Paula Patton, May We Please See Your Bra & Panties?

Lingerie, underwear, Paula Patton, white, bra, bikini, panties, open blouse, pulling down pants, undressing, May We See, fufL Esquire,

Ms. Patton is clearly beautiful, and very accommodating to the request (which was actually for an Esquire feature, original photography by Matt Jones). In a short time, she's also built a great resume, starring in films like Hitch, Deja Vu, as Ms. Rain in Precious, and she's currently on-screen in the wedding comedy Jumping The Broom. If that's not enough, how about being be in the next installment of The Mission Impossible franchise? I'm no critic, but I just have some idea she's on her way to being a major star. You may find who she's married to interesting; I find it more interesting that they reportedly met each other at age 14 and 15 and ended up married as adults (so, I'm a sappy romantic...)