Commercial Week: Cintia Dicker For Aerie - Too Racie?

As with yesterday's post, some lingerie commercials are classics. Too early to tell if this one from American Eagle's Aerie will be one, but it's for their Summer 2011 Pretty Is Everywhere campaign, starring Brazil's Cintia Dicker. The website Lingerie Talk (one you should be following, by the way) takes note of some attention the above ad is receiving. Too racy? Check it out and let us know what you think. The You Tube posting has 180 or so thoughts on the matter.

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And maybe Ms. Dicker's Aerie Emma Floral Extreme push-up bra and panties ensemble can be a slight extension of our May Flowers Week.


Cintia Dicker, smiles, freckles, redhead,

No offense to any other image in the video, but I had just finished the post and was closing windows when I happened to notice where I'd paused the video by chance. Tell me that's not a great image right there.