Josie Maran: Can't Dance; Can Wear Lingerie Quite Well

Lingerie underwear Josie Maran black bra thong panties Dancing With The Stars

When I first heard Josie Maran was going to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, I figured, 'What a great cheap excuse for more posts of her in her underwear; Gee whiz- the only thing that could go wrong is if she would be voted off early after I stockpile enough pics of her in her panties to last the season'.
Not that it could happen , of course. The other downside? My girlfriend has to go back to begging me to watch the rest of the season with her, just like the last couple of seasons after Kelly Monaco was no longer on it.
On the positive side, I'm thinking those other pictures of Ms. Maran will eventually make their way into future posts on fufL, anyway.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Gets Into Kate Moss' Knickers

As in, Ms. Gyllenhaal is taking over for Ms. Moss as the new face - and body - of Agent Provocateur.
Lingerie underwear Maggie Gyllenhaal Agent Provocateur black mesh bra panties skirtini stockings Alice Hawkins

OK, but you'll agree the headline is, indeed accurate, even if you were hoping for something else (and, damn, I'll take all the help I can get with search engines..)

Lingerie underwear Maggie Gyllenhaal Agent Provocateur black  bra panties stockings Alice Hawkins
Lingerie underwear Maggie Gyllenhaal Agent Provocateur black mesh  bodysuit Alice Hawkins

Enjoy the photos by Alice Hawkins.

Blue Monday 09 17 07

Lingerie underwear deep blue lace bra panties redhead

You could argue her bra and panties are closer to a deep purple than a deep blue, or you could just enjoy the photo..

Calvin Klein Underwear Celebrates 25 Years

The Calvin Klein Underwear brand celebrated 25 years of sales, success, advertising controversies, and making plain white (or black) cotton underwear damn hot with a major party hosted by current Calvin model and two-time Oscar-winner Hilary Swank and brand new Calvin model and Oscar-nominee Djimon Hounsou.

In case you don't recognize them as CKU models, a memory-refresher:


Mr. Hounsou is the face and body for the new CKU line Steel; Ms. Swank looks good in practically any CKU line, boxer briefs included, I'm sure.

Also at the event (did Hilary change her dress as often as her underwear?) was one of the other current CKU models, footballer Freddie Ljungberg. I suppose I should include a CKU ad or two with him, huh? Meh. OK:


I do like his ads with Natalia Vodianova much better..

freddiecalvin2afreddiecalvin02-thumb Freddie Ljungberg

Then again, I like Ms. Vodianova solo even better. CKU must, too; she even has her own room at their web site.

collection23yt1 Natalia Vodianova 140

You wonder if their paring of Ljungberg & Vodianova isn't meant to recall a pair of CKU Past:


Kate Moss, about whom much has been written. We'll leave most of that to the gossip blogs, and we'll just remind you of her recent years with Agent Provocateur.

And the artist-formerly-known-as-Marky Mark, Mark Wahlberg.

Gee, with the attitude he's giving you in that ad, you have to wonder whatever happened to that guy..

Going down memory lane, there were also ads featuring actor and model Travis Fimmel..

But, for some reason, I'm much more partial to the CKU ads by the lovely Christy Turlington..


You may have noticed that the pictures of the ladies in their CKU are larger than the pictures of the guys. I figure I should address this, since the female readers of fufL would rather this not be the case - and, believe me, my girlfriend is not the only female reader of this blog. Put simply: It's my blog. As much as I may have an underwear fetish, I named the blog frankufotos Lingerie for a reason. I'd rather see my girlfriend - or any of these ladies in their Calvins than any of these guys. So there.

Getting back to the beginning of Calvin Klein Underwear, though.. you can read their official press release, but it's still hard for me to imagine how big a deal these ads must have been when they started two years before I was even born. Following on the heels of a jeans campaign starring Brooke Shields I've only seen on You Tube.. would have thought the world could have been happy Calvin Klein had put his resources toward making something to come between Brooke and her damn jeans (but, nooooooo..)

In fairness, since it was The Icon that started it all (and I wasn't aware it started with only Men's CKU, the ladies got theirs a few years later) we'll grant you one larger picture with a guy. For the story behind it, check out this article from The New York Observer's site and actor/model Tom Hintnaus' recollection on being in the first CKU ad:

ck.first tom hinthaus VF june 84

Born For Boy Shorts

Lingerie underwear white lace boy shorts brunette
No offense to those who are lovers of thongs; but the lady is quite the illustration that some pretty little derrieres are just made for boy shorts or full-back panties..

Blue Monday 09 10 07

Lingerie underwear Kim Smith blue cotton bra string bikini panties
Kim Smith and another vote for the appeal of a simple cotton bra and matching string bikini panties..

Jessica Alba Says Good Luck Chuck

In which Ms. Alba drops her jeans, shakes her nicely-pantied rear at Dane Cook,

Lingerie underwear Jessica Alba blue panties undressing Good Luck Chuck
hops into bed and gives him that come-hither look

and the plot complication is he really, really loves her, so he doesn't want to sleep with her. Right. It hardly helps when she keeps losing her clothes and showing off her undies at the drop of a dress

Lingerie underwear Jessica Alba tiny penquin panties losing skirt Good Luck Chuck
(are those damned penguins everywhere these days?)

Good Luck Chuck opens September 21st.

EDIT: I guess the studio doesn't want to sell any more DVDs since they took the trailer off of You Tube ('No, we don't want FREE advertising!')


Do you ever wonder if they tell the
cover girl what some of the head lines might be on her cover?

'His #1 Sex Fantasy - Jessica Alba - Hel-lo, Gorgeous!'

Which is better than seeing:
'My boyfriend didn't change his boxers for 3 months!'

Um.. Ew?

Summer Stockings

Lingerie underwear black stockings blonde on bed

Stockings aren't seen as often in the Summer months (and, yes, it still is Summer) for fashion reasons, and reasons of comfort. She's found such a nice way to stay cool and wear them this time of year.