Labor Day Weekend 2007 Red White & Blue

Have a happy and safe one to all those celebrating!

Lingerie underwear see through red lace bra panties blonde
Lingerie underwear see through white lace bra
Lingerie underwear blue lace bra panties Asian
American Flag waving

Fly The Very Friendly Skies.. Of Ícaro? -or- The Panties In Ecuador Stay Mainly On The Plane

According to Reuters:
'An Ecuadorean airline has come up with a risqué way of attracting customers - they have put models in lingerie in the aisles.

Ícaro airlines is putting underwear fashion parades on several national flights for a two-week special.

All passengers on Ecuador's most well-traveled route from the capital Quito to the port city of Guayaquil will be treated to a 10-minute sky-high show.'

Obviously, mixed reactions, but I'm guessing no one complained about them cutting back on the little packages of airline peanuts..

Sarah Shahi Gets Life

Lingerie, underwear, Sarah Shai, pink, bra, bikini, panties, removing, sweater, kneeling. chair,

NBC has announced it's picking up a new series called Life , co-starring Sarah Shahi of The L Word and The Sopranos fame. You may remember we told you it was a possibility, or that we featured her lovely lingeried-form last Fall.

Her wardrobe will be a bit more subdued on Life:

Sarah Shai, Life, NBC

But fear not; even fully clothed, she does cut an interesting figure..

Sarah Shahi, tight, green, skirt, sheer, white, top, see through, white, bra,

As she demonstrates above, she seems to be a woman who knows her way around her bras, and probably will always be wearing a quite nice lingerie ensemble no matter how she's dressed - or undressed. When is that first episode where she gets to go 'undercover', anyway?

Lingerie, underwear, Sarah Shahi, topless, white, lace, boy shorts, panties, in bed,

Life debuts September 26th on NBC.

Lingerie Classics: Elle Macpherson

Elle means 'she' in French, but Elle Macpherson could certainly be Australian for 'she who is gorgeous'.

Lingerie underwear Elle Macpherson white bra panties
Lingerie underwear Elle Macpherson black bra panties

While Ms. Macpherson may be quite known for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos, I'd say she looked pretty fantastic in lingerie, even before she had her own line of Elle Macpherson Intimates.

Lingerie underwear Elle Macpherson white bra panties kneeling

Blue Monday 08 27 07

Lingerie underwear Fabiana Tambosi blue stretch bra thong panties

Brazilian Fabiana Tambosi has modeled lingerie for intimissimi, various apparel for Guess, and graced magazine covers world-wide.
We're happy she can make Monday a little less blue for you on fufL.

To Rahi Or Not To Rahi?

That is the question. Depending on the site, you'll find the young lady in crimson lingerie listed as either Yamila Diaz, Yamila Diaz -Rahi or both.

Lingerie, underwear,  Yamila Diaz Rahi, crimson, red, silk, bra, bikini, panties,

I'd say, as long as you can find stellar pictures of her like the one above, it's all good.

To The Producers Of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry:

Yes, I understand that Adam Sandler and Kevin James are the stars. But are you really happy offering this free wallpaper at the movie's official site?


Sure, you've already made about $110 Million, but you'll soon be out of the top ten after only a month.
How much more would this weekend's grosses be if you reminded people the movie also stars the lovely-and-at-one-point-mostly-undressed-down-to-her-lace-bra-and-cotton-string-bikini-panties Jessica Biel?

jessica-biel-cl-24CC wall

Consider this just another Public Service of fufL.

Lingerie underwear Jessica Biel bra striped cotton string bikini panties I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Then again, maybe this was just a warm-up for a future movie of hers called Powder Blue, in which US Magazine reports she'll be wearing a lot less.

Doesn't Wearing An Orange Bra..

..defeat the purpose of wearing camouflage panties?

Lingerie underwear bright orange bra camouflage thong panties redhead

Maybe that's her quota of safety orange?

Lace Cut Vs. Low Cut

For full coverage or showing off a little lace behind her blouse; nice either way.

Lingerie underwear White bra and panties set lace inserts fantasie Lingerie by fantasie.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Loves Hawking Her Hanes Her Way Bras And Panties

Lingerie underwear Jennifer Love Hewitt Hanes Her Way blue bra

behind the scenes:

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Love's interview about the commercial:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Love, we believe you already; you really really love your Hanes. We're just happy you show us your support so often. So to speak..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

See more off the commercial photo shoot (if there can be anymore to see) here. And, do play 'The Bad Bra Toss Game' while you're there.

Blue Monday 08 13 07

Lingerie, underwear, Jennifer Lopez, JLo, blue, lace, pearl, encrusted, bra, bikini, panties, Blue Monday, fufL,

Is it a Blue Monday for Jennifer Lopez? That may depend on the weekend box office for El Cantante, but it's hard to feel blue after looking at the above picture of Ms. Lopez.
Either way, she and her real-life and on-screen costar Marc Anthony will be on tour this Fall.

I'll Bet The Skirt She Was Wearing Looked Hot, Too

 Lingerie underwear tiny white blue lace up panties pink top pokies auburn hair
I'm sure that was your first thought when you saw the young lady in that top and her little lace-up panties..

Happy National Underwear Day 2007!


Maybe you don't feel the need to strip down and join twenty female and twenty male underwear models in New York City's Times Square to celebrate the 5th National Underwear Day, but you can live vicariously by watching them do it.

Imagine the cell phone call home: 'Mom! I've made it in the business! I'm in NYC, in Times Square in my bra and panties! Mom? What do you mean, what business am I in? Mom? Mom? ..damn dropped calls..'

'It's National Underwear Day, sir- here's some literature on it, and.. Sir, really, we're here to model for you, not the other way around.. and honestly, no, I didn't know they made Underoos in adult sizes.. yes, the Wonder Woman briefs are quite.. um, fitting.. sir, can you please pull your pants up?'

'I haven't a damn clue about anything he's said; I just hope he keeps talking, and I don't get a neck injury trying to look like I'm not looking down'

'Am I on the Jumbotron yet? What about now? Now?'

'What I Did On My Summer Vacation'

May that someone special see you in your underwear today. Hopefully, you won't be in news footage being perp-walked into the police station for indecent exposure at the time.

National_Underwear_Day logo

Blue Monday 08 06 07

Lingerie underwear Adriana Lima blue satin bra string thong panties

Nice hairstyle for Ms. Lima, isn't it?
I'm sure that's what you're focusing on this Monday..