White Lace Sunrise

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Don't think of it as a post for the sunset of another week; think of the above lady slipping down her white lace lingerie as being at the sunrise of another great weekend.

Unwrapping Aida Yespica

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If Ms. Yespica was unwrapped much further, I don't think we would be able to post it and keep our non-nude status..

A Reminder From fufL..

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National Underwear Day 2008 is next Tuesday, August 5th. Don't say we didn't give you notice to wear something special under there..

(Under where? We just made you say.. meh; you get it, I'm sure..)

Blue Monday 7 28 08

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It's not impolite of her to stare at you that way.. especially when you consider how you're staring at her in her lingerie..

Eva Mendes In Calvin Klein: May We See Your Seductivly Comfortable Bra And Panties, Please?

Lingerie underwear Eva Mendes Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort black lace bra panties

As WWD, among others have reported, the preview of
Calvin Klein Underwear's new campaign starring Eva Mendes is out.

The new line, out this September, is called Seductive Comfort, and it's a perfect fit for Ms. Mendes in more ways than one:
I wear [Calvin Klein] G-strings all of the time on the red carpet and when shooting for a film because you don’t see the [panty] lines,” Mendes said.
And, we're happy for the below demonstration..

Lingerie underwear Eva Mendes revealing Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort white bra pantiesLingerie underwear Eva Mendes Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort creme  bra panties Lingerie underwear Eva Mendes Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort brown bra panties

The new campaign is photographed by Steven Meisel. I can't say I know the gentleman personally, but I'll take a wild guess that he's probably never complained about heading off to work a day in his life.

Lingerie underwear Eva Mendes Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort purple  bra panties

All-in-all, quite the nice way to start the third year of posts on frankufotos Lingerie.

Panty-hose Is a Hit Of This Season.

What we should wear panty-hose with? In fact panty-hose IS NOT a "passive" addition to our atire any more. It became a domitating thing in ensemble. This season a panty-hose is a thing from your wardrobe that will help you in your the most courageous experiments.

Cosy heat.
Synthetics and kapron. It is so good that these fabrics are unfashionable for a while. Soft cotton, gentle wool and other natural materials are preferable. You will feel very cosy when it's cold and your clothes will not electrify.

Good combination.
Dense panty-hose will look marvelously with knitted capes, crocheted cardigans, woolen dresses picked up in tone. If your outer clothing is neutral combine panty-hose with gloves and scarfs.

Dense stockings demand massive shoes, volumetric boots, thick heels.

Woolen stockings - woolen things. Light skirts and transparent blouses are inappropriate.

1. Versace 2. D&G 3. Gucci 4. Gucci

frankufotos Lingerie Makes It Two (Years)

Lingerie underwear two girls removing blue white bras panties second anniversary frankufotos Lingerie blog

It's always nice to find people as into (or, in the case of the two young ladies above, coming out of) lingerie as much as we are at frankufotos Lingerie blog. After two years and more than 400 posts, there's a lot of lingerie to see - browse through if you've just discovered us, or, if you been reading awhile, take a trip down memory lane by going through the archives. Thanks for all the hits and especially the comments!

Colorful Sariana Lingerie for Summer?

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Although, if you saw the above sight in the dead of winter, I doubt it would be any less cheerful. Their site: Sariana

Abigail Clancy, Enlightening In Lingerie

Abigail Clancy, bikini, blonde, bra, high heel shoes, Lingerie, panties, purple, string, underwear, violet

If not for her own radiance, Abigail Clancy of Britain's Next Top Model fame might be lost in the dark in that particular bra and string bikini panties set.

Lingerie, underwear, Abigail Clancy, purple, violet, bra, string, bikini, panties, high heel shoes, blonde

Maggie Gyllenhaal 'Shocked' at Underwear Pics

Lingerie, underwear, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Agent Provocateur, black, lace, bra, panties
From Digital Spy:

Maggie Gyllenhaal has revealed that she was shocked to see pictures of herself in her underwear after posing for Agent Provocateur.

The Secretary actress, 30, modeled for the lingerie firm's 'The Adventures of Miss AP' campaign, but said she was unprepared for what the job entailed.

She told Metro: "Somehow I hadn't understood that there'd be all these pictures of me out there in my underwear. I did it as an art project. ote>

"They asked me to do it and I said yes, but somehow I never put that together with the fact I’d have to stand around in my underwear getting my picture taken. The pictures are very tongue-in-cheek and have an irony about them, it’s not the same as doing a Victoria’s Secret ad. I felt like I was playing a character, someone who wasn’t me."

However, she added that she and her husband, actor Peter Sarsgaard, were thrilled with the final product, saying: "I was looking at them with Peter, saying: 'I don't look like that - that underwear is really good!'"

'That underwear' may be good, but perhaps Ms. Gyllenhaal needs to reassess her opinion of herself. Wonder what the chances are she might be similarly (un)attired as Rachel Dawes in the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight, opening this week (July 18th in the U.S.)?

Catching Up on July Reading - Part 2: Marisa Miller in Lingerie for Maxim

Lingerie, underwear, Marisa Miller, July 2008, Maxim, cover, black, bra, panties, Stephan Würth, <br />

In the July 2008 issue of Maxim Marisa Miller talks about topping their Hot 100 of 2008.

Lingerie, underwear, Marisa Miller, July 2008, Maxim, black, bra, panties, Stephan Würth, <br />

While she's flattered, she doesn't seem to take it all too seriously.

Lingerie, underwear, Marisa Miller, July 2008, Maxim, black, bra, panties, Stephan Würth, <br />

The great thing is, while Ms. Miller has always been rightfully celebrated for her many swimsuit photos, this issue adds something woefully needed in the photographic world: More pictures of Marisa Miller in Lingerie.

Lingerie, underwear, Marisa Miller, July 2008, Maxim, green, black, bra, panties, Stephan Würth, <br />

The cans here don't quite to the stunning photography justice, but the original photos in the issue are by Stephan Würth.

Bra Fake-Out

Lingerie underwear Cinthia Moura silk fuschia bra panties black lace inserts

No, not the type that involves misleading you about what a bra might contain, but it's actual appearance. Lingerie, commercial model and aspiring actress Cinthia Moura demonstrates a great feature of the bra and panties set above. To wit: with the proper (or, in this case, improper) blouse, she may lead one to expect a hott, lacy black bra and panties set were she to disrobe, when in reality her lingerie would be even hotter. My girlfriend is not one to openly flash too much lace in public, but I'm happy to say she's pulled off - so to speak - a similar arrangement for my eyes only more than once.

Blue Monday 7 7 08

Lingerie underwear Miranda Kerr blue bra hipster brief panties Blue Monday

If Miranda Kerr is wearing a T-shirt bra, does that make the matching panties T-shirt panties? As in, all she'll be wearing with her bra and panties would be a long T-shirt? Discuss.

Catching Up On July Lingerie Reading: Gisele Bundchen in GQ

Lingerie underwear Gisele Bundchen black bra July 2008 GQ magazine cover

In an interview with GQ's Nate Penn, Ms. Bundchen talks about modeling 'boys underwear', voguing for Vogue, and reluctantly, some football player. (hey- read it at the link, this is fufL, not TMZ).

Lingerie underwear Gisele Bundchen Calvin Klein white cotton tank top men's briefs July 2008 GQ magazine

She could just about do for Calvins what she did for Vicky's when she was with them..

Lingerie underwear Gisele Bundchen Calvin Klein grey cotton men's briefs July 2008 GQ magazine

Photos by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin for GQ.

Lingerie underwear Gisele Bundchen Calvin Klein white cotton tank top men's briefs July 2008 GQ magazine