muslim dating masters degree online education Early Theories Of Translation - Flora Ross Amos

masters degree online education Early Theories Of Translation - Flora Ross Amos

THE MEDIEVAL PERIOD From the comment of Anglo-Saxon writers one may derive a not inadequate idea of the attitude generally prevailing in the medieval period with regard to the treatment of material from foreign sources. Suggestive statements appear in the prefaces to the works associated with the name of Alfred. One method of translation is employed in producing an English version of Pope Gregory\'s _Pastoral Care_. \"I began,\" runs the preface, \"among other various and manifold troubles of this kingdom, to translate into English the book which is called in Latin _Pastoralis_, and in English _Shepherd\'s Book_, sometimes word by word, and sometimes according to the sense.\"[1] A similar practice is described in the _Proem_ to _The Consolation of Philosophy_ of Boethius. \"King Alfred was the interpreter of this book, and turned it from book Latin into English, as it is now done. Now he set forth word by word, now sense from sense, as clearly and intelligently as he was able.\"[2] The preface to _St. Augustine\'s Soliloquies_, the beginning of which, unfortunately, seems to be lacking, suggests another possible treatment of borrowed material. \"I gathered for myself,\" writes the author, \"cudgels, and stud-shafts, and horizontal shafts, and helves for each of the tools that I could work with, and bow-timbers and bolt-timbers for every work that I could perform, the comeliest trees, as many as I could carry.Download Early Theories Of Translation Now!