vicorias secret cheap designer clothes for men Mahogany Clothes Valet Stand

cheap designer clothes for men Mahogany Clothes Valet Stand

Mahogany Clothes Valet Stand. The classic valet stand is upgraded and modernized in this unique gentleman\'s combo. The consummate luxury accessory, it features a powerful pants presser, a charging station for electronics, a wallet-keys compartment, and solid wood hanger for shirts and jackets. Adding further versatility and convenience, the stand features wheels for easy portability. Pants Presser: Applying steady effective heat, this top quality presser gives your trousers the just-out-the-cleaners look. An innovative elastic band keeps your pants in place, avoiding a double crease down the center of the pants. Modern Charging Station: The combo\'s charging station includes two standard outlets and two USB ports, perfect for charging cell phones, ipods, and other electronic gadgets in one compact, convenient space. Features: Along with your classic wood hanger and shoe space, this remarkable combo has a dish for your wallet and keys and a timer with an automatic off safety feature Features: - Powerful pants presser with innovative elastic band - feature State of the art charging station - Deep dish for wallet, keys, and knickknacks - Power strip with two standard outlets and two USB ports - 60 minute timer - Solid wood construction - C ETL approved