Irene Wan Bek Ha Hong Kong Mature Actress Bra Photos

Irene Wen (Wan Bik Ha) is a famous Hong Kong film actress and had acted in several Hong Kong Cat III film. In 1996. Irene Wan shocked the Hong Kong film industry while she starred in semi porn movie All Of A Sudden with simon Yam.

Today, Irene Wan is over 40s. But her face is still beauty as long as her sexy body. Irene Wan is a mature sexy woman. Everybody will be shocked if knows she is already 43.

Recently, Irene Wan endorsed a hot underwear. She is very temptating, sexy hot with a charming mature woman feeling.

Irene Wan Profile
Name: 温碧霞 / Wan Bek Ha
English name: Irene Wan
Real name: 溫碧玉 / Wan Bek Yuk
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1967-Jab-31
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 164cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood type: O

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