Gisele Bundchen: Lingerie Legend

Gisele Bundchen black and red baby doll and panties

For some reason, I believe that I have only one or two pictures of Ms. Bundchen in any of the fufL posts, relating to her former employer, Victoria's Secret. A glaring omission on my part, certainly. Let's try to make up for a small bit of that here, shall we?

Gisele Bundchen yellow lace bra and panties

Is yellow the new black, btw?

Gisele_Bundchen purple and blue bra and panties
A studio's been trying to come up with a new Wonder Woman movie; even though it's not the traditional costume, if Gisele wear that bra and panty set with the bracelets, all she'd need is the lasso. Tell me that wouldn't sell tickets. And, she is looking to do a bit more acting these days..

Gisele Bundchen red bra lace panties

Allow yourself some time to check out official site; you'll find plenty to peruse. If you like the last three scans above, you'll love, an incredible resource for all things Gisele.

Summer Lingerie

white bra and bikini panties with flower accents brunette Summer Lingerie
If there is such a thing, this would be it. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy the first day of Summer. If you're anywhere else, you can still enjoy the lady's summer lingerie.

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Lingerie underwear black lace bra string thong panties Asian

Blue Monday 6 18 07

Lingerie underwear Alina Vacariu blue bra panties blonde

Does Romania's Alina Vacariu match her bra and panties to her decor, or her decor to her bra and panties?

That Would Be A Great Wallpaper Design

Lingerie underwear striped brown bra panties brunette
Miss, would mind removing them and hanging your bra and panties on the wall? No, really; just a decorating idea I had..

Or, you could just use this picture as your computer's wallpaper..

Calvin Klein: Cool Lingere, Hott Ads

Lingerie underwear Natalia Vodianova Calvin Klein bra string thong panties

Mr. Klein has done much for underwear and lingerie, and the models in his campaigns, like Natalia Vodianova above, have as well. More about Ms. Vodianova in a future post.

Wicked Weasel.. Workwear..?

You may know Wicked Weasel for their swimwear, but did you know they make Lingerie as well?

Lingerie underwear Wicked Weasel Workwear red cotton thong panties brunette
Specifically, '667 Hipster Hatch Workwear cotton knickers'.

Makes you wonder
1> where this would be 'workwear'
2> if they're open to the general public.
Modeled by the more-than-lovely Nadine.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Says Bada Bing & Bye to The Sopranos

How's this for a last episode? Everyone who isn't whacked is whacked except for Meadow Soprano, aka Ms. Sigler, and next season on HBO she's the owner and main dancer at The Bada Bing Club on The Sopranos: The Next Generation
OK, if not that, she plays an actress who does lingerie spreads in magazines..

BTW, you might want to check out Ms. Sigler's charitable site.

Updated: Considering how the show did end, wouldn't the above idea have been more fun, after all?

A Question For Mythbusters

Lingerie underwear Harumi Nemoto open blouse black bra upskirt white panties
If an elevator falls too quickly, will a hot girl's clothing almost come off?
Harumi Nemoto is available for the scientific tests.

'A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you.' -Fran├žoise Sagan

Lingerie underwear Katherine Heigl dress coming open blue lace bra panties Knocked Up movie Grey's Anatomy

Katherine Heigl of Grey's Anatomy stars in the movie that opened #2 this past weekend. Give her a break; it was up against Pirates III, so #2 and $29 million bucks is not shabby. The movie? Knocked Up, which one could find one's self if she looks like Ms. Heigl and falls out of dresses as nicely as she does.

From the Internet Movie Database:

USA Weekend Box-Office Summary
week of 1 June 2007
Rank--------Title------------------------Gross: ThisWeek--Total
1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End------$43.2M---$217.0M
2 Knocked Up------------------------------------$29.3M----$29.3M
3 Shrek the Third-------------------------------$26.7M---$255.0M

While I'm happy for Ms. Heigl, I'm also happy this reminded me I'd been meaning to post this above picture of Ms. Heigl for sometime, along with he above fitting quote.
This fall, it's back to Grey's (most probably; with all you hear about that show, place your bets). Her next movie?
Something called 27 Dresses.

Got Blue Monday? 6 04 07

Lingerie underwear blue cotton panties thigh socks Asian spilled milk
Milk: It does a body good. Usually more good on the inside than the outside, but you know what they say about not crying over spilled milk..