Jessica Alba Says Good Luck Chuck

In which Ms. Alba drops her jeans, shakes her nicely-pantied rear at Dane Cook,

Lingerie underwear Jessica Alba blue panties undressing Good Luck Chuck
hops into bed and gives him that come-hither look

and the plot complication is he really, really loves her, so he doesn't want to sleep with her. Right. It hardly helps when she keeps losing her clothes and showing off her undies at the drop of a dress

Lingerie underwear Jessica Alba tiny penquin panties losing skirt Good Luck Chuck
(are those damned penguins everywhere these days?)

Good Luck Chuck opens September 21st.

EDIT: I guess the studio doesn't want to sell any more DVDs since they took the trailer off of You Tube ('No, we don't want FREE advertising!')


Do you ever wonder if they tell the
cover girl what some of the head lines might be on her cover?

'His #1 Sex Fantasy - Jessica Alba - Hel-lo, Gorgeous!'

Which is better than seeing:
'My boyfriend didn't change his boxers for 3 months!'

Um.. Ew?