maternity swim wear swimsuits for women The Ideal Beach Workout For Women Giving You Your Perfect Bikini Body

maternity swim wear swimsuits for women The Ideal Beach Workout For Women Giving You Your Perfect Bikini Body
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This summer rather than getting stressed about how fat you look in your swimsuit, why not try the new beach workout on the beach itself? With a few squats and dips, and the right kind of diet, you will be ready to show off your toned, muscular body within weeks.Whats even better is that this routine is designed to cater to women with inflexible, busy schedules. That means no gym equipment or dedicated workout time. You can fit this into your schedule even during your business trips and between parent-teacher meetings and play dates. So what are you waiting for?ExerciseYou will need a skipping rope, a small sand dune or hill and a park bench for your beach workout. Sunscreen, a hat and a bottle of water are of course needed too! Your warm up can start with the jump rope or jogging in the same place for about three to four minutes. Then start with some squats of three sets with twelve reps each. This will help with thigh toning. Follow this with some more skipping for another two minutes and then some push-ups. You can either do this on your toes or on your knees if you are a beginner.Do this as two sets of twelve reps and go in for a third rep till you get exhausted. Gradually you will find yourself able to go through the third round as well with increasing ease. You can also clench your buttock muscles while during this for a good bum workout, though this is not absolutely necessary.After the push-ups, you need to do another round of skipping before you start doing stomach crunches. About three sets of twelve reps each should suffice to tone up your stomach and pelvic area. Remember not to strain your neck as you do this and support it gently using your hands. Once you are done with this, use the skipping rope again for about three to four minutes to cool down. You can then end with some stretches, which will complete your beach workout.DietIn addition to your beach workout you need to make a few changes to your diet to ensure that the exercise you are doing and the muscle toning becomes clearly visible. Without a controlled diet, no matter how much you exercise, there will always be a layer of fat covering your toned areas. Start eating a diet rich in protein and fiber while gradually reducing your intake of carbohydrates. It is important however to not discount carbs completely as they are required in small quantities to help digest your food.Keeping a diet log is also useful as you are less likely to cheat and eat the wrong food when everything is plainly written down. The smaller the meals you eat, the better your weight loss. This will also help increase your metabolism while tightening your stomach muscles. Remember to cut down a maximum of 500 calories per day from your diet. Anything more than this could mean dehydration and malnutrition.Especially in the warm summer months you dont want to get yourself ill in your attempts to look good on the beach. Which is why you need to ensure that you are drinking adequate water and fluids to recharge your body. And lastly start looking at yourself carefully in the mirror. An appraising eye without being overly critical is what you need to help identify the weight you have lost. If you cant see any changes even after a week or two then you might need to modify your diet or exercise schedule.With it being a given that women have more problem areas to deal with than men, it is imperative that you try and extend this routine through the year. In the right proportion and with the right focus, the combination of a beach workout and a healthy diet will go a long way in giving you the toned body you desire.

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