Blue Monday 6 30 08

Lingerie underwear blue bra hipster briefs blonde

Not a stretch to say those in the U.S. can look forward to a short week because of the upcoming July 4th weekend. Hopefully, unlike the lovely blonde in the blue lingerie above, it won't be too distracting.

fufL June Wedding Lingerie Week: Saturday

June Wedding Lingerie Teresa Moore white lace bra bikini thong panties

One Moore, literally: Teresa Moore in a beautiful white lace bra and panties set with flower features and stripes. If most bride appeared at their weddings this way, no one would ever notice the bridesmaids' dresses, no matter how bad they were. Even in Seafoam.

fufL June Wedding Lingerie Week: Friday

June Wedding Lingerie white lace bra hipster brief panties brunette

A high-cut panty and low-cut bra should work for most wedding gowns. Especially if you forget the gown.

fufL June Wedding Lingerie Week: Thursday

June Wedding Lingerie Dasha Astafyeva white lace bustier bikini panties stockings

Dasha Astafyeva, getting to make the bridesmaids happy with the bouquet above, and the groomsmen happy with the garter below.

June Wedding Lingerie Dasha Astafyeva white lace bra bikini garter panties stockings

fufL June Wedding Lingerie Week: Wednesday

June wedding Lingerie underwear white lace bra hipster briefs panties brunette

A great ensemble for a white wedding, isn't she?

Update: In case your bride (or you) would be looking for this set, it's 'Capri' by Sariana.

fufL June Wedding Lingerie Week: Tuesday

White lace Wedding Lingerie underwear bra brief panties veil brunette

Why would you even need the dress over this white lace bra and brief set? Just the veil and down the aisle she goes. No train to trip over, either.

BTW, I can usually source the lingerie maker and the model, but in this case I'm at a loss. Please feel free to fill me in if you know either the manufacturer or her name by commenting on the post - Thanks!

Blue Monday 6 23 08

Lingerie underwear blue sheer see-through bralette nipples skirtini thong panties blonde

Maybe she finds Summer a little too hot for even a soft cup bra. Perfect solution? A sheer bralette. The skirtini over her thong just makes it all a little more formal. That, and the 'something blue' make it perfect as we borrow a few pictures from the net for a week of June Wedding Lingerie, starting tomorrow on frankufotos Lingerie.

Girl Gone Wild?

Lingerie underwear animal print fuschia bra panties tiger print boots brunette
If not her, certainly her bra, panties and boots.

(oh, let's see how much fun the search engines have with that text..)

Blue Monday 6 16 08

Lingerie underwear Elena Santarelli blue bra string bikini panties

Elena Santarelli is a runway model, aspiring actress, a presenter on Italian MTV's TRL, and luckily enough for us, occasionally a lingerie model.

Lingierie underwear Elena Santarelli blue bustier styring bikini panties

Feel Like Your Back Is Against The Wall?

Lingerie underwear black bra sheer thong panties garter belt stockings brunette

Relax. Take a deep breath. Stretch like the lingeried lady above. You'll get everything done by day's end. After all, it's Friday.

Blue Monday 6 9 08

Lingerie underwear blue Valisere german fascinante bra panties

It's my birthday. A present I wouldn't mind: my girlfriend in the above lingerie from Valisere. After all, I did read somewhere something about lingerie being like a gift wrap on a girl..

Michelle Monaghan: Honorable In Lingerie

Lingerie underwear Michelle Monaghan black hipster panties white blouse on couch

So far, my girlfriend has not dragged me to see Sex And The City: The Movie (me thinks she may wish a ladies night on the town with some friends for that one). But we did see - and enjoy - Made Of Honor with Patrick Dempsey and the above-and-below-pictured Michelle Monaghan. Not becuase it wasn't a knock-off of My Best Friend's Wedding; it pretty much was.. with far more plot holes through which one could drive a Mack truck.

Lingerie underwear Michelle Monaghan black boy shorts sweater

However, it did have a great relationship with the lead characters, and when they weren't trying to be cute but show them as compatible best friends, we did get a kick out of seeing stuff and fun conversations that might have been from our own lives. I will say it managed to find a better way to get the leading lady down to her lingerie than the fun-but-gratuitous shot of Julia Roberts' character in Wedding.

Lingerie underwear Julia Roberts black lace bra briefs My Best Friend's Wedding

Alhough I haven't seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I understand Ms. Monaghan is far less attired in it than in Honor. Even if she wasn't, based on her performance in Honor, and the photos here, I wouldn't mind seeing more of her in the future.

Leticia Cline: Why Not Jill Boxers?

Lingerie underwear Leticia Cline seafoam green Joe Boxer bra boy shorts panties
Maybe it's the same idea of a hott girl wearing a man's dress shirt (and little else). Ms. Cline looking quite fine, thank you in Joe Boxer, as she does on many other occasions.

Vida Guerra In The Pink (Lace)

Vida-Guerra- pink

Some pictures are just iconic. Some, even while great, are over-exposed. That was the original reason I never did post the above pic of Vida Guerra, even though I've had it on my hard drive since fufL started over a year and a half ago. I came across it again wile trying to organize (HAH!) my collection of lingerie photos a bit better. By not doing a post with it,I'm wasting a perfectly great picture of Ms. Guerra in a pink lace bra and thong panties.
And a rather smashing ass, but, more people probably are already aware of her bubble butt than voted in the American Idol Finale. Again, does that mean a perfectly great lingerie photo should go to waste? I think not..

More? Check out her MySpace page or her official website.