Happy 2010!

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You don't have to swing from a chandelier, in or out of lingerie from Naory's Primavera Estate line, but here's to hoping you had a great New Year's Eve, and you'll have a Happy New Year.

The Power of Personal Appearance

Your clothing and grooming affect the way you think, feel, behave, and the way others react or respond to you. A positive personal appearance allows you to think more positively about yourself and other people. You can’t afford to feel self-conscious or full of self-doubt. A positive personal appearance is a fast, effective way to boost self-confidence and overcome anxiety regarding ability or acceptance. When you appear attractively dressed and groomed you feel more comfortable, confident, and productive.

An image consultant provides image management services that help individuals understand the impact that their appearance communicates to themselves and others. Your appearance is the only thing immediately obvious to other people, you can’t hide it. If you want to change your life or the relationships in it, you need to do an honest assessment of yourself and the image your project. Don’t hold yourself back and take the necessary measures to project a powerful personal appearance!

Erika Chloe Personal Stylist - Paris Fashion Week

Blue Monday 12 28 09

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The last 2009 Blue Monday at fufL, and Norway's Jani Askevold looks great, but a little down. She shouldn't despair, and neither should you; the first Blue Monday of 2010 is only a week away.

Paris Hilton sexy

One More To Unwrap

And, wouldn't you like to unwrap any of the above (models or Vicky's lingerie)? I thought of doing a post about this spot, or tacking it onto one of the other VS posts of late, but I'll pass it along to you here. You've probably seen this ad directed by Transformer's Michael Bay a lot this Christmas season, but in case you haven't, or would like to check it out one more time..

Treacle of Confessions of a Lingerie Addict (formerly Stockings Addict, take note) left me a comment about it, and I'll repeat my reply here:

..shown during the Fashion Show, and with the fun excess, it seemed to fit right in. After all, how many castle staircases can you have a lingerie model run down (bounce down?) every year?
; )

BUT- and my girlfriend and I both noticed this at the same time - we were watching some other Christmas special, and the same commercial came on. A bit out of context? While we think it's fun, we wondered 'what the hell do some other people watching this special think when that comes on?' LOL


Decorating in Red for Christmas 2009

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A red Rose named Pania decorated perfectly for the season in Myla. A Merry Christmas to you and yours from frankufotos Lingerie.


very popular indonesian model name TRINTANIA is very hot sexy indonesian model
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Denise Milani We Love you!

Denise Milani
Denise Milani

Denise Milani
Denise Milani

Paris Hilton Amazing Wallpapers

Paris Hilton Beautiful Face Wallpaper
Paris Hilton Amazing WallpapersParis Hilton Sexy and Amazing Wallpaper
Paris Hilton Amazing Wallpapers

Panty and Bra thief while hang bra

Bra Underwear Hang

Bra Underwear Hang

Women's Bra and Underwears hanging outside the aparment. Beware of perverts use to steal women panties and bra.

There are a lot of thieves, a bra fetish everywhere. Take a extra notice if you want to hang your bra in the hanger. Keep your undies far and safe inside from people's reaching.

Paris Hilton Very Hot Wallpapers

Paris Hilton Sexy and Very Hot Wallpapers
Paris Hilton Very Hot WallpapersParis Hilton Amazing Face Wallpapers
Paris Hilton Sexy Wallpapers
Paris Hilton Very Hot Wallpapers

Viña Machado: Christmas Candy?

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Colombia's Viña Machado is wearing a Christmas-candy-striped bra and bikini panties set by histoira de amour . If that gives you flavorful ideas, and she's agreeable, enjoy!

Jarah Mariano: A Baby Doll for Christmas

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Maybe not the baby doll you'd expect under the tree, but the peppermint-accented Ms. Mariano would be gladly accepted, we're sure. Remember: no unwrapping gifts early..

Fit Boys and Sexy Hunks in Wet Bikini

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Sheer Lingerie For Sale - Underwear Fashion Show

There are times when women feel that there is a need for them to have a makeover. Some go about this by changing their hairstyle or changing their wardrobe. What most of these people overlook is that they can also do this by changing their lingerie collection. Any clothing item, no matter how small, has a huge impact on a woman's confidence. What seems to be trivial would still have influence because makeovers are also much about changing their attitude. For instance, changing how a woman carries herself would have weight on her attitude. This can be simply illustrated by having a woman wear an ensemble that she does not like. Even if it is quite comfortable and even if other people don't seem to mind wearing it, they would feel queasy, irritable and shy away from the crowd. A woman who is about to get married would buy lingerie for the special day and it does not really matter if no one would see it. This is because fashion is much about how a woman feels about herself when she is wearing those specific items.

Knowing how important each piece of clothing is, it would make sense that lingerie should not only be limited to special occasions. A lot would point out that it would be quite impractical considering the cost of designer lingerie pieces. However, with the expected impact it would have on a woman's overall disposition, it would be worth a try. Women can take advantage of sheer lingerie for sale for adding different sets of lingerie to add to their collection.

They can choose a piece or a set according to the comfort and support it gives them. Most women also choose depending on when they plan to use it. If it is intended for everyday use then it would make sense to stick to those that would have lesser use of ruffles and strings. Mainly, women should base much of the designs according to their fashion lifestyle. For instance, those people who always don tube tops and tube dresses should understandably forget about straps for their lingerie. Just the same, those who always like wearing thin shirts should forget about embellishments such as buttons, fancy jewels and strings as those would be noticeable underneath a shirt. Meanwhile, if the brassiere or corset top is intended to peep from the top, then the more details, the better.

It does not follow that there would be limited options for sheer lingerie for sale. The truth is that there is no such thing as seasons when it comes to lingerie as they can be used all year round. Other clothing items would often be on sale during certain months such as end of the season. Meanwhile, lingerie does not exactly follow trends. Even designer lingerie is quite flimsy so it is all a matter of taking care of the pieces. Sheer lingerie for sale does not necessarily mean that it can only be used a few times and be thrown away. Moreover, it kind of makes sense to use it for a short while and replace it with a new set. It would be a lot of fun for women.

Source : http://ezinearticles.com/?Sheer-Lingerie-For-Sale-Underwear-Fashion-Show&id=3213730

Who Says The First Day Of Winter Is Ugly?

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In the Northern Hemisphere where frankufotos Lingerie makes it's home, the Winter Solstice has arrived. Who knew she was so beautiful?
Blue Monday returns next week.

Ayumi Hamasaki Wacoal Bra Advertisement

Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎 あゆみ) is a Japanese pop female diva singer and actress, and may be the most famous Japanese female singer outside Japan. As a trendsetter, she is often considered a fashion icon and always awarded as "Most Fashionable Female Artist" by media.

Ayumi Hamasaki is considered has 2 personality : innoncent angel face, but sometimes can be looks so naughty devil "girl next door". Also in Ayumi latest wacoal bra advertisement. May be this is the first time Ayumi fans can look her boobs so open and only wears a bra. The photos are taken so artistic and professional. Don't afraid of nose bleeding.

On her branded Wacoal bra advertisement, Ayumi looks so beautiful and sexy, and the brand logo "Trust Me" looks to persuade her female fans to also wear the bra.

Photos of Ayumi Hamasaki in Wacoal Bra Advertisement pictures :

ayumi hamasaki japan wacoal bra

ayumi hamasaki japan wacoal bra

ayumi hamasaki japan wacoal bra

ayumi hamasaki japan wacoal bra

Watch 濱崎步內衣廣告花絮~making of Ayumi Hamasaki Wacoal bra underwear ad video here

Gisele Bundchen Joins the Very Sexy Moms

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With due respect to that Timberlake guy, with Gisle Bundchen around, no one really needed to bring Sexy back; it never left. Even though she's not officially a Victoria's Secret Angel anymore, she's done some work for Vicky's this year:

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Gisele Bundchen, Sexy, photo shoot, strapless, bra, panties, 2009,

She also officially joined the VSMs List when she and husband Tom Brady welcomed a boy, named Benjamin.

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Fantasty Bra, Gisle Bundchen, jeans,

Enjoy a few flashbacks, to Ms. Bundchen and one of the annual Fantasy Bras, a few behind-the-scenes types photos and some catalog memories.

Lingerie, underwear, Gisele Bundchen, Victoria's Secret, catalog, cover, sheer, yellow, bra, panties,

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, catalog, IPEX, Gisele Bundchen, brown, bra, hipster, panties,

Lingerie, underwear, Gisele Bundchen, Victoria's Secret, brown, bikini, panties, white, blouse, unbuttoned,

Lingerie, underwear, Gisele Bundchen, Victoria's Secret, brown, bikini, panties, white, blouse, nice ass,

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, Backstage, Photoshoot, black, sheer, garter belt, stockings, bolero, sweater,

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, backstage, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, black, sheer, bra, panties, nice ass,

And somehow Ms. Lima's made another cameo appearance this week.