We Come Not To Praise Thongs, But To Bury Them

If you've read earlier posts, you'll know it's my contention that white- even white cotton- can be quite sexy. For the purposes of comparison, we'll use all white lingerie for this treatise.

I am not saying thongs are the death of sexy lingerie. More than a few girls, and many a guy, would argue with that. My girlfriend does wear a few, but fewer than she used to, especially since boy shorts have becoming more popular [a future post on them, I promise]. And she lives more in cotton bikinis- bikini briefs, and the under-appreciated string bikinis as well.

lingerie underwear blonde white cotton t shirt jockey for her sting panties

[Jockey for Her Elance® String Bikini]

See the girl below- clearly wearing a thong, even though seen from the front.

lingerie underwear candid girl white thong panties bra camisole

I doubt that her friends are laughing because her ass isn't attractive; more like unexpected - thus, en-bare-ass-ment?

There's something about the contours of the female form's backside lightly covered, thus highlighted and enhanced by that 'last fabric' before none. To wit:

jockey underwear ad girl white full back cotton panties bra guy briefs
Think they're selling it only for him? I doubt it.

lingerie underwear blonde looking over shoulder white bra full back white panties asslingerie underwear blonde looking over shoulder white bra full back white cotton panties ass lowering jeans

Not sexy? Especially in the second photo- there's that 'extra door before' with full coverage.

lingerie underwear Ester Canadas white cotton panties lying on bed
[Ester Canadas]

You've come home from a long day and there she is, stretched out on the bed. Damn it! She's wearing what some mistake for Granny Panties! That's it; you're turning right around and heading for the neighborhood tavern until she comes to her senses.


And, if you've ever had the pleasure of her dressing -or undressing- and padding around half way, the this view isn't alien or unwelcome, and I think makes my point.

lingerie underwear girl back view shirt no jeans white cotton panties nice ass

[I truly do wish I could credit her in the above foto; my girlfriend's face is quite different, she's taller, and her hair is almost past her waist, but that caboose is a dead-ringer.]

As always, you're welcome to disagree; post comments below

Seeing Red

lingerie underwear Kylie Minogue red bra black red boy shorts panties

Kylie Minogue
The place just needed a splash of color.

Too much black with the red? Ok:

lingerie underwear Kristanna Loken Utopia red bra boy shorts panties
Actress Kristanna Loken

Still too dark? How about a little daylight?

lingerie underwear Suzuka Rin sheer red bra string thong panties

More light?

lingerie underwear Kasami Nakane red bra bikini panties

Too much? Picky, aren't you..

Ok, Just Right:

lingerie underwear red bra panties Asian

Why Lingerie and Underwear?

I couldn't possibly say it as well as the author does in this abridged Forward; some lines my emphesis:

Ultimate Undies: Erotic Stories about Underwear and Lingerie (The Fetish Chest)
by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor), and Christopher Pierce (Editor)

What Lies Beneath,
byRachel Kramer Bussel

When it comes to underwear, I just can’t get enough. I have so many bras and panties to fill several drawers, and am always on the prowl for more. There’s just something so alluring about clothes you put on by yourself, that nobody else will see unless you choose to share your private treasures with them. Underwear and lingerie cling to our most private parts, and can be our naughty little secret under a business suit, or a bold statement when worn provocatively. They can taunt, tease, stroke and caress. Sometime a glimpse is all you need to reel you in, to make you want to feel what’s happening right below the surface of those boxers or that camisole.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Our underwear goes places no other item can reach, curving, bending, moistening, as we do. It feels our arousal before anyone else, knows precisely when we start to get wet or our cocks swell. Our underwear is a barometer for our lust, enhancing our pleasure by teasing us with its presence. For some, it’s a cornucopia of underwear that we love, diving into a pile of soft, sensuous materials. For others, we have one specific passion, one kind of frilly plaything that always turns our heads and we, or our lovers, must wear that item before we can get off. The fabulous Panties: A brief history by Sarah Tomczak and Rachel Pask gives a history of the rise and breadth of these playthings.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Underwear can be a private luxury for you to treasure alone, or something that you let peep out from your jeans or shirt, luring the viewer in, making them picture you naked . . . almost. A puckered nipple pressing against the sheerest of fabric, or a stiff cock barely contained by the fabric trapping it.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The authors in this volume understand that what goes on inside our underwear is something to be valued. Stroking a hard dick or a wet pussy through someone’s underwear is a tease-you’re so near, yet so far. You can pinch and stroke, fondle and jiggle, offering the promise of fingers slipping beneath a fold but still holding out. Our underwear moves with us, and is usually the last thing we remove before getting totally naked-if we even do at all. Characters like those in Lynne Jamneck’s “Never Take It Off” understand the allure of keeping our undies on, even during sex.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

These characters use their underwear to tease their lovers, and sometimes to surprise them.
These men and women know that underwear can be our signature style, our trademark, the thing that our lovers will remember us by all those years later. The last item we take off before bed (sometimes) and the first we put on to get dressed. There are so many kinds of underwear-boxers, briefs, crotchless panties, thongs, and add in lingerie you’ve got even more to choose from. So many of us rip our underwear off in the heat of the moment without taking the time to appreciate just how many secrets your underwear has heard, how much panting, writhing, and just plain lusting it’s seen.
For me, underwear simply says sex. I have friends who walk around every day without panties, whereas for me, I’d feel simply naked, and not in a good way.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Wearing my little secret close to me all day, knowing that someone special may get the chance to run their fingers up, up, all the glorious way up to press them against my panties, to ask permission to go inside, or to simply press them against my sex until I can’t stand it anymore, is one of the most divine rituals I know of. Sometimes my whole day’s mood is set based on what bra I’m wearing. We try to decode our lovers’ personalities by the undies they were, and sometimes we’re right. Getting there, where you’re almost naked, where your desire can be seen through the most intimate of apparel, is a journey worth taking.

The author's website

Back to Full Color

Lingerie underwear bra brunette girl front of dress falling showing orange lace bra cup strap off shoulder

Do not adjust your set. Or hers..

Then Again..

Christy Turlington, Calvin Klein, Lingerie, underwear, bra, panties, cotton, bikini, black,

[Christy Turlington, in Calvin Klein]
Literal B & W can be quite sexy.

Lingerie, underwear, bra, panties, cotton, bikini, panties, white, dress shirt, glasses,

And more proof of the earlier treatise that simple white cotton panties - with a crisp white cotton shirt - can be as sexy as the nicest black lace. My girlfriend tends to 'borrow' a few of my boxers to use as sleepwear. Maybe I can talk her into trying a dress shirt over her cotton bikinis next Winter.

Kylie as Calendar Girl

Kylie Minogue, Lingerie, underwear calendar, bra, panties, peach, December,

What? So the day/date portion's out of date. A- think of it as one of those Perpetual Calendars; it'll eventually come back around. B- if you're focusing on the calendar portion of a photo of Kylie Minogue down to her bra and panties, you require more help than I can provide you.

Speaking of B & W..

Lingerie, underwear, bra, panties, blonde, back-lit,

The dark and the light; A rather pleasing mix.
Though, from the looks of her - or the look she's giving, I'd imagine she doesn't put up with too much..

Proof Lingerie Can Brighten the Darkness

Petra Nemcova, Lingerie, underwear, bra, panties,green, white, purple,

Not that finding her in the dark undressed as such would be a terrible thing..

Model: Petra Nemacvoa

Big Sister Is Watching

Lingerie, underwear, pink, bra, girl, unhooking bra, undressing, television, nice ass,

Do you blame her?

Not That Black Can't Be Quite Hott

Lingerie, Almudena Fernandez, black, lace,

They say Black can be quite slimming. Is less more slimming?

Lingerie, underwear, Alessandra Ambrosio, black, string, bra, panties,

Umm.. No; not that she needs it.

Models: Almudena Fernandez; Alessandra Ambrosio

Plain. White. Cotton. Panties.

Lingerie, underwear, white, cotton, panties, Asian

Unquestionably Underrated Underwear. And don't tell me you're checking out the brand of toothpaste the young lady is using.

A Day Without Adriana..

 Lingerie, underwear, Adriana Lima, lavender, lace, boy shorts, panties, topless,

A friend on another site I frequent says that any boy shorts 'look hott if they're on Adriana Lima's ass'. Who am I to argue with her?

Flowers Men Would Love To Receive

Lise Charmel  Lingerie underwear flowers bra panties brunette

Guys, don't deny it.
Model: Catrinel Menghia; Lise Charmel Lingerie

BTW, I don't know the name of all the models I'll be posting here, but if I do, I'll list them.
I'll also credit the name of the site on which they're found, if I think they're original to that site.

If you own the copyright on any picture I post and wish it removed, please simply ask via the comments section.

A Brief Word

Lingerie underwear Marisa Miller Victoria's Secret flowered cotton panties briefs

Many guys - and girls - believe even bikini briefs are for 'old maids'. I'd beg to differ. These could hardly be the 'granny panties' from Briget Jones' Diary.

Model: Marisa Miller in Victoria's Secret