Lynhthy Nguyen - Sexy Vietnamese Top Model

Model: Lynhthy Nguyen

In which city were you born?
Redlands, CA

Where do you call home?
Corona, CA and now for the past 3 years the Irvine/Newport Beach area for school

What is your ethnicity?

Tell us a little bit about your personality. Are you outgoing, shy, selfish, or sweet?
I'm quite the extroverted one. Sometimes I'm a little too comfortable with new people I meet. I drink water and I recycle. I freaking love breakfast burritos, sushi, steak, cheese, Goldenspoon, and fruit. I'm really random like what the ... random. I like little tiny/travel/mini sized things. I'm very indecisive and impatient. I like math! I think it's fun. I'm very open. Dancing's my absolute passion: I love it, live it, and breathe it. I love laughing until your stomach hurts and you're on the verge of peeing in your pants. I'm easily entertained. I'm big on texting. I am the biggest procrastinator you'll ever meet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being at the beach more than anything in the world. Spelling errors bother me. I'm your typical bad Asian girl driver =(. People say I'm gullible I prefer sweats or booty shorts over real clothes. I'm down.(UNLESS there's a midterm/final/something of that nature). Um, so yeah that's me for you!

How long have you been modeling, and is there any model who has inspired you?
I wouldn't exactly call what I do modeling just yet since I only had my first photoshoot in May haha. For now, I'm a go-go dancer extraordinaire =). I've been lucky enough to meet some amazingly down to earth names in the industry who are even more beautiful in person. I can honestly say the more girls I meet, the more I'm inspired I've learned something new from almost each and every one of them.

What music are you listening now?
None? I have the TV on right now, but I'm getting into house lately.

When you're not modeling, what are some things you do in your spare time?
I'm a dance machine. Oh, and I also go to school at UC Irvine and am in a sorority during the school year so that keeps me pretty occupied. I go to the beach and on random adventures whenever possible.

If you could meet and fall in love Mr. Prince Charming, what would some of his traits have to be to sweep you off your feet?
I think I just might have met him already. He's pretty hot, funny, extremely intelligent, witty, honest, loves me, canoodles, and handles me )

Give an example of when you used your sex appeal to get what you want?
Uh, free drinks pretty much all the time? haha

What are some of the movies you can watch over and over?
Mean Girls! Juno, Superbad, Zoolander.

What are three things you take on a plane?
I haven't flown too much lately, but for sure my Medicated Chapstick brand chapstick. I don't need much else.

What are some of clothing brands you wear often?
Guess, stuff from Nordstroms, and Victoria's Secret if that counts.

What projects are you working on now?
No &quotproject" in particular, just setting up some future shoots.

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
Probably Doug... banging on a trash can...

What are your long-term goals?
To &quotlive the life I love and love the life I live"- have a career that I really enjoy where I can live comfortably and in the future provide for my family without worry.

Do you have a favorite quote, If so what is it?
Mac MacGuff: And this, of course, is Juno. Mark Loring: Like the city in Alaska? Juno MacGuff: No. I just like it because I think it would be funny if I did it. &quotMy name's Lynhthy (linty)." &quotOh, like linty belly button." &quotNo." HAHAHA