Monique May - Sexy Asian Top Model

Model: Monique May

In which city were you born?
Tarzana, CA

Where do you call home?

What is your ethnicity?
Bolivian, Thai, & Chinese

Tell us a little bit about your personality. Are you outgoing, shy, selfish, or sweet?
I'm a gemini...which describes me pretty well actually. A lot of people think I'm shy when they first meet me, but if you take the time to get to know me I can be extremely outgoing. I love going out and partying, but at the same time I cool with just chillin...kickin back and just watching some good ol' Adult Swim.

How long have you been modeling, and is there any model who has inspired you?
I have been modeling for about 2 years now. I actually didn't expect to get into it. I started as a gogo dancer and through dancing I met a lot of people who helped get me random gigs here and there. Before I knew it, I was a model.

What music are you listening now?
No Doubt

When you're not modeling, what are some things you do in your spare time?
Dance & travel! I love both equally! I never get tired of gogo dancing...or getting paid to party as I call it. I actually have a degree in engineering but I don't use it yet because I want to travel more before I get a &quotnormal" 9 to 5. I've been to 20 countries so far and I'm definitely not stopping there.

If you could meet and fall in love Mr. Prince Charming, what would some of his traits have to be to sweep you off your feet?
muscles...nice eyes...and he would need to be the sweetest guy ever. I can't deal with selfish dudes or guys that are just full of themselves.

Give an example of when you used your sex appeal to get what you want?
Well, being that I am a gogo dancer and a appeal is half of the criteria of booking a job.

What are some of the movies you can watch over and over?
Clueless, The Craft, & Next Friday

What are three things you take on a plane?
Sudoku, ipod, & a warm sweatshirt...I get cold easily

What are some of clothing brands you wear often?
Edukation, One Love, & Acrylick

What projects are you working on now?
I'm currently being painted (graffitied) on 2 walls in the Los Angeles area.

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
Dexter's Laboratory

What are your long-term goals?
To enjoy life to the fullest and be successful in whatever I do.

Do you have a favorite quote, If so what is it?
&quotWork hard & party harder"