lightweight sweatpants bikini contest Top 3 Nightclubs in Cancun For 2010

lightweight sweatpants bikini contest Top 3 Nightclubs in Cancun For 2010
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Cancun is known as the party capital of Latin America and it is not without good reason. A heady mix of tequila, bright lights, and Spanglish accents fill the hot, humid air 365 days of the year in the Cancun party zone.Over the thirty years Cancun has been a major tourist destination fads and fashions have changed, and so have the nightclubs in Cancun. Where once there were palapa roofs with rickety dance floors now stand modern day super clubs that rival anywhere in the World.The Party Zone as it is called, is located at Kilometer 7.5 along the single dual carriageway road known as Avenida Kukulcan that runs the length of the strip. Signs are clearly marked and buses run by in each direction almost every minute. When you arrive at the Party Zone you will more than likely be approached by people trying to sell you bracelets for the various clubs and bars. The way the clubs operate are that once you purchase a bracelet then you are admitted free and can enjoy the open bar all night until close. Bracelets cost around $50 and the clubs open around 11pm and can close as late as 6am, so just go careful on that tequila!Here is my rundown of the top 3 nightclubs in Cancun for 2010No 3. Dady O.Dady O is one of the oldest clubs in Cancun and its design is supposed to recreate a mysterious cavern which after millions of years submerged in the deepest Caribbean Sea, emerges. The club holds around 3,000 people and boasts state of the art lighting and sound, blasts of CO2 effects and three dimensional laser show and invigorating music played by the best DJs around. Thursday night is the famous Cancun Bikini Contest and Friday night is 80s and 90s night. With capacity for 5,000 people, The City is Cancuns largest nightclub.No 2. The City.The City is the newest super club in Cancun having opened on January 30th 2004. The club resembles an arena with tiered levels and a huge stage at the front which has been graced by the likes of 50 Cent, The Black Eyed Peas, Sasha, Tiesto, Fergie, Ludacris, Paul Van Dyk, and many more internationally famous stars. The City also has a huge cinema screen and the self claimed biggest disco-ball in the world and a variety of Cirque de Soleil style performances and shows take place every night.No 1. Coco Bongo.Coco Bongo takes my vote as the No 1 nightclub for 2010. Suitable for s of all ages the fantastic circus performances would not be out of place in Las Vegas. Coco Bongos unique concept is a fusion of artist impersonators, Cirque de Soleil, and crazy waiters. There is always something going on and if you blink you might just miss it. Soap bubbles ticker tape and balloons pour from the roof as the mix of old favourites and hot Spanish rhythms attract tourists and locals alike in their thousands every night of the year.

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