T-Shirt & Panties Week: Hilary Swank

Lingerie, underwear, Hilary Swank, t-shhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifirt and panties, white, ribbed, cotton, tank top, braless, thong, panties, fufL, black and white, smile,

Hilary Swank in black & white. I don't know if it's the eyes, that smile, or the white cotton ribbed tank top and panties - this photo may be in black and white, but it seems radiant enough that you'd think it's in color.

P.S. I had already written and planned this post when I came across this story. My girlfriend said something similar as one of the commenters: 'I wish I was not that pretty as her'(No worries; she is). My take: Ms. Swank is in front of cameras for a living. The woman who said what she did? In front of a microphone. Read it 'in context' and you make the call.