Blue Monday 05 16 11: Candice Swanepoel & Erin Heatherton Tweet

Lingerie, underwear, Candice Swanepoel, blue, lace, bra, bikini, panties, Victoria's Secret, Blue Monday, fufL,

A week or so ago I was checking the Tweety (as Craig Ferguson would say) when I noticed a post from Doutzen Kroes that Candice Swanepoel (above) had officially joined twitter. The launch of Candice marks a good time to do that. Then last week, I noticed a tweet from Ms. Swanepoel that Erin Heatherton (below) had come aboard as well. We mention this A) so those who'd like to follow them can B) so those following any bogus accounts claiming to be them are warned (nah, who'd have any bogus twitter accounts?) and C) it gives us a great excuse to run a double-strength Blue Monday of both lades, each wearing Vicky's, of course

Lingerie, underwear, Erin Heatherton , blue, lace, slip, in bed, Victoria's Secret, Blue Monday, fufL,