You Can Be A Knicker Picker

Wait for the lovely lady to walk into view below..

Gee, you ask, What If you could see an attractive model demonstrate how that particular bra or pair of panties would look on a real, live girl before you buy them? will save the day (or, your girlfriend from throwing ill-conceived lingerie sets at you). Go ahead, try clicking Turn Around. Don't neglect Come Closer.

And do make sure you try Walk Back. Those high heels mixed with the lingerie in what passes for a real life setting have an interesting effect, no? (and neither my girlfriend nor I are that much into the whole high heels-and-lingerie thing).

It's just one more of those swell Web 2.0 appies we hear so much about, but for which seldom have any practical use. One more reason for the Net to exist, courtesy of the fine folks at

Did we mention the Jog feature for the sports bras?:

You may have to go to the site for that feature to work, but I'm guessing you can make the time for a quick jog over there.. (No heels!)

Sex & The City: Lingerie by Cosabella

coabella lingerie sex in the city carrie black rose bra panties

Cosabella has come up with a collection inspired by the Sex & The City characters tied in to the new movie, opening this weekend. The Carrie collection, inspired by Carrie Bradshaw ( Sarah Jessica Parker), includes a balconette bra, lowrider thong panties, bustier and comes in a pattern Cosabella calls Black Rose.

Below from the Samantha collection, inspired by Samantha Jones (Kim Catrall) has the bra, lowrider thong panties and a garter belt in Passion Fruit. What little I do know of this show tells me that's about right for Samantha.

coabella sex in the city samantha lingerie peach bra thong panties

Next is the camisole and PJs top from the Charlotte collection, inspired by Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis). Also included are a lowrider thong and long pajama pants.

coabella sex in the city charlotte lingerie white camisole pjs

Last, but not least is the Miranda collection, for Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) with a moulded bra, thong and hotpants boy shorts in a violet blue.

cosabella miranda sex in the city lingerie blue bra boyshorts panties

Part of E!'s exhaustive coverage of the movie included this feature on the lingerie collection:

And, the movie's trailer:

Now, you may wonder how I would know this much about SATC.

1) You would've had to have been living under a rock to have missed if not the show, the hype about the show when it was first out.

2) See above regarding the movie.

3) If Lingerie is involved, I'm interested.

4) I may as well be informed if my girlfriend will be dragging me (silently) kicking and screaming to see the damn thing. Of course, if any of them end up in - or out of - said lingerie, it might be worth it.

Especially after we get home from the movie..

Red, White & Blue Monday 5 26 08

For the U.S. Memorial Day Holiday. Have a happy & safe one!

FLAG 3dflagsdotcom_usa_2fawl
..and remember those who served and sacrificed..

fufL May Flowers Lingerie Week / Saturday: Yesica Toscanini

Lingerie underwear Yesica Toscanini Intimissimi Spring 2008 flowered bra panties

Argentina's Yesica Toscanini finishes up fufL May Flowers Lingerie Week with a bra and panty set from Intimissimi's Spring 2008 collection. Can you tell it's going to be a great rest-of-Spring and all-of-Summer?

fufL May Flowers Lingerie Week / Friday: Petra Nemcova

Lingerie underwear Petra Nemcova green pink bra panties

Ms. Nemcova has an expression on her face most of us do by most Fridays: 'Finally!' Though, I'm sure most of us look far worse by week's end than she. To those taking off for the Memorial Day Weekend holiday in the U.S., have a safe one! But, we're not done with May Flowers Lingerie Week. One more post for tomorrow is yet to come.

fufL May Flowers Lingerie Week / Thursday

Lingerie underwear pink flowers bra bikini panties Asian

She's more than cornered; she's cornered our attention in today's featured flowered fashions.

fufL May Flowers Lingerie Week / Wednesday: Adriana Lima

Lingerie underwear Adriana Lima yellow pink flowered bra panties

View the week as half way through, or half still to go; it's still good to see Ms. Lima in her pretty petaled bra and panties.

Blue Monday 5 19 08

Lingerie underwear Catrinel Menghia removing blue jeans blue and white flowered bra and string bikini panties

Catrinel Menghia starts off a week of May Flowers lingerie.
You may wonder why fufL features blue undies each Monday. (Work with me, wonder for the sake of this post). My girlfriend's had a number of sets similar to the one above on Ms. Menghia. It's not necessarily a color or design she favors, but one which certainly favors her. Thus, why seeing her in blue is never Blue.

Eva Mendes Vogues In Lingerie

Lingerie, underwear, Even Mendes, Steven Meisel, Italian Vogue, bullet bra, stockings, sliding out of skirt

The May 2008 Italian Vogue features actress Eva Mendes in various states of undress and lingerie.

 Lingerie, underwear, Even Mendes, Steven Meisel, Italian Vogue, black panties, stockings

Ms. Mendes has been photographed similarly before, but this is significant because some of the photos in the issue are topless

eva_mendes_vogue_big top
..which, of course, being fufl is a non-nude blog, we can't really show here..
eva_mendes_vogue_big bottom

But they're also significant because they're by photographer Steven Meisel, who'll be responsible for Eva's photos for the new Calvin Klein underwear campaign, due this Fall. So far, the only good reason I've heard to rush through Summer. Until the, enjoy these.

Lingerie, underwear, Even Mendes, Steven Meisel, Italian Vogue,  panties, corset

Nikki Cox In A Black Lace Bustier

Lingerie underwear Nikki Cox black lace bustier in bed
Nikki Cox is no longer on NBC's Vegas (which is no longer on the air.. hmm, one related to another?) Her movie with husband Jay Mohr isn't out yet, so why this post? Because it's Nikki Cox in a black lace bustier.


Lingerie underwear Alex Sim-Wise black lace bra panties redhead

Sim-Wise is:

A) Someone who's worn out several hard drives and eaten up all available memory playing Sim City/The Sims.

B) A character in LOTR.

C) A rather ravishing redhead who you may see on late-night TV in the U.K. or on the net doing really strangely funny stuff.

If you cheated (or just clicked on the first link in this post) you'll know the correct answer is C. Alexandra Sim-Wise was a FHM Magazine's 'Student of The Year' for 2004, where she got to do this lovely Lingerie Buyer's Guide:

'Hi, I'm Alex Sim-Wise, and I'm from the moon'

Next, she was Playboy U.K.'s Cyber Girl of 2006 (juuuust guessing there's nudity at that link). All of this may pale in comparison to her project for, In Bed With Sim-Wise (alas, no nudity, just wholesome strangeness):

I'll do a separate post someday as to how I was made aware of Ms. Sim-Wise, but I will tell you I was surfing for something else, and was eventually lead to her MySpace page. After laughing my ass off for several minutes reading it, my girlfriend had to ask what was so damn funny. So I showed her. She proceeded to laugh her ass off as well. I'd say it's not for everyone, probably funnier than In Bed With Sim-Wise, and you will need at least a half hour you can waste uninterrupted to read it if it (as a stereotypical Brit might say ) suits your fancy. You'll definitely fancy Sim-Wise. And not just because she looks fantastic in lingerie.

Bon Appétit

Lingerie underwear pin-striped lace bra string panties stockings Asian restaurant

I don't know if she's the Manager, Hostess, Wine Steward(ess?) or Waitress, (maybe even the Main Course?) but she's inviting one hell of a good tip.

Blue Monday 5 5 08

Lingerie underwear Irina Sheik blue bra panties icicle garter belt fishnet stockings

Irina Sheik's blue lingerie ensemble above would almost seem to have a chilling effect. I say 'seem', because the opposite is obviously the case.

Carmen Electra: Another Happy Belated Birthday

I think she wants help unwrapping a present..

Lingerie underwear Carmen Electra Green string panties camo ribbon over breasts
Ms. Electra had a birthday and got engaged last week. Some people are just over-achievers, but even so, a Happy Belated Birthday is in order to the women with one of the best pair of eyes on the planet (shame on you if you thought of something else, first..)

carmen bd22