Josie Maran: Can't Dance; Can Wear Lingerie Quite Well

Lingerie underwear Josie Maran black bra thong panties Dancing With The Stars

When I first heard Josie Maran was going to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, I figured, 'What a great cheap excuse for more posts of her in her underwear; Gee whiz- the only thing that could go wrong is if she would be voted off early after I stockpile enough pics of her in her panties to last the season'.
Not that it could happen , of course. The other downside? My girlfriend has to go back to begging me to watch the rest of the season with her, just like the last couple of seasons after Kelly Monaco was no longer on it.
On the positive side, I'm thinking those other pictures of Ms. Maran will eventually make their way into future posts on fufL, anyway.