Yeah.. that's the word for her smile.. her eyes.. her body..
..for what little there is of her bra and panties.. that at the very least..

E! Will Feature Hilary Swank On THS

Excuse enough to post a few more of her CK pictures, isn't it?
hilary-swank-ck-top 85
Hillary%20Swank%20For%20Calvin%20Klein%202  80
hilary-swank-ck-05 65
The short list of the E! True Hollywood Story on Ms. Swank:
Scheduled to Air:
Saturday, Oct 28, 6:00 p
Sunday, Oct 29, 1:00 p
Sunday, Oct 29, 8:00 p
Sunday, Oct 29, 11:00 p
Thursday, Nov 2, 1:00 a
Times Eastern in the U.S.
(And remember: Spring Ahead, Fall Back this weekend.)

Bunko Kanazawa

Note:Pictures now fixed; Thanks Jessi for the heads up! (And a note to other bloggers: forget using Imagebeaver; stick with Photobucket, Flickr or hosting on Blogger.)

This is one of the first pictures I ever found of the lovely Ms. Kanazawa while surfing the net for something else one day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I later found there to be numerous pictures of Japanese Idols, as they're called, on the web, but something about her face - especially her eyes when she smiles - aside from her other, more obvious physical charms indeared her to me.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Of course, there are those other, more smoldering looks..
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The fact that my girlfriend looks absolutely hott in white cotton panties may have something to do with my opinion of Ms. Kanazawa..
My girlfriend also looks quite hott out of her panties, as does Ms. Kanazawa, but you'll have to take my word (or Google's) on Bunko since this is a Non-Nude site. As for my girlfriend.. don't you wish..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Click for more on Bunko Kanazawa.

Remember The Lingerie In Catalogs?

I mean the ones before Victoria's Secret.
The ones you found as a kid.
A far better a sex education than National Geographic.
<br />Lingerie, underwear, sheer, blue, blue, bra, thong, string, panties, Bilkoscans, brunette
There's an entire site called Bilkoscans that has some very high-quality scans of some outstanding pictures, obviously done with care and class.
I've seen the site's work crop up in quite a few places on the web. As of this writing it seems to be gone. It would be a shame if it were gone for good. Check the link occasionally, and see what comes up.

Update: It's been updated, upgraded and placed back on-line as of
October 30, 2006. Enjoy!

Sharing Panties

An interesting phenomenon I've witnessed between certain girl friends. One will pull her jeans down just enough to flash a quick glimpse of her latest acquisition from Vicky's to a friend, who may then return the flash. Or, simply a colored string pulled up off a hip from under a girl's jeans. The first time I saw that happen was in high school, and I thought it a once-in-a-million occurrence; the last time in one of my college classes. Not that I've ever been within eye-shot of said flash of panty; I've come to believe that's part of the girls' skill: to show off to each other and no one else.
matching panties
Now, the above example would be more than extreme. And I'd presume that the girls would have to be really good friends - or more - to be trying to match their panties to each other's. It's not like two girls showing up at a party in the same dress, either- I'd think it's a conscious effort.
I remember asking for opinions of girls on I site I frequent about the above phenomena, and several said they participated in it as well. One girl said she hadn't, but explained if she and another girl were to do such a thing, they'd 'both end up on the floor with their jeans all the way off so she could inspect the other girl's panties much more closely.'
And, here I thought I had a lingerie fetish..

I'm telling you it's more common, though sometimes more ridiculous than you might think.

One More From Jennifer Love Hewitt

Thinking of the recent post about Aisha Tyler leaving Ghost Whisperer, I got to thinking of another JLH pic I missed in my original post about her unmentionables.
jenniferlovehewitt updwn C
Softly say it out loud with me: 'Tiny, thin, white, ribbed, cotton string panties.'
Lather and repeat as necessary.

BTW, just don't expect to see her undressed like this on TV..

Free VS Pink

A follow up to the Fergie On The Cover Of Rolling Stone post..
On page 39, you'll find a rather attractive photo urging young ladies to 'Wear Cute Underwear': Pink, by Victoria's Secret to be precise. Note there's also a coupon in RS (and I presume, other magazines) this month offering a free cotton panty with any VS Pink purchase. Crying shame were all those coupons were to go to waste without being redeemed for free panties. Among your choices:

This post has been a Public Service of frankufotos Lingerie.

Fergie On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

Displaying her lovely up front lady lumps.
You can look but you can't touch it.
The bra and panties are indeed by Dolce & Gabbana's D&G, but I don't recall the song mentioning J. Crew sweaters..

Photo by Max Vadukul for Rolling Stone.

Blue Monday 10 9 06

Blue photoforum151572009
Monday- the day you swore you were up and dressed for work, only to realize you had actually hit the snooze bar and rolled over.. again.

Kate Moss Is Miss X

Katemoss1 agent provocateur 60

The rehabilitation of Kate Moss' career continues, as she follows in the footsteps.. bra cups?.. of Kylie Minogue as the face (and body) for Agent Provocateur Lingerie.
The company's website will feature a series of brief videos over the next few months starring Ms. Moss in 'Dreams of Miss X'.

How (un?)covered it.

Babes In Space

Ever see the reruns of the old series Battlestar Galactica?
Cheesy, right?
Ever see the new one on the Sci-Fi Channel? Not a damn thing like the original- trust me.

Bad guys in the original:

Bad 'guys' in the new one:
Tricia Helfer:

Grace Park
grace park110160v

Battlestar Galactica's new season starts Friday on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Evangeline Lilly Is Still LOST

Wouldn't you think by now her character's weekly wardrobe would be down to her bra and panties- if that? Oh. Right. All that luggage from the deceased passengers on the plane. Which, is probably a good thing, otherwise you'd have to think about Hurley being in the same situation..
The news season starts this coming Wednesday night on ABC
Evangeline Lilly at IMDb