fufL Sunday Extra(s): Glasses, Miranda's Knickers, and Yours

In case it escaped your reading (it pays to know where you've left your glasses) Miranda Kerr has mentioned to the popular Press she's most comfortable when she's 'just in knickers'. Well, of course, you say. What she means is, around the house. With her husband and new baby. And when, you know, company drops by and she answers the door that way.

One thing I never did in college was deliver pizza, but I'd really like that gig in Ms. Kerr's neighborhood about now..

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My girlfriend says even she'd deliver pizzas to see that..

Secondly, there's an old saying, 'Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses'.

These boys are idiots.

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Being I wear contacts most of the time myself, I understand some peoples' skepticism over the fashion sense of glasses. It's taken awhile, but I think I've finally convinced my girlfriend she looks quite hot when she's wearing her glasses. With lingerie or anything else. If you're not still convinced, stick around for this coming week's posts on frankufotos Lingerie

Finally, as of today, we're two months away from one of the biggest days of any follower of this blog's calendar: National Underwear Day (don't say we didn't give you enough warning).

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By the way, you can sign up with Freshpair.com, the holiday's originator for a chance to win not a small bit of smalls (free underwear)..