Vanessa Minnillo To MTV's TRL: CYA

Vanessa Minnillo panties Maxim

Ms. Minnillo said about the same to all but her bra and panties in the October 2005 Maxim, too..

Vanessa Minnillo bra panties Maxim

As she told People Magazine:
"I had my four years there like high school or college," Minnillo, 26, said Tuesday at a benefit for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. "I'm ready for the next chapter – what it is, I have no idea. [But] I don't want to be 48 saying, 'Hey kids, now it's Sean Preston Spears's video.' "

Vanessa Minnillo bra Maxim

As fantastic as Ms. Minnillo looks in the above bra, I think we have evidence that she's no slave to always being bound by lingerie below (on TRL)..

Vanessa Minnillo MTV TRL braless pokies

And, no offense to the magazine's photo staff people, but I think MTV's makeup people understand the idea of not 'gilding the lilly' a bit better.