Blue Monday 07 30 07

Bunko Kanazawa wet Blue and white bra and bikini panties
Bunko Kanazawa,
1> refusing to be stressed by a Monday,
2> demonstrating that many a bra and panties set can double as swim wear,
3> they can look much more interesting if they become wet.

That Look In Her Eyes

Either someone's in trouble, or about to have the night of their life.

Lingerie underwear pink lace black trim bra string panties brunette

Laetitia Casta Says Happy Birthday To frankufotos Lingerie

A French pastry for our anniversary? How nice.

Lingerie underwear Laetitia Casta purple satin bra flower petal bikini panties in kitchen cake
You may not believe that's what she's writing on that cake, but then, I don't believe it's been one year and 226 posts since I started this blog, either. I believe we can agree to enjoy the picture of the lovely and nicely decorated Ms. Casta.
To the many who have checked out frankufotos Lingerie over the past year, who have bookmarked the site, left a comment or just silently enjoyed the stunning pictures and put up with the amateurish writing, Thank you!
Please feel free to leave comments, recommend the site to others or vote for it wherever that applies. I'll try to give you another year that allows you to spend some time well wasted on-line, and celebrates Lingerie.

frankufotos Lingerie: A Look Back At Year One

I'm amazed to say tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of fufL. I had originally made this mash-up to be the first of several I was going to upload to YouTube, but, guess what? It's a proprietary format to the fine folks at Photobucket. Thus, no go. Enjoy it here as a review of some of our earlier posts. And, if you want to get an idea of where all this is coming from, you could go back to this early fufL wonderfully-written post. And, I can say that, because I didn't write it; it mainly quotes Rachel Kramer Bussel, who was even nice enough to comment back and not take a newbie to task for using so much of one of her columns without asking.

Jessica Biel & Chuck & Larry

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry stars Adam Sandler and Kevin James as two New York City Firefighters who pretend to be Gay to collect domestic partner benefits. The um..

..the hilarity ensues when the City doesn't buy their story, and.. umm..

..the lovely Jessica Biel plays attorney.. who has to help them with their case.. (how is it she doesn't have higher billing in this movie?)

As always happens in real life, she gets soaking wet in the rain, strips down to her bra and striped cotton string bikini panties, and insists Sandler's character feel her breasts to prove that they're real.

Plus, they all end up at a costume party where she wears the outfit Halle Berry should have worn in Catwoman


To help promote the movie, though she isn't wearing lingerie, Ms. Biel wears not much else in a rather nice layout in the July 2007 issue of GQ Magazine

jessica_biel_2 150

This points to two observations of Ms. Biel, one obvious, one not-so-obvious.
1> The Obvious: She's Frickin' Hott.
2> The Not-So-Obvious: She has a much better sense of humor about herself, and appearing near-naked on-screen than many of us would have suspected.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry opens July 20th, but the trailer and the following clip with the crucial scenes of the movie have been floating around You Tube for some time, now.
Click Play and enjoy..

Care to make a guess as to how many DVD players will have burned-out Pause and Slo-Mo function when it comes out on the home market?

Also of note: When Ms. Biel was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week to flog the film, they got on the subject of dares. She did a little Karaoke, but declined to stand on her head. She said it wasn't because she was wearing a dress, but because she was wearing her Granny Panties that night. So, if she was wearing her string bikini panties from the movie, she would have done it? I know Vicky's delivers, but can they do it in 30 minutes or less?

And, Jessica Biel wears Granny panties - ever? You learn something new every day..


Just so you know: I try to do at least four posts per week; sometimes fufL will have more if we're doing a theme week. Thus, why we've already had four for the week. My girlfriend and I actually managed to get several days off work together for long weekend, so it's ROADTRIP time!
I'd tell you to have at least half as much fun as we will, but you've never seen us lingerie shopping for her.. or what follows.

No Blue Monday for July 23rd, but I promise I'll make it up to you in time to celebrate the one year anniversary of frankufotos Lingerie next week.

Posh + Becks + Underwear.. Barely

Victoria, David, Beckham, W, Magazine, posh+Becks, cover,

David and Victoria Beckham continue their assault on the U.S. to let us know they've arrived from the U.K. in the latest issue of W Magazine. Will they make Soccer as popular in the States as the rest of the known universe? Knowing the U.S., probably not.

lingerie, underwear, Victoria, David Beckham, W, Magazine Posh+Becks, in bed, briefs, undressing, corset,

Will they become as known here as in the rest of the world? Oh, I don't doubt it.

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria, David beckham, Pos+Becks, W, Magazine, in bed, white, briefs, unzipping, corset, back,

BTW, she's wearing mainly Agent Provocateur lingerie in the photos, and he's wearing mainly Dolce & Gabbana briefs. And, you may not know it, but his is the first male image** I've allowed to appear in fufL and I post it for a couple of reasons. a> You have to admit, they're pretty hott together. b> Though I love lingerie on my girlfriend, I do have an underwear fetish myself. c> I wear a mix of boxers and briefs - more briefs than boxers. Why? I think they're more comfortable.. and hotter when she removes them from me one thread at a time. d> Though my girlfriend already finds briefs on a guy hott, I understand a number of girls say they only like boxers on guys. If Mr. Beckham's ass in white cotton briefs changes one young lady's mind about that, their work in America, and mine in this post is done..

lingerie, underwear, Victoria, David beckham, in bed, white, briefs, boots, W Magazine,

**CORRECTION: It seems I had forgotten a fufL post from last year regarding National Underwear Day. Ah well; Graduate after four years of college, and your mind turns to mush one year out.
It does serve as an excuse for an early reminder that this year's 5th National Underwear Day will be Tuesday, August 7th.

Summer Lingerie: Petra Nemcova

Lingeire underwear Petra Nemcova Intimissimi brown bllue bra panties butterliesSummer Lingerie: Petra Nemcova
True, Ms. Nemcova may be wear a bra and panty set from Intimissimi's Spring Collection of a few years back, but it still fits. Here, and her, presumably.

BTW: Not only is Ms. Nemcova appearing in a new campaign for HP Computers,

But she's also hosting a new series for tlc called A Model Life.


Sarah Silverman Does Hanes And Everything Else Her Way

Lingerie underwear Sarah Silverman black lace bra white Hanes Her Way panties jeans unzipped
Not only is the above-unzipped Ms. Silverman returning as a guest star on the season premiere of Monk tonight on the USA Network; her own The Sarah Silverman Program has a mini-marathon July 21st (10pm Eastern) on Comedy Central.

Pretty Lingerie Vs. Regular Underwear

Lingerie underwear flower and lace pretty bra brunette

My girlfriend talks about wearing either 'pretty' bras and panties vs. daily, plain underwear. As we've shown on this very blog before, plain white cotton can be quite Hott; but I'm not against seeing something like the bra above when her shirt comes off.

Rosa Blasi Does Not Practice In Pretty Bras And Panties

Lingerie underwear Rosa Blasi orange yellow bra bikini panties Strong Medicine Lifetime TV

I should qualify that with 'that we know of'. Ms. Blasi plays a doctor on a Lifetime TV series called Strong Medicine. I think I've seen five seconds of it. For all we know, she's wearing this or even hotter lingerie under her scrubs or lab coat. Now if she were on House, I'd see her every week. Though, from her state of undress above, one might get the idea she'd be more at home on Grey's Anatomy.
Frankly, looking at her picture again, I doubt Ms. Blasi needs much practice with her bras and panties; but she's welcome as much practice as she wishes..

rosa blasi18RL
rosa blasi18DL

Blue Monday 07 02 07

Lingerie underwear blue bra panties briefs on bed blonde

Wasn't there some song, Blonde On Blue ? How about Blue On Blonde ?

(Actually, I'm informed it's Blonde Over Blue, but close enough to post the above picture, right?)