Happy 25th Birthday To Me!

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So, with all the fancy lingerie pictures I have stored on the frankufotos Lingerie hard drive, why would I pick one of the young lady above? Not that she isn't quite appealing, just not as well-known or exotic as some of the more famous models we normally feature. Like I've said in a fufL post before, there are a few things that do remind me of my girlfriend.

One would be the shape and color of her eyes, especially. Another is her underwear. Now, if my girlfriend and I share any hobby or fetish, it's one for lingerie and underwear. We've both helped each other build pretty nice collections, and many a day when whatever outerwear she's wearing comes undone, I'm quite liable to find a satin or lace bra and panties set underneath matching her red top and grey skirt, maybe black silk or especially something in her favorite - blue or blue flowers-on-white (see how those Blue Monday posts started, now? I'm no fool; I go with her, don't I?)

As I've mentioned before, simple white cotton panties can be quite striking, too. And it does break up not the sameness of fancier lingerie, but it adds a variety. Not to mention, it's a whole lot less expensive, and something more likely to succumb to another of our fetishes - being slowly ripped from her curves in shreds. And I'm more likely to have plain cotton briefs removed in a similar fashion than, say, black silk boxers she got me for our first anniversary.

Lingerie, underwear, Victoria's Secret, cotton, bikini, panties, creme,

I'm guessing, but I doubt if your girl drops trou or skirt (or lets you do the honors) and you find a similar pair of cotton panties whether from Vicky's, Jockey For Her, Marks & Spencer or Hanes Her Way, you're not going to tell her you'd rather go for a hamburger right about then.

I'll leave it up to you how I'll be celebrating today, but as long as it's with her, trust me, it'll be even more fun than you're thinking..