Playboy To Kristine Lefebvre: 'You're Hired!'

OK, you think of another title for this post that every other blogger, website and 'news' organization hasn't already beaten into the fine dust of cyberspace. As Ms. Lefebvre says on her own website:

Kristine Lefebrve site Playboy announcement bra panties

While you're at her actual site, check her charitable links, what she has to say about her time on The Apprentice and more.
After gazing at Attorney Lefebvre in her pin stripped bra and panties, a familiar thought came to my mind.. No, not that
familiar thought! Does her business lingerie seem familiar? It should, since it's similar to that worn by the lovely young lady in this fufL post dated November 1, 2006. I'm proud to say, we were apparently ahead of the lingerie curves.. uh, curve.

BTW Links:
Playboy Magazine
The Apprentice

Kristine Lebefrve Playboy photos black bra panties garter belt stockings removing suit top and skirt