Womens' Lingerie: Marketed for Men or Women?

Almost the chicken-or-the-egg question to some, from what I've read of on-line discussions. Maybe even a question worthy of Ms. Treacle or Ms. Slip, but I'll ask it because A) I get to answer it. It's clearly both, but it has to satisfy both or it's an Epic Fail. Ever see the scene near the beginning of the movie Working Girl where Melanie Griffith's character is given some lingerie by her boyfriend, who insists on her modeling it for him? She is clearly not enamored of this lingerie, and obviously feels cheapened by the whole incident. The boyfriend is oblivious. But, if it's something you both like and enjoy (however briefly), it's done it's job, hasn't it? First accepting the premise that it's quality lingerie, successful marketing should make the women feel great about being in the lingerie, and being seen it in, if she so chooses. It should also get the proper response when a guy sees the woman in it. If it's, 'she's beautiful/hott/sexy, etc' and that's what she wanted, great. If it's 'wow, what a **** [insert word you wouldn't want used to describe you here], she's my toy!', not so much. But please feel free to discuss in the Comments below.

Oh, what was B)? It's an excuse to post a couple wonderful shots of the above-interviewed Bar Refaeli that resulted from that Greg Kadel photo shoot for Passionata.

Lingerie, underwear, Bar Refaeli, Passionata, checkered, bra, black, suspender belt, stockings, red, high heels, Greg Kadel,

Lingerie, underwear, Bar Refaeli, Passionata, White Nights, bra, panties, swing, balloons, white,

Lingerie, underwear, Bar Refaeli, Passionata, red, bra, lace, boy shorts, panties, Greg Kadel,

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