Fala Chen Take Off Cloth Show Bra

Fala Chen, a beautiful and famous Hong Kong actress, was showing her bra in Hong Kong TVB Drama Series "The Stew Of Life". On that scene, Fala, the Hong Kong girl was changing her clothes, take off, and start to show her white bra in front of her friends (played by Timmy Hung). But Fala is thingking Timmy is a gay, therefore it was reasonable that Fala treated him as a brother and does not need to avoid him while changing.

Many TVB fans complaints on Fala Chen's Bra Scenes. But there are also many Hong Kong actors who support Fala Chen, as Fala did was not a bad thing. Just like a women takes off her clothes and show her bikini in the swimming pool.

Anyway, Fala Chen looks so great in the scenes, although she had a bad hairstyle and glasses.

Fala Chen Profile
Chinese Name: 陳法拉 (Chen Fa La)
English Name: Fala Chen
Birthday: February 24, 1982
Age: 23
Birthplace: Sichuan, China
Height: 5'7 1/2"
Weight: 106 lbs
Measurements: 34"-24"-34"
Chinese Origin: Zhejiang
Education: University
Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Sichuanese
Talents: Performing,Singing, & Dancing
Hobbie: Reading, Traveling, Hang out with family and friends
College Attended: Emory University
Favorite Idol: Julia Roberts
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Food: Chinese food
Favorite Movies: Pretty Woman, The Terminal, Love Actually
Favorite Song: The Moon Represents My Heart (Theresa Tang Lai Kwan)
Most Memorable: The first time to America
Ambition: To become successful in the entertainment industry

Fala Chen shows bra photos and scenes pictures :
fala chen show off bra

fala chen show off bra

fala chen show off bra

Hong Kong TVB Drama "The Stew Of Life"
the stew of life

Fala Chen, sexy Hong Kong Actress
fala chen hongkong actress