Other Olympic Panties

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In a recent post, we told you there were Olympians concerned with things other than taking home a medal in Vancouver. Such as selling their panties (and, no, not their specific undies on-line..) Allison Baver would be one of them.

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These pictures are from a shoot for Muscle & Fitness Magazine selling herself in lingerie. And, according to one article, she's using certain types as good luck charms:
U.S. short-track speed skater Allison Baver wears “cute white panties” when she races. The have to be white — with or without lace — and just a little bit sexy.'

Then there's U.S. snowboarder Hannah Teter, literally selling panties (but not until after March 5th - damn those amateur athlete rules).

Hannah Teter

She's supporting the Haitian relief efforts of Doctors Without Borders by pitching for Sweet Cheeks Panties

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Her goal is to move $100,000 of those. That should put a message across..