Lady Gaga - V and VMAs

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Much has been made of Lady Gaga's big night at (the U.S.)MTV's Video Music Awards, or VMAs. Less has been made of La Lady and just the letter V - as in her appearance wearing even less (with Gaga, anything is possible) on the cover of V Magazine's New York Issue 67. Checking the credits, good sport and designer Marc Jacobs provides his own tux; Lady G's bra and panties are by Calvin Klein and what's left of her dress is by Louis Vuitton. The photos by Mario Testino Among the other credits? 'Torch by Haus of Gaga'. No surprise; everyone knows she's crafty.

By the way, about that now (in)famous meat dress she wore? Perhaps those that saw the cover of Vogue Japan related.

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I've heard of edible lingerie before, but you usually don't have to grill it first.
As far as the black bra and panties look, based on the photo below from her twitpics, it seems to be a recurring theme

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If you're in a picture with KISS, and they're in full stage makeup and costumes and you still upstage them..

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