Party Edition, mesh, black, bra, panties, garter belt, stockings,

Lingerie, underwear, Dita Von Teese, Wonderbra, Party Edition, red, black, bra, panties, gloves,

Lingerie, underwear, Dita Von Teese, Wonderbra, Party Edition, mesh, black, bra, panties, lace, gloves,

To follow her tweets yourself, check out twitter.com/Ditavonteese.